Retirement In Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica – A few tongue-in-cheek reminders

If you do speak Spanish, be prepared for directions based on landmarks, not street names. Something like this is common: “Turn left at Matute Gomez’s house, go 600 apples and turn right where the Higuerón tree used to be, then turn left again when you hear a barking dog.”

Five Costa Rica Driving Tips Only “Ticos” Know

A few reasons are that the country lacks adequate signage, the infrastructure isn’t always in the best condition, and there are unspoken social agreements that everyone knows…unless of course, they come from abroad!

Poor But Proudly Elegant & Clean in Costa Rica!

Having spent many years growing up in West Africa, my family and I have seen some extremely poor people living in some challenging and very often, life-threatening conditions.

Canadian Realtors in Costa Rica Nadene and Roland Tipper Will Help You Find Your Little Slice Of Paradise Near The Beach!

Nadene and Roland specialize in residential and vacation properties. Like many of the Realtors in the area they offer services that extend beyond the typical obligations that one expects from a real estate agent.

Buying Fresh, Healthy and Cheap Food at the Local Market “La Feria” is a Sunday Tradition in Santa Ana

The region of Cartago grows potatoes and carrots and Guanacaste and Orotina grow mangos. You can learn a lot about varieties when you see and speak with your favorite vendors week after week.

My Very Positive Experience While Obtaining Substantial and Excellent Dental Work Performed By Dr. Mario in Escazu, Costa Rica.

These are my experiences while obtaining substantial and excellent dental work performed by Dr. Mario in Escazu, Costa Rica, where dental tourism is almost as commonplace as amusement park tourism in Orlando.

Hummingbirds in Costa Rica Video. Filmed in Santa Ana.

It’s rare to see hummingbirds anywhere sit still – kind of – this long… Clean, stick-tongue-out, scratch, poop and repeat!

Historic Preservation in Costa Rica: The rebirth of a community

Costa Rica is not as wealthy architecturally speaking as it’s neighbors to the north like Nicaragua or Guatemala, but Costa Rica has “little jewels” dotted through-out the country that deserve to be protected and polished so they can shine again!

The Opportunities in Old Quarrels. Keeping your relationship happy after you move to Costa Rica.

Most intimate relationships start with such high expectations. We all look forward to great rewards from our partner and life together: jointly solving life’s relentless problems, sharing burdens and joys, enjoying deep friendship and intimacy, all because of what we give to each other- undying love.

Where Should I Live in Costa Rica? Free video.

What about the rest of Costa Rica? All of Costa Rica is beautiful except for our two ports. But most people don’t live in the port of Long Beach or the port of Miami. So it’s kind of irrelevant.

Crime in Costa Rica – No trouble in Tamarindo during 11 years living here… With free Tamarindo video.

As I read Mr. Wilkinson’s letter regarding his family’s experience in Guanacaste, I asked myself “where are they living?” The article led me to believe that it’s beachfront or near the beach in the Tamarindo area. If that is the case, his experience has been so different from ours that we seem to be talking about two different worlds.

Costa Rica Folk Music Classics – On sale for only US$14.95 while supplies last

“Thank you for tracking down the DVD & CDs of Costa Rica. I play mine in the car everyday & it makes the waiting to come back much more bearable. The DVD is fantastic & has some places I did not know about..” Robert Hellebuyck, USA

Why I Love Living in San José, Costa Rica

I stand out in front of my house. Over the rooftops I see beautiful mountains dotted with houses and other small buildings. Then a car drives by with one of the local soccer teams’ flags out the window. I shout to him my approval of his choice of soccer team, and he gives me a thumbs-up.

Crime in Costa Rica. Twenty layers of protection

Have an escape plan that determines where to run to outside the home. Actually congregate there in the night and make sure the meeting place is free of dangerous objects or things that could give away your position such as loose wood etc.

Help-U-Search and Find Your Costa Rica Dream Home

Our goal is to: Help you to clearly define exactly what type of property you are looking for. To help you to pinpoint the best possible geographical location for you and your family and then we will recommend the most qualified and experienced real estate professionals in that area.