Costa Rica Living – Inside Scoop – Dr. Ben Spitzer – Discover How People Have Made A Success of their New Lives in Costa Rica

It may sound from some previous interviews as if our successful ex-pats have had an easy time of moving to and settling into Costa Rica. It’s not always the case – but listening to the experience of this chiropractor in Costa Rica, it has been worth the effort.

Costa Rica Highway Terror and Incompetence

Even the bickering between the Treasury, concerned over the correct use of public funds for highways, and the municipal authority administrations that leave so much to be desired, adds to the surrealism of this national political scenario.

Costa Rica Earthquake Near Parrita

The bed was shaking as if possessed, windows were rattling, books were falling out of the bookcase, photographs dropped with their glass frames smashing…

Bloody Disasters & Real Heroes

Seems to me that most of the real heroes out there are the hard-working people doing the best they can for themselves and their families, working ridiculous hours, having little quality time to spend together…

Costa Rica Beach Resort – Giardini di Papagayo

Our one bedroom accomodation was clean, the colour television worked perfectly and the small refrigerator successfully managed to chill our one bottle of fine Chilean Carmeniere which had warmed up in the trunk after the long drive.

Costa Rica Attorneys – Overcharging?

At first glance, the attorneys’ fees seemed somewhat excessive so I suggested to him that he request the attorney to specify in writing exactly what was to be included as part of that fee.

Costa Rica Medical- George Continues To Sacrifice His Body To Help You!

I hope everyone appreciates how I sacrifice my body to test the medical services here… This is definitely a painful way to bring you actual, first hand documentation on the reality of our services.

Affordable Healthcare with HUGE Discounts for Cash

“That was so cheap as to be amazing. However, if I wished to pay cash, I could get a significant discount. I asked for the discount and paid on the spot. I had to pay only ….

Costa Rica Crime & Police

We then drove back to the project, having been gone for no more than 10 minutes. As we rounded the curve just before the entrance to the project, we saw a taxi leaving my gate. We tried to stop it as it came past us but it kept going. My gardener reacted immediately…

Corruption Index

“Corruption isn’t a natural disaster: it is the cold, calculated theft
of opportunity from the men, women and children who are least able to protect themselves,” said David Nussbaum, TI’s Chief Executive…

Costa Rica Pest Control

Some components of insecticides can be harmful to your health. Even when you do not return to your home until the odor has gone, some components remain on furniture, curtains and doorknobs.

Costa Rica Healthcare for Military Veterans

The hospital’s goal is to offer the very best medical care for U.S. Military Retirees, Active Duty Members, and Veterans with Service Connected disabilities.

Why More Americans Are Leaving America To Live In Costa Rica

Many Americans have the perception that they are living in the best, most free and democratic place in the world. They believe that they are the best educated, most literate, have the most comprehensive healthcare system and live the longest.

Costa Rica Mortgages – Construction financing.

Obtaining a construction loan for a property in Costa Rica is similar to one in the U.S. and Canada, and it is almost the same as getting a loan for a regular purchase but with a few additional requirements.

Cost of Living – Public Service Rates in Dollars

“If it improves things” Says Ringeld Montoya, age 23 who works
at Seelogics Internet cafe. “It seems as if people are starting to
charge in dollars because profits are greater. If it improves the service or the
quality of client service, then there’s no problem.”