Costa Rica Bienes Raíces, Porque comprar inmediatamente? Por qué no alquilar?

¿A menos que usted ya este íntimamente familiarizado en Costa Rica y sepa exactamente donde usted quiere vivir – por qué comprar inmediatamente? ¿Por qué no alquilar?
¡BUENO! Algunos…

Sorry for the inconvenience – This article has been deleted

Sorry for the inconvenience – This article has been deleted

Moon and Sea Horse Parade. Riding through the wildfires to the Pacific.

On March 8, 2012, about 300 horses, 40 motorcycles, 30 quads, 50 cars, an ambulance, a brass band, a truck blaring Latin music, and about 1000 people made the annual Luna Llena (Full Moon) trek from Tempate to Potrero, about 12 kms. Or 8 miles. I was one of them!

Santa Claus Comes To Town!

Ed Dale, an owner in Pacifico and a long time Successful RE/MAX Agent in Canada had a dilemma. His Pacifico Beach Club minimum had not been used for the year and he was coming to stay at his Pacifico Condo.  He thought to himself that he would probably go to Dinner a few times and have drinks with friends and it would be used up just like last year.

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Customizing MemberGate

One of the greatest features of MemberGate is that it is so easy to customize it to fit your needs. Almost everything you’d want to change can be quickly accessed through the Control panel, either as option selections, or changes to the content pages. In this section, we’ll look at customizing all the ‘work pages’ […]

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Costa Rica Mortgages – A simple process with a professional mortgage broker on your team.

Welcome to this new series to familiarize you with the mortgage process for buying property in Costa Rica. Our goal will be to break down and demystify the often cloudy context and bring you clear, concise answers to many often asked mortgage questions.

Become A Trusted Sponsor – Finding more quality customers is an investment in the future of your business.

Trusted Providers are professionals in Costa Rica whom we know personally, or who have been recommended to us by our VIP Members, who have good references – which have been checked and often included in the article – and in whom we trust.

A Life in the Costa Rica Sun. Most people don’t get SAD in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica may be one of the healthiest places on earth to retire. Not only does its climate encourage a healthy outdoor lifestyle but you get healthy benefits from the fresh air and especially the sunlight.

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