Costa Rica Videos

Living in Costa Rica and Having Good Friends. Great new video with Nadine and Rob.

Our road to the house is falling apart and is rough on even the sturdiest of vehicles. Since Will is being so accommodating, I don’t want him to have to deal with my road as well.

Living in Costa Rica: Visiting A Dairy Farm, (Lechería) and Cheese Factory (Quesería) in Esterillos.

Finca La Florita is a dairy in Esterillos, Costa Rica (very close to Jaco) that makes their own yogurt, milk, cheeses, chile sauce, sour cream, and cream. Oh I had the most beautiful pictures of this place and our experience, just picture it!

Affordable Costa Rica Car & SUV Rentals. The Daihatsu Terios Bego 4X4 Video.

Although the exact Daihatsu Terios Bego 4X4 in this video is not available for rent, you can find other Begos, cars and SUVs here!

The Tierra Pacific Green Community in Junquillal, Costa Rica… A little history with free video with Ben Morris – Landscape Architect!

The course combined business students and environmental engineering under grads and grad students from universities around the US. In the words of one of the course participants our challenge, we were told, was to assess the potential for sustainable economic land development in the Guanacaste lowlands.

Costa Rica Real Estate Development at Tierra Pacifica. Water Is Extremely Important. Another video in our series with Will Raap.

So those four elements, top soil, water, healthy air, and biodiversity, are areas that I focused on my entire career in my business, in my development work. And coming to Costa Rica, it’s very interesting because it’s a place where the water resource particularly here in Guanacaste is overabundant part of the year and non-existent part of the year.

|Idiots on Motorcycles in Costa Rica. Yes! We have a few crazy SOBs on the roads here too but please do NOT try this at home!|

This reckless young man was filmed speeding and doing his stunts along the main highway from the International Airport into San José.

Will Smith & Jaden Smith Believe Costa Rica Is “Such A Great Place.” In between the wild pigs, cockroaches, monkeys, four snake wranglers and yes – lots of snakes!

Will and Jaden Smith take us behind the scenes and reveal what it was like filming ‘After Earth’ in Costa Rica with snakes, wild pigs, monkeys and other unexpected “critter cameos.”

Costa Rica Lawyers & Laws – What is the Civil Law system? With free video.

The civil law system derives from the system of jurisprudence held and administered in the Roman Empire, which developed the idea of compiling its written laws into codes.

Security & Crime in Costa Rica. Free video with Attorney Rick Philps.

The Costa Rican Criminal Code and Justice System rely heavily on rehabilitation and as such is light on punishment. There is no law that punishes repeat offenders and hence the public perception that the criminal justice system is just a revolving door. The current model dates back to the 1970’s and Costa Rica needs to take a closer look at the current system.

Expats Doing Business or Working in Costa Rica With Free Video With Attorney Rick Philps. The most important things you must know or you will be doomed from the start…

Current trends indicate, that much more than previously, would-be immigrants to Costa Rica are coming from a much younger age group, well prior to retirement years, with the intention of being employed, or conducting a business in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Residency Categories Explained. Free Video With Attorney Rick Philps

The two most prevalent Temporary Categories of Residency applied for by foreigners being “Pensionado” and “Rentista”, remain very “mechanical” in the Application process, with each category requiring minimal supporting documentation, including an certified original Birth Certificate, a Criminal Records Search by a Police Force in your country of origin, (a certified Certificate of Marriage, if applicable), a certified complete copy of your Passport, and a Financial Responsibility Letter from a recognized financial institution, or pension authority.

A Canadian Perspective on Buying Costa Rica Real Estate by Canadian/Costa Rican Attorney Rick Philps

Canadians have a distinct tax advantage over their American cousins, in not having to declare their world income to Canada Customs and Revenue and pay taxes based on it, if they enjoy “non-resident tax status”.

Snakes in Costa Rica. See video of a giant boa constrictor killing and eating it’s prey.

A stunning video of a boa constrictor killing and then eating an iguana. It all happened in the Costa Rican backyard of National Geographic Explorer Susan Perry.

Costa Rica Construction Show. From the 24th to the 28th April 2013. Free video.

The thirteenth ExpoConstrucción will feature more than 200 national and international construction companies displaying cutting-edge innovative products and services from the 24th – 28th April 2013 at the Pedregal Exhibition Centre in Belen just outside San Jose.

Retirement Living In Atenas, Costa Rica. Free video

Atenas is a small mountain town located about halfway between San Jose and the central Pacific beaches (both under 30-minute drives). Said to have “El Mejor Clima del Mundo” (The Best Climate in the World), Atenas already has a large expat retirement community that enjoy the tranquility and convenience.