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Retirement In Jaco, Costa Rica – Living by the beach with free video.

When I decided to make Costa Rica my home I traveled throughout the country to see which area would be the best fit for me. I’ve lived in big cities like Seattle and New York as well as small rural communities and college towns and the truth is I like them all.

That is probably why Jaco and the Central Pacific area was such a perfect fit for me and my wife. Here I have the comforts and familiarities that I love in a small town.

Moving To Costa Rica Was Never My Dream.

I never fantasized about lazy days at the beach, sloths hanging from my rafters, or pineapples that cost a dollar every day of the year.
I never thought I’d deliver my two children in a foreign country. My dreams went more like this: a small house with a manicured lawn, a baby swing hanging from the live oak, block parties with neighbors and weekends spent at baseball games, an occasional cocktail party or black tie charity event.

Your Chance To Win A Week In A Pacific Coast Hotel!

Even if you are not interested in the proposed location, we ask that you complete the survey because we’re aware that the old stereotypes of retirement living are no longer valid, and we want this special community to be designed in response to what people tell us about how they would love to live at this stage of their lives.

Retirement To Costa Rica – Persuading your wife to move. Part II

After one of our visits here to close on a lot we were purchasing, I thought to myself, “how could I get here now instead of later in life?” and that’s where it all began. To make the move meant one thing; I had to convince my wife, Becky that we could do this and make it work. She was a successful Realtor and I was a Physical Therapist.

Retirement To Costa Rica – Persuading your wife to move. Part I

We frequently have clients whose wives present the most skepticism about moving to Costa Rica. Whether we men want to admit it or not, women are usually the final decision makers when it comes to a home. Their instinct is to create and protect the nest; and moving to a foreign country immediately raises challenges and fears for the “homemaker.”

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Paragon Properties of Costa Rica April 2010

Sarelson Law Firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against Paragon Properties of Costa Rica, S.A., William Gale and Esteban Soto, its American subsidiary, Properties of Costa Rica, Inc., and its owners.

The Complaint alleges that the company ran a Ponzi-scheme selling vacant lots in Costa Rica to unsuspecting American investors and buyers. Many of the class-members gave their life savings to this company. The allegations include not returning deposit funds and not providing buyers with the deed to the property.

Costa Rica Hummingbirds – Free video

We love the hummingbirds that visit our feeders and hanging flower baskets but they are so incredibly fast and not so easy to photograph… After a few months though, they are feeling more comfortable with us around and so two weeks ago, I was able to spend a few hours filming a few of them …

Living And Retirement in Jaco, Costa Rica – Free video interview with Lisle Head.

I am originally from California and made the move to Costa Rica in 2006. I came down here then, fell in love, sold everything and made the move.

I’m originally from a small town so I was very comfortable with the community feel of Jaco Beach. I’ve also always loved the ocean, so the chance to own fee simple direct beachfront in this beautiful country really appealed to me…”

Quetzal Spotting in Costa Rica With Free Video

Nestled in the mountains off a less-busy stretch of the north-south highway is Parque Los Quetzales. High above, yet geographically between, two little towns called Santa Maria de Dota and San Gerardo de Dota, it is a vast plot of family owned land still home to much of Costa Rica’s native flora and fauna.

Costa Rica Retirement – Why So Many Gringos Are Considering It.

What to do when work is over is something that many of you are considering and it’s easy to see why – 77 million baby boomers in the USA begin retiring in 2008 and it would appear that a few of them are thinking about a Costa Rica retirement…

Is Your Marriage Safe In Costa Rica?

Of all the things I’ve been reading about Costa Rica no one has addressed the problems some women have with their husbands leaving them for a brighter future with a younger woman. Well ladies that is not a problem of this century, that is a problem of the centuries. It seems to me that when men reach a certain age and their hair starts falling out, they think if the get a younger woman they will somehow be able to maintain their youth.

A Feast On The Social Scene. Cornell Wind Ensemble and Burns Night with free video.

Organised by Ian Young and other stalwart Brits, Burns Night is a terrific night of Scottish culture, complete with haggis, ‘neeps and tatties’ (turnip and potatoes!) Amazingly, the haggis is made by Claudio Pacheco, the Costa Rican husband of our British Embassy’s Vice Consul – excellent haggis, what a special man, definitely an Honorary Scot!

Costa Rica – The Happiest People In The New York Times.

In case you missed it, there was a terrific article entitled ‘The Happiest People’ about Costa Rica published on 6th January 2010 in the New York Times by op-ed columnist Nicolas Kristoff.

Long, Happy Gray Cat Looking For A New Home

After jumping out of my car and stopping the traffic I then had to extract the cat who was clinging to the underside of the car in front of mine…

You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Not many busy people, working hard to provide for their families will be reading this kind of news but we all should. This is earth shaking news, this is a confirmation that the world as we know it will be totally transformed within the next 10-15 years.