Living in Costa Rica

The Man Behind The Most Perfectly Manicured Little Park in Costa Rica.

As you walk through Zarcero’s central park, Don Evangelista Blanco Brenes looks like any ordinary gardener trimming the hedges. That is, until you get a glimpse of his striking blue eyes. Then you know he’s special. This must be the man behind the jardín.

How To Make Pottery With The Chorotega Indigenous People in Guatil, Guanacaste.

The other day wife and I had the pleasure of accompanying my son on a school field trip to Guatil in Guanacaste to learn the ancient techniques of pottery making that the local Chorotega indigenous people have been using for almost four hundred years.

How The Move To Jaco, Costa Rica Showed Tim and Kim Giannone How To Appreciate Life

If you ever wondered what life is like in “Pura Vida mode”, it is like living in slow motion, in full appreciation while in awe of every living thing and doing this with a genuine sense of being content.

Top 10 Things I Love About Living in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

I’ve lived in Costa  Rica for ten years full time and I’ve been coming to this amazing country since I was born (thanks to my mom). I’ve seen many changes over 30+ years and I feel lucky that I get to call this place home.

Five Costa Rica Driving Tips Only “Ticos” Know

A few reasons are that the country lacks adequate signage, the infrastructure isn’t always in the best condition, and there are unspoken social agreements that everyone knows…unless of course, they come from abroad!

The Mind Blowing Hypocrisy of the US Department of State, again… Money laundering in Costa Rica.

Here a few more glaring facts and figures about the ‘war for drugs’, the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency) and money laundering that should shame any wanker left with a brain still working at the US Department of State…

Canadian Realtors in Costa Rica Nadene and Roland Tipper Will Help You Find Your Little Slice Of Paradise Near The Beach!

Nadene and Roland specialize in residential and vacation properties. Like many of the Realtors in the area they offer services that extend beyond the typical obligations that one expects from a real estate agent.

Investing In Pre-Construction Real Estate With Proven Developers in Santa Ana, Costa Rica Video

My wife Mayra and I know this real estate developer very well. He is a proven developer who continues to build attractive, great value homes that people are fighting for… We live in one of their NaturaPark homes …

Is Jaco Beach The New Wynwood of Costa Rica?

Jaco beach has recently seen such a surge in its art and food culture that it may soon be considered the Wynwood of Central America. In the heart of town, Teatro Jaco reopened its doors with Broadway quality shows, theater classes and weekly screenings of classic Broadway musicals.

5 Reasons Living on Lake Arenal Is Better Than Living at the Beach in Costa Rica

Beach vacations are the cliché of shoreside luxury. Think outside the beach and invest in a property on Lake Arenal. Here are a list of five reasons that you will prefer Costa Rica’s largest lake to any coastal establishment:

Breaking News: Newborn Babies Boiled Alive By British Expat in Costa Rica With Video.

The heavily pregnant mother was about to give birth at any moment when she walked across our garden, onto our terrace and then into our living room late on Friday night.

My Very Positive Experience While Obtaining Substantial and Excellent Dental Work Performed By Dr. Mario in Escazu, Costa Rica.

These are my experiences while obtaining substantial and excellent dental work performed by Dr. Mario in Escazu, Costa Rica, where dental tourism is almost as commonplace as amusement park tourism in Orlando.

Supporting Local Gringo Artists. Nathan Miller is “thrilled” with Costa Rica.

There’s something to be said for supporting young local artistic talent. Through a collaboration with the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, we are fortunate to have the work of Nathan Miller on display and available for sale in our real estate office.

In 1993, Noam Chomsky Revealed The Zika Secret

More often than we suppose, a piece of forgotten history illuminates the present moment like a stroke of lightning above the landscape.

A Guide to Costa Rica Fiesta Street Food

Here are some of the finger-licking street food options you can expect to find people selling out of carts; usually somewhere in between the bullring and carnival rides.