Living in Costa Rica

Internet Access in Costa Rica 2016

Costa Rica continues to lag the competition as other nations offer their populations access to much faster Internet much faster than is available to the average Costa Rican.

Can I Get A Mortgage in Costa Rica To Buy My New Home? Free video.

Unfortunately, a foreigner cannot get a loan in Costa Rica. Now, even if you were capable of getting a loan in Costa Rica, you probably wouldn’t want the rates as Costa Rica interest rates can be upwards of 10 or 12 percent a year.

Why Expats Consider Costa Rica the Perfect Oasis

Most people know that Costa Rica is beautiful, but the list of reasons that this destination has become the “perfect oasis” for both expats and investors is quite extensive.

Volcanoes of Costa Rica. Part 5 – Orosí Volcano

The Orosí Volcano is an inactive stratovolcano located in the Guanacaste mountain range. It is 30 km away from La Cruz a town near the northern border with Nicaragua. This volcano reaches a height of 1,440 mts above sea level.

Moving To Costa Rica. Cheri Ballard’s Adventure.

I started researching different countries a few years before we moved.  Things that we looked for were safety, access to medical care, how easy it would be to get around without a vehicle, and cost of living.  We finally decided that Costa Rica was the place for us.

“If XXXXX becomes President of the U.S.A., we are moving to Costa Rica!”

If the U.S. Presidential candidate of your choice doesn’t win come November 2016, you may be looking for an easy escape exit. Every election, especially a controversial one, thousands of Americans threaten to leave the United States if the “wrong” candidate becomes president.

“A ship in a harbour is a safe ship but, that’s not what ships are built for!”

“A ship in a harbour is a safe ship but, that’s not what ships are built for” is a quote I hurriedly scribbled down listening to a terrific video interview with Peter Sage, a successful British entrepreneur.

Costa Rica Franchise Expo 12th & 13th May 2016

Expofranquicia is an activity which has been organized by the National Center Franchise Costa Rica (CENAF) for six consecutive years and will be held in Costa Rica on the 12th & 13th May 2016.

Volcanoes of Costa Rica . Part 4 Poás Volcano

The Poás Volcano is an active 2.708 mts (8,885 ft) stratovolcano in the Central Mountain Range of Costa Rica. This volcano is located in the province of Alajuela, 45 km northwest from San José. The Poás Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica.

Volcanic Mountain Ranges of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are four groups of mountain ranges. They run from northwest to southeast crossing the whole country. Only two of these mountain ranges are volcanic. They are called the Volcanic Mountain Range of Guanacaste and the Central Volcanic Mountain Range.

Volcanoes of Costa Rica. Part 3 – Barva Volcano

The Barva Volcano is a Central Mountain Range volcano located 22 km to the north of San José in the province of Heredia. The Barva volcano is the third highest volcano in Costa Rica with a height of 2,906 meters above sea level.

Murders in Costa Rica For The First Quarter of 2016. Limón remains the most dangerous place.

When someone plans to retire in the USA, they would be foolish to base their overall decision on the crime rate in the worst cities in the USA like which have murder rates more double that of anything found in Costa Rica.

What If My Wife And I Run Out Of Money After We Move To Costa Rica? And other common concerns …

It was as beautiful and exciting as it was during their many vacations. Using much of their life savings, they purchased some property with a great view and built a small house and a tourist cabina, with the expectation that tourists would be eager to share their small piece of paradise and provide them with income.

Man Finishes a Costa Rica Home 63 Feet Beneath the Ground

Home is where the heart is, and for one Costa Rican man, that is 63 feet below ground. After securing a building permit, it typically takes 7 months to finish construction on a traditional single-family home. However, for Manuel Barrantes, it took 12 years to complete his dream home.

Volcanoes of Costa Rica. Part 2 – Irazú Volcano

Irazú is a volcano in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range of Costa Rica. This volcano is located 32 km north of the city of Cartago in the district of Santa Rosa, in the cantón of Oreamuno.