Retirement In Costa Rica

A New Life in Escazu. What’s in a name Gringo?

She wrote: “You may be wondering why I didn’t simply look “gringo” up in a Spanish-English dictionary, since I was so determined to find its definition.

Free Spanish Lesson 36 – How feo is feo?

In English frecuentemente decimos certain words que pueden ser very strong in Spanish. These are words that should be avoided because pueden ser offensive. Un ejemplo es the word “stupid” that we talked about in a newsletter el año pasado. In English, some people commonly say, “that was stupid” y otras frases similares. The word “stupid” in Spanish is “estúpido” [es-too-pea-though]; it is incredibly fuerte and should be avoided in Spanish speech.

Won’t You Please Also Help the Jaco Library and the Kids? I’ve donated $100…

To increase the library’s interaction within Jaco, the library conducts local school visits, provides free weekly yoga classes, and organizes beach activity days. Back onsite, we also offer Spanish and English lessons as well as tutoring. We hope to expand our programs to include entrepreneurial workshops and talks on sex education.

Free Spanish Lesson 35 – Greeting each other.

When hombres greet hombres in a similar setting, they will often give each other a handshake and/or un abrazo. The key is to be aware of the diferentes saludos and follow the lead of the Latin person you are greeting. Latin people that have lived in the U.S. for a while usually have adopted U.S. customs cuando se saludan a Americans.

The Truth about Violence – 3 Principles of Self-Defense

Perhaps there would be no crime between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. However, from the moment we were airborne, there was a fresh emergency every fifteen seconds: Shots fired… rape in progress… victim stabbed… It was a deluge.

Free Spanish Lesson 34 – “Not much.”

This week I’m going to talk about another phrase that Americans, and English speakers in general (for you readers outside of the U.S.) usually say incorrectly. If you use this phrase, you will definitely sound like a “Gringo” or “foreigner” (we’ll talk about the exact definition of “Gringo” next week).

Rebuilding a Tico House in Costa Rica – Part II. The contract

And Oscar was willing to have me pay off the rest as the money came in. Whew! We shook hands which meant we had a firm contract. I kept track of the bills and payments as we went along, always checking that we agreed on the numbers in both colones and dollars.

Another Tough Day In America

The day began with the mainstream press reporting, matter-of-factly, that the U.S. government was giving a reward to former UBS banker, Bradley C. Birkenfeld, admitted liar, tax fraud promoter, low-rent trash in a suit who violated every promise he ever made to his employer and to his clients. For his efforts, he will receive a total of $104 million.

|Costa Rica Master Guitarist and Composer Roberto Víquez|

You don’t often expect to hear world class musicians in a shopping mall but that’s where I first met the Costa Rican master guitarist Roberto Víquez and his American wife as he was sitting calmly focused only playing his guitar…

Peace & Independence in the Streets of San José. Free drumming video

At 5 a.m. firecrackers went off down the hill from my home. All three of my very large dogs dove for my bed – each fighting to get under the covers. The sky glowed like a blue television screen. The sun would rise in minutes.

Free Spanish Lesson #33 Effects of language learning on the brain.

This week’s newsletter tema is fascinating to me and I understand that around el mundo, there is a fascination with learning y el cerebro. He hecho some research and found articles about how language learning affects el cerebro of both niños y adultos.

“Live Here, Buy This” on HGTV to feature Costa Rica on September 24th 2012

With much anticipation, HGTV Canada’s new show “Live Here, Buy This” will air on HGTV Canada on September 24th with back-to-back episodes at 10 PM EST. The filming began October 25th of last year and and lasted

New AARP Video About Living on Less in Costa Rica.

Having worked closely with and creating lasting friendships with our clients over the past 6 years, we have seen first hand that those who are flexible, easy going, who get involved with the local and expat communities, learn the language and have a definitive purpose in their daily lives, thrive here in Costa Rica.

Rebuilding a Tico House in Costa Rica – Part I. A path less traveled.

“But it has character and history and is part of this community” I replied. I felt it important to preserve the house’s size, style and sense of place. After all, I was relocating into a Costa Rican neighborhood; not an American suburb.

Free Spanish Lesson 32 – Strike! – (¡Huelga!)

In regions of Latin America, puede tomar this long or longer to graduate from public colleges or universities because of todas las huelgas. It is my understanding that most u niversidades particulares have few to no huelgas, but they also cuestan mucho más and are usually harder to get into.