Costa Rica Real Estate Investing When Moving To Costa Rica.

When you invest ‘onshore’ in Canada, you have absolutely no financial privacy and woefully inadequate asset protection against creditors or predators. But when Canadians living in Costa Rica wish to invest offshore…

Costa Rica Music – Young Soloists

So whatever you do, don’t feel that there’s ‘no culture’ here! That’s not the problem. You (and your children) can have all the ‘culture’ you want in and around the San José area …

Costa Rica For Children – Kids Theater

Costa Rica has an enthusiastic group of talented performers, producers, and directors that offer fresh and fun entertainment…

Costa Rica Chiropractor

The primary challenge for this American trained chiropractor living in Costa Rica was the language. Prior to his arrival, his research indicated that there are several “pockets” of English speaking people…

Why are Costa Rica Doctors and Surgeons a big ‘tourist’ attraction?

We’re going to take a quick peek at why Costa Rica Doctors and Surgeons are a big ‘tourist’ attraction and one simple reason why more than a hundred thousand people come here every year for superb surgery, dental treatments and other professional medical care.

Costa Rica Retirement – Attitudes Towards Americans

We really have NOT seen or heard of any ‘discrimination’ or ‘hatred’ towards Americans by Costa Ricans. You will find that Europeans and other more ‘forthright’ Latin Americans will be willing to give you their opinions but…

Costa Rica Culture – Making Movies

Livia Linden and Percy Angress decided to take the chance. Just when they made a mark in Hollywood, they left and moved to Costa Rica to expand on a career in the cinema.

Costa Rica Living – A Mother’s Perspective

Relocating to a new home and establishing roots in a place possibly far away from friends and family can be an incredible adjustment. Veteran voices, such as Mary Beck a mother of two living in the western San José suburb of Escazu …

Costa Rica Retirement – Choosing Your Heaven on Earth

The following factors are a good guideline for evaluating your future homeland should help in choosing between the several countries that most appeal to you ..

Costa Rica Immigration Law – Residency Update – November 2005

Finally, on October 27th, 2005, the bill was approved by the Congress, by the vote in favor of 38 of the 57 representatives. It will be enforceable in eight months, after the by-laws are drafted and approved by the Executive.

Costa Rica Guns – Like The USA, Your Rights To Own Could Be Trampled.

They are asking me about gun ownership in Costa Rica and complain that the US Constitution is rapidly being shredded by their President and his cronies and in looking at the facts, it’s difficult to disagree.

Cyclist! – The ‘Tico code’ of the road in Costa Rica

It doesn’t take long to realize that there is a different code of the road for cyclists in Costa Rica (at least everyone who has survived to tell about it figured it out in a big hurry).

Costa Rica Living – Cow bombs in Costa Rica: Only a matter of time?

Returning to America after a recent trip to Costa Rica, I could practically smell the fear in the Phoenix airport. Welcome to the Terrified States of America, folks. Kindly remove almost every item of clothing and check all common sense at the gate.

Careful with Costa Rica ‘Experts’

“Having met Chris Howard and read his book on Costa Rica I found the article on your website written by him in the ‘AM Costa Rica’ newspaper entitled ‘Prominent author gives tips on evaluating all those experts’ irritating.”

Costa Rica Living With Finger-Lickin’ Chicken

Don’t you love finding those little hidden away places that have great food at a terrific price? When you make an effort to explore, you will find lots of ‘local gems’ around…