Retirement In Costa Rica

Free Spanish Lesson 48 – Celebrating New Year

Para aquellos de ustedes who like dancing and really want to get un sabor for Latino culture, dancing and practice some español al mismo tiempo, I highly recommend enrolling in a Latin dance class; if it were me, yo escogería Salsa dancing.

Cycling Race in Costa Rica – The Vuelta De Costa Rica comes to San Isidro. With free video

The Vuelta De Costa Rica competition is known as one of the toughest cycling competitions in the Americas. It is a 14 day cycling event that tours every sector of the country, from San Jose to Liberia, Puntarenas, Guapiles, Siquirres, Cartago, San Isidro de General and Santa Teresa de Perez Zeledon.

|Christmas Spirit in Jaco|

Last weekend we helped to spread the Christmas cheer to children and families in Jaco. Others in the community helped as we provided food, cake, games, candy, and presents to nearly 50 children.

Feeling ‘At Home’ This Costa Rica Christmas

We will always miss family and friends in the UK during the festive season, but after three years, we felt really ‘at home’ in Costa Rica this Christmas – thanks in no small part to Tico friends dropping in with ‘tamales’, their traditional Christmas fare.

Those Hijos de P**a Banks in Costa Rica. Update your bank account now or lose it!

Looks to me like basic customer service skills are seriously lacking in most banks on planet earth these days and, if it’s seriously to “combat” money laundering why would you need that for an account that has a mere $500 in it which is used only for the “quick pass” toll booth device?

Costa Rica Birds – The Oropendola may be the weirdest bird you ever heard.

As I sat there in my apartment in Escazu typing away, a Montezuma Oropendola perched in a tree 100M away was bowing it’s head, raising it’s bottom in the air and making the fascinating noise that they are famous for…

Festival De La Luz Parade and Fireworks Display 2013. Free video of 2012 parade

People will begin setting up their chairs and table at around 10am in the morning and they’ll be there when the procession begins at 6pm. 500,000 people are expected top attend.

Costa Rica Living at the Beach – Free video interview on Jaco beach

Dave grew up in Ohio and has visited Central America seven years in a row performing drama and directing kids in building projects and assisting in medical outreach which is when he fell in love with Central America and first visited Costa Rica.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate?

If you follow Costa Rica much, you probably know that October is a very rainy and slow time of year for tourism and business. For some it’s a good time to start preparing for the upcoming high season and for others it’s a great time to begin planning their vacation for…

My Friend John F. Kennedy

We went to school very early the morning of Mr. President’s arrival. All of us were clean and scrubbed and wearing our freshly pressed school uniforms. We were each given little flags of Costa Rica and of the United States to waive and were told that we were going to meet the President of the United States and welcome him to Costa Rica.

Catholic Church in Costa Rica Requests That Presidential Candidates Reject Gay Marriage. Free video

From the pulpit installed outside the National Stadium in the north of the La Sabana park, Archbishop Angel Sancasimiro yesterday demanded presidential candidates reject efforts to legalize marriage between same sex.

Retirement in Costa Rica: Blurring the cultural lines.

If your are thinking of moving to Costa Rica, or are newly arrived, one of the most important concepts you need to come to terms with, quite quickly, is the need to assimilate. Assimilate into your new country and its culture.

Journey to the Cabecar Indigenous Reservation

This was an important journey, important to me because I can not make this trip, important to her because it expanded her world, her mind, and I knew she could do it. It is also important that you learn about our rural Indigenous. This was probably her most challenging adventure yet, I knew it would be pushing her envelope but I left that part out when sharing the opportunity with her.

Surgery in Costa Rica. “Better service, than I have received in places like Houston or San Diego.”

It is no secret that Costa Rica is becoming a popular destination where people from around the world can come and receive state of the art medical care at a fraction of the cost that they would pay for treatment in their home country.

Flatulence In Spanish A Longwinded Word.

Flatulence is normally not the kind of topic for our little chit-chats but I do find the Spanish language fascinating and if you have ever shared living space with a young teenage boy (or any ill-mannered male for that matter), then no doubt you have used a variety of terms to describe flatulence in English, but what about Spanish?