Retirement In Costa Rica

Free Spanish Lesson 56. Visita personal – Part II

Una cosa that really shocked me and still seems very diferente was how a lot of hombres referred to their esposas and vice-versa. If an hombre would answer the puerta and we wanted to visit with both him and his esposa, he would usually yell something like “¡Ven acá gorda!”, which meant “Come here ‘chubby’ or ‘overweight'”. This really shocked and surprised me. Esposas would also talk this way to their esposos.

Living in Costa Rica and Investing Offshore. Chasing performance

In my career as a professional investment advisor for the past 27 years, I have represented many well-managed offshore investment funds but, investors who are always looking for the ‘hottest’ fund rarely seem to remember that a high percentage potential gain is normally accompanied by high level of risk and volatility.

Helping Your Executives Relocate To Costa Rica. 20 tips for managers on finding the best real estate professionals to make your job easier with free video.

As an example, in November alone, we helped 7 business professionals to buy real estate just in the Santa Ana area so we have significant first hand experience in helping executives and their families to quickly and efficiently find the best place to live with the least possible hassle.

Costa Rica Real Estate Search. Ten tips on what to expect with free video…

In Costa Rica the value of a property is easy to determine: It is the maximum price a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest amount a seller is willing to accept. A reality that buyers and sellers must…

Free Spanish Lesson 55 – Visita personal

Como mencioné in previous boletines, if you are visiting una persona you are relatives or good amigos with, and you are a mujer greeting another mujer or hombre, you would customarily give them a besito on the cheek.

Retirement Living in Costa Rica. How did Grecia end up with an all metal Church?

When I visited Costa Rica more than 8 years ago, one of the first towns on my tour was Grecia. I was enchanted by the town and its natural beauty. The rolling hills that lead you into town are planted in sugar cane. To the north and west of downtown the mountain ridges are dotted with coffee plantations. ..

Help! I want to move to Costa Rica but can not sell my home in the USA!

As you can clearly see from the mortgage rate reset chart above, the mortgage problems in the USA are far from over … Supposedly we have only managed to struggle through about $1 trillion worth of problem mortgages so far with another US$1.6 trillion to go.

Free Spanish Lesson 54. The Tico’s are serious about their #1 pastime

Like many parts of the mundo (world), soccer is the “número uno” pastime in Latin America. Latin American’s are very serious about their soccer, and many fans are fanatical about their teams.

Butterflies in Paradise… 2,500 different species in Costa Rica.

A visitor will experience a practical educational adventure about nature, and will see diversified exhibits of how butterflies and exotic frogs are reproduced in this natural environment. It is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Costa Rica, with magnificent views of the Arenal volcano, lake, and surrounding rainforest reserves.

Franklin Chang Diaz. A NASA astronaut and a Costa Rican national hero.

Franklin Chang’s first mission was in 1981 aboard the Columbia spacecraft. Chang has the most space missions of anyone in NASA totaling seven (he shares this record with Jerry L. Ross) and has logged over 1,601 hours in space, including 19 hours and 31 minutes in three spacewalks.

Free Spanish Lesson #53. Regional Variations in Spanish

One of our subscribers, a few weeks ago, asked me to address the differences between Spanish in Latin America and in Spain. This week, I’ll talk a little about those differences as well as a few regional word differences from South America to Central America and so forth.

Why More Sellers of Costa Rica Real Estate Should Offer Financing.

he real estate market has seen some corrections, but I feel seller financing is the next part of the sector to adapt. If you are selling your property in Costa Rica, and you don’t need to use the money from your sale all at once, I highly encourage you to consider offering seller financing at 5-6%.

What Do You Mean I Can’t Move to Costa Rica?

But I would first have to face two big fears… Fear 1. Starting over at 66. I’d done it at 40 after a divorce and architecture school in Oregon – starting over in Seattle, WA. Then I started over in New Mexico at 50. But doing it as a senior felt like I was really pushing my luck.

Living in Costa Rica Video. The region from Playa Avellanas to Playas del Coco in Guanacaste.

Our area has two private hospitals under construction, access to 24-hour medical clinics, grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, entertainment and more. For outdoor lovers, you won’t find a better place to enjoy nature! With over 300 days of sunshine per year and temperatures which stay consistently warm and the least amount of rainfall and humidity, it’s no wonder that more and more people want to invest and vacation in the Guanacaste region.

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