The New Costa Rica Highway from San Jose to the Pacific – Part II – Contracts Signed.

It was announced today in La Nación that the Consejo Nacional de Concesiones had signed an agreement yesterday with a company called Autopistas del Sol to assume the work on the new Costa Rica highway on a concession basis…

Scottish Events in Costa Rica – Burns Night Supper. Haggis or Craggis?

Over 160 guests gathered at the elegant Costa Rica Country Club to celebrate the life and poetry of Scotland’s best-loved bard, Robert Burns…

Costa Rica Culture – A Scottish ‘Burns’ night in Escazu.

So, what do expats of Scottish extraction and Ticos in Costa Rica get up to when given half a chance? They eat haggis, that’s what!

Costa Rica Hospital for Mothers’ Day?

Mother’s Day on August 15th is a H-U-G-E day in Costa Rica and to celebrate Moms from all over the country will be visiting the best hospital in Central America

Escazu Luxury Apartment – Escazu

The recent move from a four bedroom, three bath home with a garden in Trejos Montealegre de Escazu into a brand new Escazu luxury apartment building in San Rafael de Escazú where I have rented a fourth floor, three bedroom two bath penthouse apartment with an awesome view is done!

Costa Rica Kids – The Things We Love About Costa Rica.

I like to sit up on the rock behind our house to watch the sun go down it is beautiful with lots of different colors. From there I can see all the mountains around us, and I can see the ocean in the distance.

Costa Rica Pothole of the Year – Who Says Our Roads Are Bad?

Costa Rica Pothole of the Year – Who Says Our Roads Are Bad?

Costa Rica’s New Fiscal Plan. Worldwide Income Taxation Like The USA

The last big change regarding taxes in Costa Rica took place ten years ago, and now it’s time for something new. For three years now the Costa Rican Congress has been discussing a very important issue: Ley de Pacto Fiscal y Reforma Fiscal Estructural, basically the new Tax Law in Costa Rica.

Nicaragua Living – Swindling the Sick – The IMF Debt Relief Sham

Outside the hospital entrance, they found throngs of infected and suffering people who were lying on the curbs “like dogs,” vomiting in the street, and urinating where they could as they awaited nonexistent medical attention. “It was the worst thing I’ve seen in Nicaragua,” Blanca cried.

Chiropractic in Costa Rica – What’s It All About?

Dr. Ricky Brown, BS, DC, NMD has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree Logan College of Chiropractic in 1981 and has continued his education with training in Acupuncture, Allergy Elimination Techniques, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbology, Enzyme Therapy, Naturopathy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Myofascial Techniques, Neural Organization Technique, Laser Therapy, and a wide variety of other techniques and modalities.

Mum & Dad’s Local Pub

Dear Mum & Dad: You will be pleased to know that there are two local bars located less than one kilometer from the Country Club apartments where you will be staying in Santa Ana. The largest ‘Motor Psycho Bar Grill Shop’ is about 800M away, I believe the owner is a tattoo covered young Canadian […]

Costa Rica Payroll Taxes & Employee Benefits

Taxes in Costa Rica have been structured in such a way since 1948 to finance and maintain that system and under certain circumstances, will pay monetary benefits to the employees.

Costa Rica Crime – Murder Rates

The director of the Organization of Legal Investigation (OIJ) said that criminals most often use guns while committing other crimes, such as robbery, when they shoot and kill the victim.

Puntarenas Luxury Condo Apartments & Marina Resort – Free developer video interviews.

This beautiful new Puntarenas luxury condo apartment and marina resort will be located on the premises of the famous old Hotel Colonial in the city of Puntarenas on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

I Decided to Retire to Costa Rica

About five or six years ago I slowly began to develop my plan for retiring to Costa Rica. I just knew I would enjoy myself here, that this was the place in which I hoped to live “someday.”