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Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park Remodel Will Cost Nearly US$1 Million.

If you have any questions about property in Costa Rica, click here to contact our partner here to contact the listing agent. With a $970,000 investment from the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Manuel Antonio National Park will get a much-needed facelift. Not only will […]

Costa Rica: The Ideal Place for a Family Vacation

  If you have any questions about property in Costa Rica, click here to contact our partner here to contact the listing agent. Although Costa Rica may not be your first choice for a family vacation, perhaps it should be. One man tells a story of taking his wife and two young daughters with […]

Whales Tail View 3 Bedroom Home With Pool And Jacuzzi. US$499,000.00

For any questions you have about this property click here to contact the listing agent. This 3 bedroom home is located in a sought after development in Ojochal. The views include the Whales Tale and all Marino Ballena National Park. The house was designed with grandeur in mind. This comfortable house has three large bedrooms […]

4 BR 2.5 Bath Home With Pool and Privacy US$380,000.

For any questions you have about this property click here to contact the listing agent. From the popular area of Escaleras, enjoy a view of the ocean and easy access to beautiful beaches from this custom home that is fully furnished and ready for immediate move in. Set on a lot that is surrounded by […]

Income Producing New Private Home with Spectacular Ocean Views. UD$750,000.

For any questions you have about this property click here to contact the listing agent. Seeking a solid Investment Opportunity? Looking for the best View? High Quality Construction? New on the market, and solid income producing luxury home now available! Hermosa Retreat is an exclusive escape nested in the jungle above the famous Playa Hermosa […]

Why Dominical Costa Rica Real Estate Offers the Best Investment Opportunities

Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the best places in the world for real estate investment for 2011. This beautiful Central American country rode out the worldwide real estate crisis and initial figures in for January demonstrate a promising year for Costa Rica’s property market.

Uvita On Costa Rica’s Beautiful South Pacific Coast Is Growing

Just 10 minutes south of Dominical, Uvita is a small coastal town that has experienced steady growth whilst still maintaining harmony with the beautiful surroundings.

San Jose Costa Rica Offers Affordable and World-Class Healthcare.

Want to learn more about Affordable and World-Class Healthcare In Costa Rica? click here to contact our expert! When it comes to affordable and world-class healthcare, Latin America probably does not come to mind. While it is true that some Latin American countries struggle, Costa Rica is not one of them. This country, with its […]

Rio Celeste: Costa Rica’s Turquoise Oasis

Within Costa Rica are many hidden gems. A prime example is Rio Celeste, one of the most magical and beautiful places that you will ever have the opportunity to experience, not only in Latin America but in the entire world. Located deep within the Tenorio Volcano National Park, you will see stunning turquoise water unlike […]

Costa Rica: A Happy Place to Live.

For most people, moving to Costa Rica is the chance of a lifetime. Dubbed the “happiest place in the world”, this Latin American country has so much to offer, including lush rainforests, pristine beaches, cloud forests, majestic volcanos, and even superior coffee. Regardless of where you are from, you may question what makes this nation […]

Income Producing Luxury Hotel in Uvita Costa Rica. US$2.500,000

From the private, exclusive setting on the side of a Costa Rican tropical mountain 1800 feet above the coast, up to 25 guests can see the jungle dropping away in front of them to a view of the vast Pacific Ocean in all of its changing colors and moods.

Playa Matapalo Is Truly A Hidden Beach in Costa Rica

As you zip down Costa Rica’s version of the Autobahn, that short stretch of highway between Quepos and Dominical, it’s very easy to miss Playa Matapalo.

Living in Costa Rica. Here are 10 interesting facts you may not know about Manuel Antonio National Park.

I hope these 10 not so well-known Manuel Antonio National Park facts help to make your experience of this amazing place more enjoyable.

Stunning Ocean View Land For Sale In Dominical, Costa Rica US$349,000

This “Trophy” lot is an opportunity of a lifetime to build Costa Rica’s unparalleled landmark beachfront estate or boutique hotel on the cherished southern Ballena coastline of Costa Rica.

Jungle Hotel For Sale in South Pacific US$690,000

This is a beautiful Ecolodge – Mountain Hotel. It is located in the most intense natural region of Costa Rica; The Southern Pacific, just 10km / 6.2 miles of Playa Dominical.

dominical costa rica real estate

Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the best places in the world for real estate investment for 2011. This beautiful Central American country rode out the worldwide real estate crisis and initial figures in for January demonstrate a promising year for Costa Rica’s property market.

But which areas of Costa Rica are currently offering the best returns on investment?

condos in dominical costa rica

 Where is Dominical Located?

Dominical is in the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica, around 27 miles south of Quepos. This is a very scenic area, because many cascading and intense cliffs meet the blue ocean here, and there are many small coves that make it a very favorable area. This is known to be a very laid-back town where you can see many plantations, estuaries, and marshes populated with various types of wildlife.

Investing in Dominical Real Estate: The South Pacific property paradise

Recognized as a top beach and sun vacation destination it is fair to say Costa Rica is well known for its paradise landscape and Playa Dominical in the South Pacific is becoming a popular choice for many holidaymakers.

With lush greenery, white sandy beaches, tropical vegetation, an abundance of fauna and spectacular ocean views, this part of Costa Rica has enjoyed a relatively slow paced development.

With the opening of the new Caldera Highway from San Jose travel time to the South Pacific of Costa Rica has been halved making it a much more accessible destination for visiting tourists and retirees. Playa Dominical is now a three hour drive from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

dominical real estate

Notable improvements to the South Pacific’s infrastructure as well as the introduction of new facilities including the modern hospital de Osa in the town of Cortes with twenty three specialist departments and multilingual staff which have added further value to Dominical real estate.

Tourism is the main source of income for many residents in the South Pacific and amenities including water, electricity, telephone and internet are essential for the survival of businesses in the area.

Supermarkets are well stocked with national and imported groceries and a farmers market every Saturday in Dominical town offers a great selection of fresh locally grown produce.

homes for sale in dominical costa rica

Playa Dominical also has a branch of the national bank, Banco de Costa Rica as well as an ATM. There is also a Banco Nacional located in Uvita, about 10 kilometers from Dominical.

What types of activities are there in Dominical?

The South Pacific of Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity and it is popular with eco tourists from around the world. If you are looking for the ultimate retirement destination then this is it!

There is an endless amount of exciting eco tours that you can take including whale watching in the Marina Ballena National Park, bird watching in Corcovado National Park, hiking in the South Pacific rainforest, take a canopy tour, or even book a fishing charter.

land for sale dominical costa rica

This is an area that has what are known as the most consistent waves in Costa Rica, and this makes it a haven for surfers looking for an area to practice their craft. There are some riptides here that make it a bit on the risky end for amateur swimmers, but walking along the beach at night offers what are considered world-renowned sunsets year round.

Many residents and visitors love hiking to nearby points of interest such as Nauyaca Waterfalls, which is around 8 miles from Dominical on Hwy 243. You can participate in horseback riding, deep sea fishing, sea kayaking, snorkeling with scores of colorful fish, and scuba diving as well. Chirripo National Park is easy to access by traveling along Hwy 243 towards San Isidro for about 31 miles, and Corcovado National Park is to the south 95 miles from this pleasant town of Dominical.

Beachfront Property available in Dominical

Living on a beachfront property here could undoubtedly be your dream home, and being so close to the ocean will make you feel as if you made a great choice for a purchase. Near the area of Marisol is an expanse that has many different choices for beachfront property: there are numerous types of dwellings that immediately evoke a sense of tranquility. So many have discovered why this area is so popular lately: it is one location that you will truly never want to leave.

In comparison to more populated beach towns including Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste and Playa Manuel Antonio in the Central Pacific, the South Pacific beach town of Playa Dominical is a relatively new location for property investment.

In many respects the Dominical real estate market is in its early stages. Developed beach towns do offer excellent investment opportunities asking prices for ocean view properties in these areas are considerably higher than in the Playa Dominical area.

beachfront property in dominical beach costa rica

A luxury villa with pool and ocean view,  ceiling fans and air conditioning in all of the bedrooms, and a wonderful new place to call home will be some of the reasons why you’ll want to investigate beachfront property in Dominical. Many of these homes begin at around $300,000, with many on the higher-end coming in above $1,000,000.

Having beachfront property in Costa Rica is also a fantastic opportunity to actually generate income: many choose to rent it out while they are back home if they are not permanent residents. You can opt for either short-term or long-term rentals, and the tenants will enjoy elements such as fruit producing trees on the premises, and hikes to beautiful area waterfalls.

Condos Available in Dominical Costa Rica

There are some areas of Costa Rica near the ocean and marinas that have a bit more of a supply of condos for sale, but the town of Dominical has projects that will satisfy your want for a condo. A bit smaller space, more maintenance provided for you, and still having a close proximity to the ocean are some of the benefits of having property like this as your own. Many 3-level split and over 2000 sq. ft. condos are available here.

There are many unique beachfront condo communities here that offer solid buildings, gorgeous landscaping, and a very all-inclusive concept that provides for the tenant maintenance, full rental management, and security for your well-being. It is an area that is known for its native wildlife, and has many trees and plants on the grounds that will wow any new resident.

Many who choose to take the condominium route for living will experience enchanted tropical walks, and a place to stay permanently or call as a vacation home that is maintained well for them. Spacious offices, many 3 and 4-bedroom floor plans, and community-shared and private pool areas are some of the amenities that you will find within these developments.

Within Dominicalito in Puntarenas, there are some luxury condo developments that are located in gated communities, offering safety and privacy for the resident. In areas like like Dominicalito that offer lush jungles, wonderful views, and are an all-around top-notch place to call home, you can expect to see pricing generally beginning at around $300,000 and moving up past the $500,000 price range for more space and if features such as a private pool are included.

Availability of Land Plots in Dominical, Costa Rica

Many folks who realize they want to fulfill the dream of coming to Costa Rica want to have the luxury of mapping out their own floor plan, and constructing a home that is custom-built for their family’s needs. Buying land here in Dominical is one option that allows the buyer to truly have their own blank canvas as far as the entire process is concerned. Many that previously were only interested in a finished property change their minds when they see the vast and wide-ranging options available here.

Land plots in the are of Dominical can be found in a wide range of prices: There are plots available ranging from $200,000 on up to $1,000,000 here. Even the plots with a lower price range still have some features such as waterfalls and amazing views, and many offer trees that bear fresh fruit right on the premises. The Quepos Airport has massive plans for expansion, and this entire area is projected to grow by leaps and bounds due to a revamped marina on the premises as well.

Leisure Golf Opportunities in Dominical Costa Rica

The San Buenas Resort and Spa is one of the jewels of this pristine area: the first nine opened in 2010, with a par 37 and beautiful location that attracts many from across the globe to play. This course uses Paspalum Platinum TM, which is a turf that aggressively resists salt water to assure longevity in its climate, and high quality for those playing rounds in this scenic spot.

Dominical is a much smaller metro area compared to other cities with abundant golf courses in Costa Rica, but this is absolutely one of the most important draws of the place. Playing golf is one of the main reasons that many want to move here, and with abundant scenery and courses, the nation as a whole has many great courses that you will want to visit to work on your swing after moving or visiting here. The back nine are now open at San Buenas, and this is just one more reason to pack your clubs and make the journey south.

Gated Community Living in Dominical Costa Rica

Living in a gated community here in Dominical can provide many luxuries that you’ll be happy to have once you arrive. Heightened security, a sense of kin with your neighbors, and properties that will make you never want to leave Costa Rica are all reasons for you to check out options within gated communities in Dominical.

The South Pacific Beaches area of Dominical has many gated community properties for sale, with varying prices and features that the new resident will enjoy. These properties are among the most coveted in the area: the sense of security and private community offer residents the best in quarters that you will enjoy year-round. Prices range on average from $300,000 all the way up to $1,000,000 + in Domincal, and gated community locations that are on the low end cost wise still offer the best in a true slice of paradise.

Amenities such as upstairs bedrooms separated by a double staircase and waterfall, private patios, and a jacuzzis in the master bedroom are just some of the traits making these gated community properties great. Gated communities still offer homes that are incredibly close to the beach, and here in Dominical there are many with a higher elevation location, making for cool breezes and dramatic views.

dominical beach real estate

From some of the gated properties available in Dominical, you can enjoy Pacific panoramas of Ballena National Marine Park, paired up with the allure of gorgeous western sunsets nearly every evening. If you have reached the time in life where things are beginning to slow down for you and you want the best of everything life has to offer, finding a gated community that is right for you will be easy here. If you are only in the middle stage of your life and looking to diversify your location, you can acquire an excellent dwelling in a gated community that you will be thrilled to visit for a fraction of the year.

The majority of properties that offer the best returns on investment benefit from beach front or ocean view locations, converting them into exclusive properties with a high resale value and for this reason Dominical real estate has been highlighted as one of the best investment opportunities in Costa Rica.

Finding a home in a place as wonderful as the town of Dominical is going to make you very excited to arrive in this balmy and tropical locale, and call it your new home. Many activities, a wonderful surf scene, fresh fruit and beautiful views along with the warm culture of the locals will reassure you that your choice in coming here was the best you’ve ever made.

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