Santa Ana – Avalon Country Club

Santa Ana Avalon Country Club Condos – July 2007 photo update.

The construction of the new Avalon Country Club condos in Santa Ana is going ahead very much as planned. Beacause of minor changes in the plans of the largest, expensive apartments, there are slight delays but most of them are expected to be delivered on time.

New Avalon Country Club Condo Construction Begins – FREE video & photos.

Three hundred plus workers are on site, the land has been cleared and construction has begun on the Santa Ana Country Club project. There are plenty of trucks, earthmovers, laser levels, a thousands different tools and tons of dust!

Santa Ana Avalon Country Club Condos – Fast progress.

I must admit that we are pleasantly surprised at the progress that has been made with the clearing of the land for the new Santa Ana Country Club project which began in November 2006.