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Wall Street Journal’s ‘Market Watch’ Spotlight Shines on Atenas: ‘Retire Here, Not There: Costa Rica – U.S. expats flock to one of Latin America’s safest places.’

As seen in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Market Watch’: Retire Here, Not There: Costa Rica – U.S. expats flock to one of Latin America’s safest places.

Living in Costa Rica With Surf Lessons with Poppi

We were looking for something else for the girls to do and checking out surf instructors that give kid lessons. But then Tyler thought well hey why not I try to teach them first.

Living in Costa Rica and Visiting La Iguana Chocolate Farm

La Iguana Chocolate is a family owned and run farm that has been producing organic cocoa for almost 30 years. It is in the village of Mastatal, Costa Rica. It is higher up so it seems much cooler up there.

Homicides in Central America Double Despite 25% More Police. Costa Rica remains the safest country in the region.

In Nicaragua, the poverty rate is almost twice as high as Costa Rica, but homicide rates in both countries are the lowest in the region with Costa Rica at 9.7 per 100,000 inhabitants and the murder rate in Nicaragua is 12.

Living in Costa Rica: Visiting A Dairy Farm, (Lechería) and Cheese Factory (Quesería) in Esterillos.

Finca La Florita is a dairy in Esterillos, Costa Rica (very close to Jaco) that makes their own yogurt, milk, cheeses, chile sauce, sour cream, and cream. Oh I had the most beautiful pictures of this place and our experience, just picture it!

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Did I?

For centuries, the human race has been fascinated, almost bewitched by the rose. Artists like Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Redoute and Henri Fantin-Latour have romantically painted them into our imaginations.

South Pacific Food Festival Organized By ‘El Sabor de Ojochal.’

Organized by El Sabor del Ojochal, this event aims to showcase the town’s culinary arts — Ojochal has become known as one of the best destinations in Costa Rica for fine foodies.

Scuba Diving in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Whether it is seeing the biggest sea turtle you have ever seen come out of a hidden canyon on the back side of the Bat Islands, coming upon a group of adolescent Humpback Whales with their Mother calling in the distance out at Santa Elena Point, being engulfed by a huge school of fish only…

Illegal Organ Trafficking in Costa Rica and The World’s Number #1 Customer for Illegal Organ Transplants Worldwide – Israel

Unfortunately Dr. Francisco José Mora Palma was arrested on Tuesday the 18th June 2013 for allegedly being involved in the illegal trafficking of kidneys.

Why People Are Choosing To Live and Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles with spring-like weather all year round, no income taxes on foreign earned income, no capital gains taxes, excellent world-class medical facilities, affordable medical plans and populated by the ‘Ticos’ who are an amiable and very attractive people.

Costa Rica Investing – When it sounds too good to be true!

People regularly ask for advice about various Costa Rica investment ‘programs’ that they have been introduced to, normally by a ‘friend.’ These programs can be found in New York, London, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, practically everywhere!

Costa Rica Living – Top ten reasons why I love Costa Rica. Free video

Different people have different tastes and there are a million reasons to live in this country but here are Scott’s Top Ten Reasons why he loves living in Costa Rica.

Never Too Old To Retire To Costa Rica – Angelina aged 91 and Leonard aged 88

Angelina at 91 years young and Leonard at 88 are our newest residents in Esterillos Oeste on the Central Pacific Coast. Their new home was recently completed and this remarkable couple arrived April 30th 2009 to begin this new chapter in their lives in Costa Rica.

‘The Holocaust Industry’ In Costa Rica.

According to various sources, Jews are a tiny fraction (0.06%) of the predominantly Roman Catholic population of Costa Rica and since very, very few Jews actually send their children to any of the public schools anyway, this pilot project is causing some confusion amongst many Catholic parents.

Costa Rica Cigars: Tabacos de la Cordillera – Turning Back the Clock 50 Years

In the mountains of Costa Rica, hand-rolled cigars are created using tobacco grown from pre-Castro Cuban tobacco seeds. Tabacos de la Cordillera prides itself on growing its tobacco from this seed bank, unique in the world, and making its cigars only from tobacco grown on its farm in the verdant Puriscal hills.