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Living on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica – Why we’re happy our children are growing up in Dominical

There’s an endless amount of activities that children can enjoy in the South Pacific of Costa Rica and although we have access to a computer and cable television, the majority of our free days are spent in our garden or out and about.

The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors

The Federal Reserve’s “zero interest rate policy” (ZIRP) of the last half dozen years or so has been a financial act of war on the country’s seniors and, for that matter, on all savers. Under ZIRP, interest rates are artificially lowered through the Fed’s monetary policy popularly known as, “QE,” quantitative easing.

Calling On Costa Rica. Travel film from 1947

It’s amazing to think that everyone seen in this movie – if they are stll living – are 64 years older than they were when it was filmed. The airport featured in the video is where San Jose’s central park – Parque La Sabana – is today…

Family Outing to Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast. With free video.

My daughter, daughter-in-law and I visited the Jacquar Rescue Center, located in Playa Chiquita, just south of Puerto Viejo, while they fished. The Rescue Center was started not many years ago by Sandro, an expert in poisonous snakes and his wife, Encar, a biologist.

Trip Advisor Ranks Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica as the Best Beach in Central America with free video.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica has been recognized as the best beach in Central America according to the ‘Trip Advisor Travelers Choice’ awards.

Only 10 Lots and 10 Condos Remaining On Our Ten Year Anniversary! Introducing our most attractive pricing ever with developer financing!

For especially qualified buyers we will even consider extending the term up to 25 years at 7%! No other development in Costa Rica is offering developer financing terms anywhere near this attractive.

Real Estate Investors Market Update For Jaco July 2013. Why now is the time to be bullish on the Jaco real estate market.

Over two million people already here 70 minutes away, while being the closest beach to the San Jose airport which continues to be the busiest airport in the country.

The Joys of Living Near The Beach in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Is this the right place for you?

Whether you are looking for the ideal place to retire or the ideal place for your family to thrive, Tierra Pacific in Junquillal, Costa Rica is one of the few places on earth that naturally promotes a healthy life.

Fishing in Costa Rica: An insiders guide to sport fishing in Playas del Coco with free video.

The fishing tradition has never been lost and is now stronger than ever. While still maintaining a small commercial fleet, the real action in Playas del Coco is with the Sport Fisherman.

Living in Junquillal, An Underrated and Tranquilo Little Community. Video with Joan Inman, President of the Tierra Pacifica HOA.

“I think one of the things about this area that I think people maybe are missing it, it’s very underrated. There are so many wonderful things to do here…”

Living in Costa Rica With Crocodiles…

Tyler’s parents were here last week and we had such a great week. We of course had to take them to see the crocodiles. It is a fun thing to do because it is COOL (climate wise) and easy enough to do with four little ones.

Costa Rica Adventure Race World Championship Final 2013. 800 kilometers of rafting, kayak (ocean and river), mountain bike, trekking, ropes, coasteering, canyoning to be completed in around 120 hours!

There will be a wide variety of terrains, from long beach walks to ascents of more than 1,000M, going up to 3,800M of rugged rocky hills. The temperature will vary from 5°C in cool nights, to 37°C in very hot and rainy days. There will be several micro climate zones, with some very rainy and very dry areas during the race.

Wall Street Journal’s ‘Market Watch’ Spotlight Shines on Atenas: ‘Retire Here, Not There: Costa Rica – U.S. expats flock to one of Latin America’s safest places.’

As seen in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Market Watch’: Retire Here, Not There: Costa Rica – U.S. expats flock to one of Latin America’s safest places.

Living in Costa Rica and Visiting La Iguana Chocolate Farm

La Iguana Chocolate is a family owned and run farm that has been producing organic cocoa for almost 30 years. It is in the village of Mastatal, Costa Rica. It is higher up so it seems much cooler up there.

Living in Costa Rica and Having Good Friends. Great new video with Nadine and Rob.

Our road to the house is falling apart and is rough on even the sturdiest of vehicles. Since Will is being so accommodating, I don’t want him to have to deal with my road as well.