Paragon Properties Chairman writes he is “very proud to have been involved with” a development featured in ‘Planning in the Wake of the Florida Land Scams’ report.

Paragon Properties Chairman Bill Gale – Informs our VIP Members in the Discussion Forum that he is “very proud to have been involved with…” a project featured in a report ‘Planning in the Wake of the Florida Land Scams’. You will see the development Bill Gale was involved with for 17 years listed under the chapter heading of ‘When Land Scams Become Boom Towns – The Case of Lehigh Acres, Florida.
VIP Members can download the free report here.

Costa Rica Music – Humberto Vargas

Born in 1969, Humberto Vargas is a talented young Costa Rican singer/songwriterwho is making quite a name for himself.

A Poem For Costa Rica – So Clear

A Poem For Costa Rica – ‘So Clear’. Written by Peter Graham – English Poet Laureat living in Long Island, NY in February 2004.

Costa Rica Residency – Important points to remember.

When people start promoting their real estate project as a vehicle that would help you get your residency, you have to be very careful who you listen to. This can be a complex issue and I would ask you please…

Costa Rica Crime – Carefully selected statistics can be used to persuade us either way.

The following letter about Costa Rica crime appeared on 22nd June 2006 in one of the online newspapers in Costa Rica and for whatever reason, although many other letters were included, my letter to the editor in response to this was not included:

Dengue Fever in Costa Rica – Down by 90% this year.

As of June 13th 2006 there have been 353 cases in comparison with 3,000 last year. For the entire year 2005 we had 9,287 cases of dengue but thankfully very few cases of the more dangerous, and sometimes deadly hemorrhagic dengue.

Costa Rica Condo New Homes for Under US$100K

But when people looking for new homes in Costa Rica meet with a real estate agent who insists on showing them expensive homes and apartments in the most expensive areas, the visitor goes ‘back home’ thinking that new homes in Costa Rica are expensive… Wrong!

High European Real Estate Prices Means More Europeans Retiring to Costa Rica.

Although most of our VIP Members are from the USA, recently a British couple who had been working in the USA for many years visited Costa Rica to check it out as a possible retirement home.

Puntarenas Beach Photographs

Puntarenas is a province of Costa Rica. It is located in the western part of the country, covering most of Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean coast. Clockwise from the northwest it borders on the provinces Guanacaste, Alajuela, San José and Limón, and the neighboring country of Panama.

Costa Rican Tourists Traveling to USA

Immigrating to Costa Rica is not as simple as it was. Like every other nation out there, Costa Rica is ‘evaluating’ possible changes to their immigration so if you have plans to move here or invest in real estate, you really should have this in mind from day one.

Costa Rica Soccer Madness – Germany Scores 4 Against Costa Rica’s 2 in the World Cup

Forget Christmas! Forget Mother’s Day! June 9th is probably the most important day in the Costa Rica calendar this year.

Costa Rica Business – Can you live in Costa Rica by building an Internet business? Part Two.

My suggestion for the average person to remember is: there are a lot of cheap web development companies out there but they don’t necessarily understand what web marketing is.

Costa Rica Living in Heredia

Heredia is known as la ciudad de las flores – the city of flowers and is the smallest province of Costa Rica’s seven, offers a variety of topography, as well as climates.

Costa Rica Business – Can you live in Costa Rica by building an Internet business? Part One

Starting and running any business is not a picnic – and an Internet based business can be just as much of a challenge as any ‘brick and mortar’ business.

Embarrassing Spanish Language Mistakes – Cherry flavoured lip balm

Many people that retire to Costa Rica can manage without having to learn too much Spanish to get around although your life will be so much richer if you do learn the language. Since I do business here and have always had a Spanish speaking girlfriend, I speak more in Spanish than English but write […]