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Costa Rica Crime – Murder rates in perspective.

It is fascinating that when there’s horrific crime news in Costa Rica that the local English language newspapers feel that it is their ‘journalistic duty’ to share all the gory details but when there’s news that some might consider good new about crime in Costa Rica, where one can put things in real perspective, then nobody wants to talk about it.

Costa Rica Real Estate is a Real Bargain for Brits

I was hoping to escape to Scotland for my first vacation in many years without notice but when our VIP Members failed to receive their usual weekly newsletter, the emails started trickling in asking if all was well. Thank you for your caring thoughts and concern and yes! I’m fine… It’s great to be back […]

Costa Rica Emergency Medical Care – Prices so low I put it on my credit card …

She got really intense and said that “No one came for dinner yesterday.. What did we eat?” This was really getting weird. I said “You don’t remember, we BBQ’d chicken and hamburgers”. She was now really emphatic “No one was here yesterday, we did not cook chicken, you are lying!”

Living Your Dream in Costa Rica – Hang Gliding and Flying Ultralights.

There is not a better example of this than John (Jonni) Benson and John Hunter, operators of a business known as Hang Glide Costa Rica. Their plane, the Air Cam is from the prototype commissioned and built for National Geographic photographer Michael (Nick) Nichols to use for his Ndoki project in Africa in 1992.

Costa Rica Cost of Living

I realize that everyone has their own level of comfort for living in Costa Rica, but I’m figuring that we can easily live on $1,200 a month and that includes the maid and the gardener, and have money left over to save.

Costa Rica Ranked Greenest and Happiest Nation on Earth – 4th July 2009

Already this year, Costa Rica was ranked the 8th Most Stable Country in the world by The Economist, the 5th Cleanest Country in the world by Yale’s Environmental Performance Index (EPI), the first country to be designated a “BioGem” by the Natural Resource Defense Counsel.

Retire To Costa Rica For Six Months of the Year: Real lives, real perspectives an interview with John and Bea from Indianapolis.

Some of you reading We Love Costa Rica might be contemplating retiring here full time, or are possibly interested in dividing your time between your home country and this one. John and Bea will continue to live in Indianapolis six months of the year, spending fall and winter months here in the Central Valley where temperatures are typically between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit…

David & Kate’s Story. Why we decided to live in Costa Rica

We were traveling with a friend that was thinking about moving to Costa Rica and we tagged along as a vacation. We quickly fell in love with the country. We loved the people and the culture and met many ex-pats that were living here….

Costa Rica Banks – Professional service from the ‘good old days’, you know like during the days of the inquisition and ‘Know Your Client’ regulations that would make the KGB proud.

Remember the old days when the banks used to fight each other to get a new client? Well those days are long gone because now we have to fight – and fight hard – just to open an account and then continue fighting to keep the darned thing open.

Buy The Land & Have Your Own Home Built For You in Orosi – Part II with free video interview with Steve Riley.

One of my goals is to list properties at Tico prices, not North American prices. We provide some of the lowest priced land per square meter of any real estate office in the Central Valley.

Costa Rica Retirement – US Park Ranger Moves To Costa Rica

I am constantly amazed at the diversity of backgrounds of the people who have chosen to live in Costa Rica. Most of us come from climates that are too cold in winter and too hot in summer. I have said for years the only States with good climate are California and Hawaii. Of course, for us financially impaired folk, we can not afford to live in either…

Why This Obsession About Crime in San Jose? Do you live in the WORST neighborhood in your hometown?

When someone plans to retire in the USA, they would be foolish to base their overall decision on the the crime rate in the worst city in the USA which is the nation’s capital Washington DC which has a murder rate of 35.4 per capita compared to San Jose, Costa Rica’s of 7.3 according to the OIJ.

Costa Rica Retirement – Yes, You Can Afford To Retire In Costa Rica

After a lifetime of hard work, harder winters – and possibly hard up for money – how about retiring to a relatively safe place where the temperature’s always in the 70s, complete health care costs about $50 a month for the two of you,
where a two-bed, two-bath house rents for about $300, and the natives love Americans?

Costa Rica Living – Inside Scoop on Barbara Adams – Discover How People Have Made A Success of Their New Lives in Costa Rica

Painter, massage therapist, singer Barbara Adams doesn’t follow the pattern of most expatriates who settle here because she first moved to Costa Rica when she was eleven years old. Barbara’s family decided to look at the country after her uncle, who was in the Merchant Marines, tagged “Costa Rica as the place he would most like to come back to…”

Be Selective With Your Sources of Costa Rica Living Information

Especially when it comes to your money. Athough they have a disclaimer that is a “Warning To Our Readers Investment Alert” this newspaper accepts advertisements that most people in the developed world would laugh off as an April Fool’s Day joke