Adding a ‘Latest Articles’ banner to a Portal or Department Page

On many sites, including this one, there is a banner below the body text of the portal page, just above the teaser columns, that looks something like:  Latest Articles If you want to add a banner like that to any of your pages, departments, or portals, here’s how. All you have to do is place […]

Costa Rica Travel – Poas Volcano National Park

Few volcanoes allow you to drive all the way to the rim. Poás does – well, at least to within 300 meters, where a short stroll puts you at the very edge of one of the world’s largest active craters (1.5 km wide). The viewing terrace gives a bird’s-eye view not only 320 meters down into the hellish bowels of the volcano, with its greenish sulfuric pool, but also magnificently down over the northern lowlands.

Ni-Fu Ni-Fa Delicatessen Is Here in Costa Rica! Paradise for steak lovers.

If you are ever in the mood for a delicious, melt-in-your mouth, butter like Argentinian styled fillet mignon or other carnivorous delights then you just gotta’ visit the new Ni-Fu Ni-Fa Delicatessen on the highway at Cariari.

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Creating Automatic Forms in MemberGate

MemberGate has a built-in feature that will allow you to automatically accept and process input from any form you create. When visitors to your site complete the form and click the submit button, the information in the form is automatically emailed to you (or to any email address within your site. Creating and using automatic […]

Costa Rica Map – The best map we’ve found in eight years of searching.

It was in May 2005 when we first found and recommended this excellent waterproof map of Costa Rica. Since that time, many of our VIP Members have written thanking us for finding it…


In English we frequently say certain words that can be very strong in Spanish. These are words that should be avoided because they can be offensive. One example is the word “stupid”. In English, some people commonly say, “that was stupid” and other similar phrases.

Expat Private Medical Insurance Companies in Central & Latin America – Benefits & Pitfalls!

Before you make the move you do your due diligence by understanding the real estate laws, the language difference, the culture, the people, the diet, the nature and of course the your medical insurance options… Right?

Ex Pat Life In Costa Rica for Expats Part 2 With Bette And Dawson

Bette and Dawson Grove had a goal for their retirement — move to Arizona and play golf for the rest of their lives.  Well it did not turn out quite how they planned thanks to their son telling them they should go to Costa Rica for a visit.


En 2005 escribí un artículo titulado “Por qué Costa Rica, por qué Ahora”! el artículo describió la variedad de los factores compuestos que fueron directamente responsables del mercado increíblemente activo de bienes raíces nosotros disfrutabamos y como resultado, el enorme crecimiento que experimentábamos de inmediato en nuestra área y hasta cierto punto, la mayor parte de la costa pacífica de Costa Rica….

Your Neighbour’s Barking Dogs. Prevention is most definitely better than the cure!

We must remember that most Ticos have an extraordinary tolerance for noise. What we mean by that is that while dogs barking all night long may drive you completely round the bend (as is the case with the home we are chatting about), your neighbor will wake up in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed and …

Good French Cooking in San José, Costa Rica With 50% Discount If You’re Over 50?

A friend and I enjoyed lunch at El Balcón de Europa on Thursday and were both pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food for about $70 per head.

Your 897th Costa Rica Retirement Living Online Magazine for Friday, 8th July 2015.

You are receiving this newsletter because you are a valued VIP Member of If you wish to change your email address or unsubscribe, please see the simple, one click unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of this email. This week we have a special treat for you with a guest contributor Karen McCann who writes […]

Costa Rica Home Builder Sardine Acquart — Relax You Are In Paradise Part 4

Our good friend and Costa Rica Home Decorator Sandrine AcQuart always had a passion for decorating her own house.  Lucky for us she has turned that passion into a successful full service Interior Decorating company called Elite Ambiance.