Costa Rica Mortgages – A simple process with a professional mortgage broker on your team.

Welcome to this new series to familiarize you with the mortgage process for buying property in Costa Rica. Our goal will be to break down and demystify the often cloudy context and bring you clear, concise answers to many often asked mortgage questions.

Become A Trusted Sponsor – Finding more quality customers is an investment in the future of your business.

Trusted Providers are professionals in Costa Rica whom we know personally, or who have been recommended to us by our VIP Members, who have good references – which have been checked and often included in the article – and in whom we trust.

A Life in the Costa Rica Sun. Most people don’t get SAD in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica may be one of the healthiest places on earth to retire. Not only does its climate encourage a healthy outdoor lifestyle but you get healthy benefits from the fresh air and especially the sunlight.

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Costa Rica Home Decoration Show – February 19-22nd 2009

The best and the biggest brands in interior design, decoration and furniture will be present as well as some of the most recognized architects, engineers, builders and developers.

Diez Principales Razones Para *NO* Vivir En Escazú, Costa Rica.

Viviendo en Escazú, Costa Rica no esta hecha para todos.Si a usted le gusta explorar y habla español fluido entonces vivir en un área remota de Costa Rica puede ser perfecto para usted desde el primer día.


If you have been a VIP Member for some time you may have read ‘Costa Rica Mortgages – Expensive from start to finish.’ You will know how time consuming it can be with the ‘US$325K Costa Rica Mortgage story’ and may also have read that the even compared to the lowest Costa Rica mortgage commissions, Costa Rican banks charge 100% more in …

Costa Rica Beaches. Why a regular walk on a Costa Rica beach could help you live longer!

Costa Rica is well known for its beautiful beaches but did you know that walking regularly on those beaches will help you live longer? Recent research is showing that walking barefoot over natural surfaces may actually extend your life.

Business Services in Costa Rica After 4 Years of Deceleration

Business services include legal services (that are 36% of this index), architecture and engineering services (10%), publicity services (17%) and the rest of the services (37%).

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