Living in Costa Rica

Living in Escazu, Costa Rica – Where the climate suits my clothes… Free video.

People often ask me what I like best about living in Escazu. By now, I have a number of answers that I spit out about the amenities, the schools, the economy etc. But what I really like best is living without excessive heat or air-conditioning.

Making the Move to Costa Rica Series With Ruud & Odette Koster in Playas del Coco. Part 1

January 2000… our first, and only, vacation to Costa Rica, the start of our love affair. Love when you are not looking for it, when you least expect it.

My Philosophy On ‘Middle Age’ in Costa Rica.

Having just turned 56 years old I wanted to make my thoughts clear for those comedians out there who now accuse me of being ‘old.’

Volcanoes of Costa Rica. Part 1 – Turrialba Volcano

The Turrialba Volcano is an active stratovolcano (a type of conical volcano of great height composed of multiple layers of hardened lava). This volcano is located in the district of Santa Cruz, in the cantón of Turrialba, in the province of Cartago.

Costa Rica History Lesson: Juan Santa María

Juan Santamaría is much more than just an international airport. He was a man and a legend who sacrificed his life for his country 160 years ago. Today — April 11th — marks the day that this drummer boy died heroically in battle in 1856.

Living in the Beautiful Lake Arenal Area of Costa Rica – A video interview with Lake Arenal Resident Debra Huls

Debra Huls has been a resident of Lake Arenal for over 5 years, and although she’s lived in other countries around the world, Costa Rica has captured her heart like none other.

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica to host the World Surfing Games from August 6-14.

Among surfers, the ISA World Surfing Games are generally considered to be the Olympics of surfing and Jaco Beach will play host to the 2016 contest this August.

Prominent Costa Rican Citizens Named In Massive New Panama Offshore Scandal.

This week we see the results of of a massive dump of data, a ‘Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption'”where millions of documents show heads of state, criminals and celebrities using secret hideaways in tax havens…”

Costa Rica Birds. It’s nest building time in Brasil de Santa Ana, Costa Rica with free video.

It’s that time of the year when the birds are rushing about gathering twigs, moss and other useful materials including string (??) to build their nests.

What Sort of Home Do You Get For Your Money in Atenas, Costa Rica?

Once again, Costa Rica is the best country to retire and also ranked highly for a healthy, comfortable retirement, according to the 2016 Best Countries rankings and Annual Global Retirement Index.

Lake Arenal Is a Mountain Bikers Delight: Recap of ‘La Vuelta del Lago.’

Every spring, mountain biking enthusiasts from near and far come to Tilaran to participate in La Vuelta del Lago. What started with a group of less than 100 riders back in 1992 now has thousands of participants flocking to the area for this spectacular 2-day event.

The Man Behind The Most Perfectly Manicured Little Park in Costa Rica.

As you walk through Zarcero’s central park, Don Evangelista Blanco Brenes looks like any ordinary gardener trimming the hedges. That is, until you get a glimpse of his striking blue eyes. Then you know he’s special. This must be the man behind the jardín.

How To Make Pottery With The Chorotega Indigenous People in Guatil, Guanacaste.

The other day wife and I had the pleasure of accompanying my son on a school field trip to Guatil in Guanacaste to learn the ancient techniques of pottery making that the local Chorotega indigenous people have been using for almost four hundred years.

How The Move To Jaco, Costa Rica Showed Tim and Kim Giannone How To Appreciate Life

If you ever wondered what life is like in “Pura Vida mode”, it is like living in slow motion, in full appreciation while in awe of every living thing and doing this with a genuine sense of being content.

Top 10 Things I Love About Living in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

I’ve lived in Costa  Rica for ten years full time and I’ve been coming to this amazing country since I was born (thanks to my mom). I’ve seen many changes over 30+ years and I feel lucky that I get to call this place home.