Retirement In Costa Rica

Retirement In The Blue Zone Of Costa Rica in Tierra Pacifica, Junquillal. A video with Will Raap.

There are probably, I don’t know, 6 or 8, maybe 10 identified blue zones around the planet. These are places where longevity is the norm, where people live longer, healthier lives and science, medical science tries to understand this.

Free Spanish Lesson #13 – Spanish Music is flamenco (Spain) not mariachi (Mexico) bien!

What kinds of music are you going to hear when you arrive in Spain? ¡Mucho! But just because Enrique Iglesias is from Spain, not Mexico, does not mean that you are listening to real Spanish music.

Be Peace Program Starts in Costa Rican Schools

Last December, 34 Costa Rican public school teachers received a four day training in a method that won the Changemakers Innovation Award: Building a More Ethical Society, chosen from 79 projects in 32 countries.

Free Spanish Lesson #12 – This One’s Four You (The Four Spanish You’s)

In Spanish there are four ways to ‘you’ – “tú”, “usted”, “ustedes”, and “vosotros”. If you use the wrong one at the wrong time, you could end up offending someone.

Rental Accommodations in Atenas. The little town that AARP likes in Costa Rica …

Because Atenas is a small town, traditional accommodations can be limited but we have some great options for clients to choose from.

Free Spanish Lesson #11 – Think in Spanish & change your identity

Mientras aprendía español, I went to a two-month intensive training course, then went straight to Latin America and lived among native speakers. It was quite un desafío to immediately communicate only in Spanish after arriving, but it definitely helped my language progression.

Interviews with Altos de Antigua Owners. Learn from Roger and Sandy’s experience after buying land and building their new home in Puriscal, Costa Rica. Part I

You know of our intent to build a vibrant community at Altos de Antigua. In order to help future owners have the best possible experience when they join the community we are interviewing existing owners to learn from what they went through.

Free Spanish Lesson #10 – The “Thief Sign”

Since seating on city buses is usually limited, you’ll most likely have to stand in the aisle holding onto a rail. Be sure to look down at the mothers and grandmothers sitting on the seats; watch their hands carefully to see if they make the “thief sign.”

Costa Rica. A beautiful and inspirational place for authors of all kinds of books.

Two years ago, I was looking for a place to forget my business career and to fulfill a lifetime ambition. This was to write novels and thrillers. Plots and ideas had been popping into my head for some time.

Costa Rica Realtor Michael Simons Is Also Occasionally An “Under Cover Agent.”

Everybody wants to talk to the guy from Costa Rica. It’s amazing. As soon as they find out I sell real estate, we are off on a 30 minute conversation. Costa Rica has such an incredible amount of momentum right now, and so much positive press, that everyone wants to figure out a way to leave the rat race and move to this gorgeous paradise.

Free Spanish Lesson #9 – Bargaining for Taxis in Latin America

Bargaining for a taxi ride in Latin America is expected. In heavy tourist areas, the rates may go up substantially, but you can still bargain to get a lower price.’s Multiple Listing System. Protecting and empowering you, the real estate buyer and investor.

After years of looking at, and testing the different MLS systems and speaking with Realtors using them, the new real estate MLS search facility finally adopted by is the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR) system which we believe will make finding your new home or apartment in Costa Rica safer, simpler and a lot easier!

Free Spanish Lesson #8 – The “Tacaño” Hand Gesture

The Spanish word “tacaño” means “tightwad” or “cheapskate”. This is one of my favorite gestures used in the Spanish language. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a financially tight home and I can easily relate to it.

Scott Oliver Cayman Islands. His ‘alleged’ bank & other slanderous allegations

This article was first published in 2005 and again recently some twisted, anonymous individual has been sending out slanderous, libelous and defamatory emails about “Scott Oliver in the Cayman Islands” to the various professionals I recommend on the site suggesting that I have been involved in financial fraud and that people are “duped” into buying the real estate that is promoted on my website…

Costa Rica Scams – Doing the right thing can get you into a whole load of trouble!

When I discovered that there were so many scam artists operating in the real estate field (as well as the financial services field at that time), I began writing articles about real estate to help educate and protect our VIP Members and eventually published a book called How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa….