A Merry Costa Rica Christmas and a Happy New Anus To You Too?

Often times in Spanish and any other foreign language you can make one tiny mistake which totally changes the meaning of everything… Every Christmas I receive dozens of emails from people wishing me a Happy New Year in Spanish except that the spelling is not quite right.

Costa Rica Retirement – Feliz Año Nuevo, or Happy New Year!

As soon as we arrived on the crowded dance floor, I was asked to dance. I hadn’t really given much thought to how to dance in Costa Rica, although years ago I…

Living & Retiring in Costa Rica – Happy New Year and a Happy New Life?

However it does take a certain kind of person to enjoy the ‘expat’ life and after six months – you have to give yourself at least six months to get the feel of living in a new country – maybe you will decide that living in a foreign country is just not for you, would that really be such a disaster?

“You Will Marry The Wrong Person!”

Because we have been taught by our culture (see Brad and Angelina) that we “can have it all”, many enter intimate relationships with unrealistic expectations about having our every need met. That puts enormous pressure on both to “measure up” to unrealistic romantic ideals.

The Hidden Gems of the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica is one of the most visited and popular areas in Costa Rica, but unfortunately many people fail to explore areas other than Jaco Beach and the Los Suenos Resort.

Making Christmas Tamales in Atenas, Costa Rica. With free video.

In Costa Rica the holiday season brings with it many traditions. One of the most awaited of those traditions is Christmas tamales. Making Christmas tamales is a tradition that has been around for centuries, handed down from generation to generation.

Celebrating Christmas in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

Spending the Christmas holiday in Costa Rica may not be the same as spending the holiday at home, but you won’t find Costa Rica to be lacking in Christmas spirit.

More People Are Spending Christmas in Costa Rica Than Ever Before! Why not enjoy your turkey dinner on the beach.

Can you blame them? You know…. it’s interesting. Until you take your first winter holiday you are blissfully living, working and playing in the snow, the slush and the cold. It’s not your fault, you didn’t know any different.

Costa Rica Christmas With Tamales and the Traditional Leg of Pork

Costa Rica is predominantly a Catholic country and the government and many businesses will come to a screeching halt on the 21st of December to begin the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas Spirit Comes to Jaco. It’s sunny and 70 degrees so is it any wonder Santa Claus visits the beach?

Complete with face painting, dancing, Christmas carols and colorful mimes on skates, stilts and bouncing shoes the children were thrilled by the visit from Santa Claus (known as Papá Noel in Costa Rica) accompanied by Mrs. Claus.

This Ex-New Yorker’s Take On Christmas Season in Costa Rica

This year will be my ninth year celebrating Christmas in Costa Rica. I have to be 100% honest with you, I am so totally happy that I am here and not back in the Big Apple or the US. Let me give you some of my top reasons..

Discover Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Culture At Its Finest When You Stay At Casa Conley Del Mar!

Discover Casa Conley Del Mar, Costa Rica’s newest, exclusive resort that is located in the breathtaking Southern Caribbean Coastal region of Costa Rica. Explore and enjoy Casa Conley’s remote, 20-acre tropical paradise,which offers an abundance of nature and Costa Rican wildlife.

If Europe Goes Down, We Go with It

Looking at Europe, it’s not difficult to see what he means. Greece is drowning in one of the biggest debt crises in history. Italian banks are verging on collapse. And Germany is struggling under the pressure of vicious negative interest rates.

Sales Tax on Costa Rica Vacation Rentals: It’s now crystal clear who must pay this tax.

It has been widely argued whether the vacations rentals are subject to the sales tax, in some cases by some Realtors or property managers who seem to be more interested in getting the money…

Adventures in Costa Rica That Every Thrill Seeker Must Experience!

Every year, a large number of thrill seekers head to Costa Rica. Although there are many things to experience, four adventures in particular stand out that all adrenaline junkies should try. For people who enjoy more extreme adventures and the great outdoors, Costa Rica is the ideal destination.