Festival of Music, Arts and Gastronomy in Puerto Viejo

A program that will change the lives of 100’s of children each year! ¡Arte Viva ’06! Festival of Music, Arts and Gastronomy – Providing Continuing Education in Puerto Viejo of Talamanca. Proposal: Everything began as a diversion, a dream; all these musicians, artists, chefs saying they would be delighted to share their experience and knowledge […]

Costa Rica Living: An Odd and Graceful Package – September 17, 2006

Almost eight years ago, I decided to sell the farm and move to Costa Rica. It was an easy decision and a difficult one. I’ve moved twenty times in my life. Each time I’ve dragged my chairs, kitchen gadgets, sheets, and life to a new apartment or house. And, I carried with me hope, dreams […]

Costa Rica Culture on the Southern Caribbean Coast – Arte Viva

There are over 55 nationalities living in harmony here. That means this is an extremely multi-ethnic environment. This is a place full of artists, may they be musicians, chefs, painters, potters, etc. Whether one is from Costa Rica, Italy, France, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Switzerland or North America, their talents help make Arte Viva an event you don’t want to miss.

Shakespeare in Costa Rica – Café Britt Presents the King Lear

This play by William Shakespeare, under the direction of Mr. William Stebbings, with the TNT theatrical company from England promises to be an unsurpassed event. This is a unique opportunity for Costa Rican audience to experience first hand theater in the style of great stage productions of the capital cities of Europe.

Americans Living in Costa Rica – Jim Cameron’s story

About twenty years ago I discovered the Osa Peninsula and the quaint little river town of Sierpe. That was it for me, I love this area and the people are the best. I bought a house, then the one next door, the lot next to that and finally the lot on the other side. Buying these four properties was a joy but beyond that, it was an education.

Costa Rica Condos – Our New Home in Beautiful Santa Ana.

We fell in love with the natural beauty of Costa Rica on our family vacation in February of this year, and entertained thoughts of purchasing a property, either as an investment or for personal use.

Soccer – Costa Rican Style

One Saturday night last October, a bunch of us gringos met at Rock & Roll Pollo, a popular restaurant on the Calle Vieja (old road) in Santa Ana, not too far from the center of town. Six of us were seated at a picnic table, enjoying ribs and meatloaf – good ol – US of A-type food.

Which Costa Rican Municipalities Use Taxpayer’s Money The Best – 2006? Santa Ana #3 and Escazu is at #4

Eleven local governments significantly improved their fiscal management in the last five years resulting in benefits for 526,000 citizens who received better public services and more public works.

Costa Rica in a Nutshell

To most Americans, even those who have never been there, Costa Rica is their favorite tropical destination. But although everyone wants to visit it, hardly anyone has any notion of what exactly you do once you arrive. That’s what this column hopes to correct. You fly into the capital city of San Jose (home of […]

Costa Rica Cost of Living – Increases in basic food items not as substantial as last year. 7th August 2006

Costa Rica Cost of Living – Increases in basic food items not as substantial as last year. 7th August 2006. The prices of the basic foods grew this year, but not as much as last year.

Costa Rica Living in Escazu – Fresh Market Specialty Foods

Fresh Market carries a variety of products including gourmet meats, cheeses, fresh vegetables and fruits. Besides Costa Rican products, the store stocks products from the USA and other countries. The stores concept is to provide the freshest food products.

Costa Rica Rentals – New two bedroom home for only US$250 per month

George is a young entrepreneur in his early forties who has been visiting Costa Rica on business for a few years but only moved here to live full-time about eighteen months ago.

Escazu Real Estate – West of San Jose

The real estate analysis should be based on the study of the supply and demand, both factors have to be analyzed and not just the supply. If you investigate the track record of the various developers in and around Escazu, you will see that the…

Costa Rica Attorney and Notary Fee Schedule.

As of August of 2005 the Executive Branch approved Executive Decree No. 32493 which sets forth the new schedule of fees for Attorney’s and Notaries in Costa Rica (Arancel de Honorarios por Servicios Profesionales de Abogacía y Notariado) Some of the relevant provisions are as follows: 1. General Fee Schedule for Litigation For an Amount […]

Costa Rica Birdwatching

I first met Dr. Skutch when he was a youth of 84 summers. Arriving at his home with visiting natural history tourists was always a highlight of any tour. Graciously greeting us and welcoming us to his small private preserve, he would don his machete, binoculars, and light blue ‘Gilligan’s’ cap and lead us into the forest.