Sample Articles & Newsletters

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica Gets Soccer Team.

Jaco will be home to a new professional soccer team called the Jaco Rays. The team was purchased by a local developer who hopes to improve the team and win its division in order to move up to the first division where it can play popular teams like Saprissa and La Liga.

There Is Always An Opportunity Somewhere – Today it is Costa Rica!

When I worked on Wall Street (before they started stealing trillions of dollars from Main Street and the rest of the world) the research department at Drexel Burnham Lambert was absolutely the best I ever came across and whether it was a bull market (trending higher) or a bear market (trending lower), our head of research regularly reminded us that “there is always an opportunity somewhere”.

Young Costa Ricans Want To Change The World – Hewlett Packard wants to hire 2,000 more.

Hewlett Packard (HP) began operations in Costa Rica in 2003 with a mere 123 employees, today they are the second largest private employer after Walmart in Costa Rica with 6,500 employees and Arturo Velasco, Director General confirmed that they invested about $40 million in Costa Rica in the last year and plan to hire another 2,000 employees over the next two years.

Building Your Own Home In Costa Rica – Foundations.

Here is a good real estate investment opportunity to get in on an currently operating, income-generating hotel in a growth bound area before the prices start rising.

Costa Rica Monkeys – My chest hair was groomed by a capuchin monkey.

I was personally handled by three different some spider monkeys and one in particular named ‘Cola’ who is a beautiful and, very elegant young lady spider monkey who even tried to kiss me….

Costa Rica’s Drastic New Traffic Laws and Big Fines!

Costa Ricans are not known for being the most careful of drivers and the latest statistics from the police shows that many drivers are paying as much attention to the traffic fines as they are to red traffic lights… 77,400 drivers (90%) who have been fined under the new, drastic traffic laws in Costa Rica have not yet paid their fines.

What’s It Like Living on the Southern Caribbean Coast? Free video interview.

After spending 12 years in the pharmaceutical sector they realized that even though they were successful, had a lovely home and nice cars, they had become “stuck in the daily routine of work, work, work and work” and moved to Costa Rica “for an exciting new change in our lives.”

Costa Rica Living in San Isidro – Free online video interview with Charly Rosenbarger originally from Illinois, USA.

Charly Rosenbarger is originally from Illinois and has lived in Costa Rica since 1982. Charly has “really enjoyed the country.”

Living in Costa Rica – Jaco doesn’t always mean Jaco

When you first start learning more about Costa Rica and begin investigating places to visit, there is no doubt that Jaco Beach will come up as one of the most popular destinations. And while it IS the most visited beachtown in Costa Rica, it’s not always the place that everyone is necessarily looking for, and that’s fine, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that many times Jaco doesn’t necessarily just mean Jaco.

Recycling in Atenas, Costa Rica

Everyone has heard how beautiful it is in Costa Rica. While living or visiting here, you can actually do some things to contribute to its never ending beauty and recycling is among the easiest.

Costa Rica’s New Stadium – Incredible progress in just one year! Free video!

In 2009 a small army of 600 Chinese workers dressed in red started building the brand new, $83,000,000 stadium in Parque La Sabana in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. They are expected to finish around the 12th February 2011 after which there will be a period of tests to make sure everything is working the way it should be and then, the inauguration should be held in April 2011

Costa Rica Living Newsletter – Seven years and 547 newsletters later …

There are many Costa Rica newsletters that claim to inform you but in reality, they do little except put you on a list for some hard sell, boiler room salesperson who will call you from Florida and beat you to death on the telephone trying to sell you ‘ocean view’ land that they don’t want you to see – because it doesn’t actually have a view of the ocean – and believe it or not, the sof thousands of people have unfortunately sent money to these ‘developers’ without visiting the land they think they are buying.

Costa Rica Retirement – Video Interview With Esther Purcell

She’s thrilled that she can buy so many beautiful things for the home here – no need to bring them from home – and she’s had some lovely hand crafted furniture made at extraordinarily low prices…

Osama Bin Laden Discovered At Bullfight In Costa Rica. Free video

It was at 4.55pm on 28th December 2009 when Esteban Muñoz Espinoza aged 28 first got plastered against the barrier thanks to El Puñalito, a black bull weighing a mere 480 kilos.

Some Gringos Never Learn

Recently I had to do some work in the Del Rey Bar and Hotel in San Jose, a famous location where you can enjoy a few drinks, a meal and a paid female companion if you wish. While I was there looking for a girl that should not be in there, a Gringo sat down about two seats to my left, I nodded my head and said “Hola!” and that was it.