Are the Ticos More Evolved?

The Buddhists believe that without mastering your thoughts, you can’t master your actions and it would seem that the Ticos (the Costa Rican people) seem to have mastered their thoughts more than most.

Costa Rica’s New Highway to the Pacific – More delays- April 2007 update.

The goal for the new highway is to provide a safer and faster (less than one hour) route between San José and the Central Pacific region of the country which would be beneficial for import and export activities, and would also help tourism and farming development in the region.

Costa Rica Public Holidays – 2007

Costa Rica Public Holidays – 2007 January 1 New Year’s Day* March 19 Saint Joseph’s Day Holy Week Holy Thursday and Good Friday* April 16 Juan Santamaria Day* May 1 Labor Day July 30 Annexation of Guanacaste Province* August 2 Virgin of Los Angeles Day August 20 Mother’s Day* September 15 Independence Day* October 31 […]

Costa Rica Tax Tips – Who’s being audited this year?

Based on the Article 99 of Costa Rica Tax Norms and Procedures and Decree Nº 28455-H, the Costa Rican Tax Office can, every year, pick and make a list of different lines of businesses that would be the audited and inspected.

Costa Rica Mortgages – The $325K mortgage story. Part 1.

We decided to start our Costa Rica mortgage research online the same way that most people do these days. My assistant Gabriel supplied us with the email addresses of the managers of the mortgage departments in all of the major financial institutions in Costa Rica and I emailed (in Spanish) all of them.

Costa Rica Mortgage Agreement – Spanish. Signed 27th March 2007

Costa Rica Mortgage Agreement – Spanish. Signed 27th March 2007 NUMERO ______-.- Ante mi, __________, Notario Público con oficina en la ciudad de San José, comparece el señor JOHN (nombre) DOE (apellido), de único apellido en razón de su nacionalidad Británico, mayor, casado una vez, cédula de residencia costarricense XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, vecino de San José, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, […]

Health Care Prison in the United States. Freedom found living in Costa Rica

Do you ever feel like a prisoner to your job because of the rising health care costs? We did when we lived and worked in the United States. That was until dreams of a simpler life brought us to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Opera – Madam Butterfly is a roaring success.

Costa Rica Opera – Madam Butterfly Is A Roaring Success The Compania Lirica Nacional (CLN) hired two casts for the starring roles for Madam Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini the distinguished Italian composer (1858-1924 ). At its debut, Madam Butterfly was not a success but like many others, it appeared a short time later to great […]

Brits Living Abroad in Spain – Careful planning ahead should ensure that Brits don’t have similar problems in Costa Rica.

“Retiring to another country is very different from holidaying there and the key to a successful move is knowing what to expect. Access to healthcare may be more difficult, particularly for older people below the pensionable age, and we would encourage anyone…”

Jaco Real Estate. Infrastructure continues to improve with new upscale supermarket.

While the last few years has seen unprecedented growth in the real estate market in the Jaco area, real estate is not the only thing that has brought about more choices in the past few years.

Costa Rica Caribbean Surf Shop Business For Sale – Includes small restaurant area and four income producing rental rooms.

Caribbean Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica – This small surfer hotel is located right in front of one of the most popular surf breaks on the Caribbean – Playa Cocles.

Costa Rica Strike – August 2005

Unfortunately, the bad news is that my children and I had to endure a strike – una huelga‘ – here in Costa Rica where disgruntled tractor trailer drivers had tried to block off the entire San Jose area…

Costa Rica Roads – “Will the roads ever be repaired in Guanacaste?”

The answer is Yes! I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and thought I was dreaming. My daily commute to work, which takes me from Playa Conchal to Playa Tamarindo, used to take me 30 minutes. Of course, as is much of Costa Rica, the bad roads make the commute longer…

Why Are So Many People From Venezuela Choosing To Live in Costa Rica?

People from Venezuela are moving to Costa Rica because of political and financial instability in their own country. For example, we have have helped seven buyers from Venezuela so far this year to find their perfect home in Costa Rica. We also recently helped a young couple from Caracas get started in business here by […]

Costa Rica Mortgages – Expensive from start to finish.

I have been helping a British friend and an investment client of mine (with excellent credit) to obtain a mortgage in Costa Rica to help buy a beautiful, newly built luxury home in Santa Ana. He and his wife are legal residents of Costa Rica and we inquired with five solid, established banks, two of […]