Costa Rica Living ‘Off The Grid’ in the Osa Peninsula

It happens a lot. It may happen to you. It happened to me. The magic of Pure Vida entices you and once you set foot in the Osa, you may never want to leave. It has been called Paradise by nearly everyone who has experienced it’s pristine beaches and magical waterfalls, and wonder-filled primary rainforests.

Corporation Documents

The Costa Rica legal system may not appear to be, but the legal system is relatively simple. Anyone that wishes to live in this very big, little country called Costa Rica should know the fundamental requirements with regards to Costa Rica corporation laws and taxes.

Costa Rica Flooding

Five people drowned and five others are missing; a majority of the people were left with only the clothes they were wearing at the time; hundreds of houses were destroyed, and the same was true for roads, bridges, plantations…

World Class Entertainment At Tico Prices!

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) composed his wonderful concierto for violin and orchestra (Op 77) in 1878 and on Friday evening we thoroughly enjoyed a magnificent performance of it by Russian born violinist Misha Keylin in the Teatro Nacional (built in 1897) in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Fear & Negativity Sells Even When It’s Not Accurate

Instead of allowing ‘anybody’ to scare him half to death, if they had spent ten minutes online, they would have felt just fine about enjoying a peaceful vacation in this land of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles. Instead…

Murder in a Mansion

The heavy ornate door opened without a sound as we entered the magnificent reception hall of the Club Union in downtown San Jose. We found ourselves speaking in hushed tones.

Realistic Expectations with Costa Rica Real Estate

You can expect to find your dream property in Costa Rica for less than what you would pay for it in North America, but, only if you do not let your “North American” expectations dictate that you must have everything exactly as it is back home…

Enjoying Organic Food in Costa Rica

Biting into a stick of celery, a carrot, or baked potato grown organically tastes fresh, crisp, and unlike the produce available in a grocery store. For 20 years, Noël Payne has been involved in bringing organic produce and environmentally friendly products to the table.

Costa Rica Crime – Americans Murdering Americans

This last week was not a ‘good news’ week for Americans in Costa Rica.

1. An American identified only by his family name, Emmett, 67, was held suspect of the murder of his 33 year old fellow countryman Benjamin Daniel Wood, 33, whose body was found with a bullet in his eye near Turrucares, Alajuela. It was Wood’s Costa Rican girlfriend who alerted the police about the possibility of Emmett’s involvement in the murder.

Which US Taxpayers Can Deduct Moving Expenses when Moving to Costa Rica?

Many folks interested in living in Costa Rica have questions regarding moving expenses to their new location. Although every situation has its nuances, there are some general guidelines to follow. My goal is to decipher some of the information found in detail in IRS Publication 521 – Moving Expenses.

‘El Doctor’ – Great Service in Costa Rica and a fantastic price!

I was given the name and contact information for an English-speaking doctor in Heredia, one of the provincial capitals of Costa Rica. I met with the good doc and found him delightful and very helpful. He turned out to be quite an interesting fellow.

Costa Rica Taxes

As in most countries, Costa Rican Income Taxes are based on the economic wealth and profit of taxpayers, which means income tax is a direct tax applied both to persons and companies and …

Costa Rica Cars – New or Used?

One option is to use the excellent public transportation system. If you will be living in San Jose and don’t have experience driving in this country, this would be a good choice, particularly until you get your bearings.

I See My Light Come Shining – Retiring in Costa Rica

The president and the board of directors took me out for a going-away dinner at a very good Chinese restaurant. The next day, my replacement began “learning the ropes” of the job I was leaving.

A Remarkable Costa Rican Doctor in Dominical

My wife Helene and I were in Dominical at the end of March this year. She loves to fish and we saw a sign on the side of the road for “inshore fishing”. We pulled into the house of a young Tico family. The husband immediately got the fishing tackle and away we went.