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Capital Controls Rolling Into High Gear Under FATCA

The traditional banking system was already bad enough but now, with banks around the world rushing to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) it is beginning to reach extreme levels.  And it isn’t just affecting the most financially restricted people on Earth: US citizens… it is affecting everyone.

Why the IRS Can Now “Ground” You

If you’re a US citizen and believe you have an unfettered right to leave your country — and come back — think again.

The Age Of FATCA Is Upon Us: Credit Suisse Admits Guilt For Money Laundering

As Credit Suisse (CS) pled guilty for conspiring to aid US tax evasion and swallowed $2.6 billion in fines in federal court in Alexandria, Va., Eric Holder sensed the historic moment he oversaw – a new precedent for US extortion.

Will the IRS Reschedule the Death of the Dollar?

Ever since President Obama signed the ill-conceived “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” (FATCA) into law in 2010, I’ve been warning about the death of the dollar.

Breaking FATCA News: A Semi-Stay of Execution for Americans Assets And The US Dollar

The Illegitimate Revenue Agency (IRS) has just announced that the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has been postponed from July 1, 2014 until January 1, 2016.

All Out Assault on Libertarians Both Online & On The Streets Continues

Daily attacks on Libertarian sites are not a coincidence. They come just weeks after the mainstream press made much to do about “super flaggers.” Yesterday Josie The Outlaw’s Facebook page was taken down. And just a few hours ago Adam Kokesh’s page was deleted by Fedbook….

The Truth About May Day

Today is International Worker’s Day, which is a celebration of labor and the working classes. May 1 is a national public holiday in more than 80 countries, though in some countries it is called Labor Day or something similar. Almost every year capitals across the world erupt in protest.

After Chicago, The Deluge

If Chicago falls, especially into bankruptcy, then the entire state is likely to do so as well. Illinois won’t declare bankruptcy because federal law prohibits the option.

Want To Lose All Your Money? Do What This Boxing Great Did…

You know what’s easier than making millions upon millions of dollars? Losing it…
This is the story of one sports great who thought he was investing conservatively.

Think $1 Million Is Enough For Retirement?

There’s just one major problem: $1 million dollars is the new middle-class. Do you have it in an IRA? Well, the government might be interested in confiscated it. In a domestic bank account? Well, legislation has been written legalizing a possible future bail-in.

The Only Legal Way to Opt out of Obamacare

In 1965, when I was nine years old, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a new entitlement called “Medicare” into law.

US Government Can Kill US Citizens, But Not Strip Their Citizenship

While Daniel Swalm researched his family’s genealogy, he learned about a particular episode in which his grandmother, born and raised in Minnesota, was stripped of her US citizenship after marrying an immigrant from Sweden.

Even The US Government Will Abandon The Dollar

Well, when you realize that a lot of the policies now being instituted in Ukraine were supported by the US government and the International Monetary Fund, which is largely funded by the US government, then maybe, just maybe you will start to see things differently.

Social Security, Treasury Stealing Every Last Penny From Americans

All of a sudden the government lays claims to your savings. They can’t prove you owe them a dime, but you’re deprived due process. The legal bills become overwhelming, and so you let your money be stolen. You simply have no choice.

70 Militarized Federal Agencies & A Standoff In Nevada Later, US Tyranny At All-Time High.

The US federal government has militarized more than 70 agencies, from the post office to park rangers. Even the Social Security office and the International Revenue Service are a part of the shocking trend which should raise red flags for all Americans or anyone living in the US.