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Costa Rica Luxury Property Tax Video With Attorney at Law Roger A. Petersen.

Attorney at Law – Roger A. Petersen has been an attorney since 1992 and is a member of both the Costa Rican and Florida Bar. He practices law in San José, Costa Rica and is the author of the best-selling book The Legal Guide To Costa Rica which…

Second Passports: Does Uncle Sam Need to Know?

In Alex’s mind, the United States was headed in the wrong direction. The government’s increasing violation of his privacy… a war he didn’t agree with… worsening economic prospects…

A Worldwide Concerted Effort to Shut All Doors Internationally for Americans and Westerners

There is a worldwide, concerted effort going on to shut down any way for people and corporations to escape the Western tax dragnet or even to get foreign citizenship and leave.

New U.S. Tax Regime is “Devastating,” Experts Say

Opposition to the draconian scheme, however, is mounting quickly even before FATCA has been fully implemented. Among the growing chorus of critics: the business community, bankers, Americans abroad, some members of Congress, investors, and even the Republican National Committee.

Don’t Poke a Sleeping Bear!

As a Boy Scout on one of our numerous winter camping outings, I was reminded that our furry friends don’t like to be woken up during hibernation. There’s a good reason for this, too.

Finally, Some Good News about FATCA

FATCA, otherwise known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, is one of the most arrogant and one-sided laws ever passed by Congress.

It’s Official – Costa Rica WILL Share All Of Your Bank Account Information With The U.S. Tax Man!

In case you missed it, on 26th November 2013 Costa Rican Finance Minister Edgar Ayales and U.S. Chargé d’Affairs Gonzalo Gallegos finalized the agreement that all Costa Rican financial institutions would report the holdings of U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica, or face a 30 percent retention tax on payments from the United States.

Costa Rica Informative Tax Returns – What is that?

One of the most efficient tools that Costa Rican Tax Authorities have are the so called Informative Tax Returns, these tax returns numbered from D-150 to D-161 are used by the Tax Administration to cross reference information in terms of who has paid how much to whom and under what category.

Is There Hope When You’re Invested In A Costa Rica Land Development Project and You Discover It’s Going Nowhere?

I generally receive several of these inquiries per month from people that purchased in a Costa Rica land development project and are now realizing that many of the promises made by their developer were not carried out and by now most likely will not be carried out.

Too Good to Be True…

In the 28 years I’ve worked in the offshore investment arena, I thought I’d heard every possible piece of bad advice clients could get.

Review: The New Costa Rican Government Tax Plan

If this situation keeps going on without a new comprehensive tax policy, the State will be in financial ruin with a PSD of 7% to 8%, in relation to GDP at end of 2018. To correct this situation, a new government will need to adopt the following policies, aimed at lowering the PSD to 2.5% or 3.5% in relation to GDP for the period 2014-2018:

Why Have So Many Americans Considered Expatriation? It’s Probably Not What You Think…

These are truly shocking numbers–nearly one in ten Americans thinking about giving up their birthright.

The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors

The Federal Reserve’s “zero interest rate policy” (ZIRP) of the last half dozen years or so has been a financial act of war on the country’s seniors and, for that matter, on all savers. Under ZIRP, interest rates are artificially lowered through the Fed’s monetary policy popularly known as, “QE,” quantitative easing.

Evicting The Tenant From Hell!

Costa Rican tenancy law dates from 1995, and at the time it was a great advance towards a more balanced approach to the rights of the landlord and the tenant, whereas the previous law (from 1939) greatly favored the tenant against the landlord.

Why Foreign Financial Institutions Are Dumping U.S. Clients. And the money trail leads to…

Foreign banks, brokers, and trust companies are falling head over heels in their rush to get rid of as many U.S. clients as possible.