Costa Rica Construction – Tico ‘widowmakers’ electrical installation

These electrical outlets deliver power to such everyday items such as appliances, lamps, computer equipment and here in Costa Rica, suicide showers known as “widowmakers.”

Jaco Luxury Condos – Guaranteed rental income for one year!

An incredible offer is now available at this luxury condominium resort under construction in Jaco! They are offering the opportunity to own a fully-furnished luxury condo, at pre-construction prices with guaranteed rental income for one year.

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

To speak some Spanish is an added bonus when taking a vacation in Costa Rica;
however, knowledge of the country’s mother tongue is virtually essential when
starting a business.

Cost of Living ‘La Pura Vida’ on Social Security – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done!

Whenever I write about how I am living a nice, middle-class, retirement life here in Costa Rica and paying for it with my Social Security checks, many folks react with supreme doubt. They are doing the right thing, of course, in questioning whether what I write about Costa Rica retirement is true.

Avenida Escazu Real Estate – The new, cosmopolitan ‘Escazu Avenue’ mixed use development.

Some people refer to Escazu as the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Costa Rica, but thankfully, the prices would have to be ten times higher to even come close to Beverly Hills prices…

Construction Challenges in Costa Rica – April 2008

Completing the construction of quality housing depends on the efforts of hundreds of tradesmen and thousands of building materials all assembled at the right time in the right places.

Costa Rica’s Premier New Golf & Ocean Resort in Esterillos Oeste – Part II includes free video

The developers are also installing low landscape lighting versus the typical street lights in an effort to decrease light pollution which will benefit guests and owners for viewing stars and constellations at night and to help nocturnal animals and turtles.

Costa Rica Cow Parade – MultiPlaza cows part III.

The streets of San Jose have more than 100 new sculpted and painted visitors standing there under the hot sun… Cows!

Jaco’s Largest Most Luxurious Condo Project Breaks Ground – Photo collage.

One of Jaco’s largest, most luxurious condos projects has broken ground.

Jaco Luxury Condos – Including your own infinity edge spa pool on your balcony – Free developer video interview included

Selling over 60 of his Jaco beach luxury condos in the first 45 days has been a very pleasant surprise to the young developer Josh ten Brink and his team. Sales already made have been mainly to family, friends and the existing, very satisfied customers who invested in Josh’s Bentley award winning Escazu Luxury Apartments where resale prices are 40% higher than where they were one year ago.

Costa Rica Cow Parade April 2008 – Photos part II

San Jose’s Avenida Central has more than 100 new sculpted and painted visitors standing there under the hot sun… Cows!

Costa Rica Cow Parade April 2008 – Photos part I

The streets of San Jose have more than 100 new sculpted and painted visitors standing there under the hot sun… Cows! More than 350 artists competed to paint 120 cows.

Costa Rican People – “I can not say enough to praise them…”

As a result of this situation I have come to discover that the true treasure of Costa Rica is the people like the ones that are helping me.

Jaco Luxury Condo Hotel & Resort Announcement

Jaco Luxury Condo Hotel & Resort Announcement. As of the beginning of 2007 over 110 luxury apartments have now been sold, business is very good and construction is about to begin.

Swimming From Panama to Nicaragua – Now in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica.

Long distance swimmer Renate Herberger, on her quest to swim the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica reached Esterillos Oeste this past week.