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Costa Rica Immigration – Immigrating to Costa Rica the Legal Process

Immigration to Costa Rica means taking part in a vibrant and active culture and enjoying a beautiful and unforgettable country. From towering mountains and dormant volcanoes to over 180 miles of gorgeous coastline, Costa Rica is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. This beautiful country is also home to over four million people with almost ten percent of the population born on foreign ground.

immigration to costa rica

Deciding to immigrate to Costa Rica is an easy decision to make when you understand the benefits of immigration that include increased banking opportunities, access to excellent healthcare choices and even a convenient Costa Rica driver’s license. All of these benefits are included when you contact Laura B. Gutierrez to begin the immigration process. Laura Gutierrez is an immigration expert with years of experience, who specializes in getting your immigration approved in Costa Rica more quickly and efficiently than any attorney.

What is a Costa Rica Immigration?

Travelers from many countries are welcomed into Costa Rica to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, to celebrate amazing food, and to enjoy the bustling cities and fun nightlife. Most travelers stay for several weeks but the law in Costa Rica allows guests to stay in the country for up to 90 days with just a simple passport issued from their home country. Costa Rica immigration is the beginning of setting up a permanent lifestyle in the country with all of the benefits that are attached to this change in status from tourist to citizen.

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Laura B. Gutierrez has learned many lessons in her lifetime of experience with Costa Rica immigration. Traveling to Canada with her infant daughter, Laura Gutierrez endured a six-year ordeal pertaining to her family’s immigration status. Finally seeking help from a non-attorney specialist, Laura was granted her permanency, but not without enduring a difficult journey. Her empathy and expertise is definitely a benefit to anyone seeking to immigrate to Costa Rica. Residing full-time in Costa Rica, Ms. Gutierrez is located close to the immigration office in San Jose and understands the ins-and-outs of the entire immigration process.

Immigration to Costa Rica

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Make a decision regarding Costa Rica immigration. Do you want to spend the rest of your life traveling back and forth between countries without choosing a permanent home?

Contact Laura B. Gutierrez to begin the journey from a passive border runner to permanent Costa Rica immigrant. With her close contacts in the San Jose Immigration Center, Ms. Gutierrez knows exactly what you need to make the process much less aggravating and exhausting.

Gather the paperwork required for your immigration. Laura Gutierrez will give you a complete list of the documents required for changes in your immigration status. Some of the most common documents include a police certificate, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate and an income certificate depending on your immigration status and desire to establish yourself as a permanent citizen of Costa Rica.

Remember that an attorney is not required to establish immigration to Costa Rica. Many attorneys do practice immigration law, but because this is a small part of their practice, the fees tend to be extremely high. Laura B. Gutierrez is an expert in navigating the halls of the San Jose Immigration Center and provides excellent service along with real empathy and commitment to your immigration process.

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Keep in mind that immigration to Costa Rica takes time. Ms. Gutierrez is determined to ensure that each and every immigration case moves as quickly as possible with applications that are both complete and correct prior to being turned into the San Jose Immigration Center.

Understand that immigration takes place in person, so you will have to visit the San Jose Immigration Center in person. Ms. Gutierrez will walk you through the process and attend the immigration appointment if desired.

Along with helping you succeed in your immigration process, Ms. Gutierrez also determined to ensure that you are comfortable, coordinated and that you fit into the Costa Rica society with ease.

Common Reasons to Immigrate to Costa Rica

There are a huge variety of reasons that a person might use to make a choice to immigrate to Costa Rica. From saving money during their retirement years to enjoying the spectacular Costa Rica scenery, immigration to Costa Rica means settling in a country known for its established expat community, its lovely climate that keeps you comfortable throughout the entire year and its stable economy and generous government.

Spectacular Scenery

immigrate to costa rica reasons

Costa Rica is a land of towering mountains, dormant and active volcanoes and miles and miles of fabulous beaches. From the tropical jungle to the shimmering nightlife, Costa Rica beckons to those who appreciate that combination of natural beauty and bustling cities. Whale and dolphin watching makes living near the coastline an unforgettable experience, the graceful palms and spectacularly green jungle trees invite colorful birds and howler monkeys to your own backyard and the spewing volcanoes create natural hot springs that attract tourists from everywhere in the world. Surfing, water skiing, snorkeling and appreciating the breathtaking national parks take up plenty of time for anyone interested in immigrating to Costa Rica.

Stable Economy and Government

immigration to costa rica government

Both the economy and the government of Costa Rica are stable. Costa Rica actually has no standing army and is considered to be one of the most stable of all of the democracies in the entire world. Foreign investments and a huge tourism industry make the country a wonderful investment opportunity. Immigrants who are looking for a stable life with plenty of work opportunities are welcomed in Costa Rica.

Excellent Health Care

immigrate to costa rica health

The health care in Costa Rica is among the top in the world. A huge increase in medical tourism has caused a growth in the Costa Rica health care market, and the hospitals of San Jose are considered among the best in South America. Health care is comparable to the same services offered in the United States and Canada, and Costa Rica citizens receive free health care through the government. There are a variety of private health care plans that are offered to citizens with payments as low as $50 per month.

How to immigrate to Costa Rica the Right Way

To immigrate to Costa Rica the right way, you definitely need to begin with finding the right immigration specialist. Laura Gutierrez has the experience, the empathy, the connections and the ability to make your immigration experience a pleasant one. Rather than diving right into immigration through an attorney, take the time to evaluate the service that you require. Forget what you have heard from other expats who have shared their horror stories of missed deadlines, lost paperwork, and long lines.

Ms. Gutierrez is dedicated to providing a unique and professional immigration service without the worries of lost documents or deportation. Her resources include embassy experience and focused study that allows her to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing immigration laws. She diligently prepares for any upcoming application submissions. Ms. Gutierrez ensures that all documentation is accomplished efficiently so that your time spent in the Immigration Center is as limited as possible. She guides you through the fingerprinting and documentation process with emphasis placed on a pleasant and articulate experience.

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Laura Gutierrez understands the banking requirements and how difficult the immigration process can become. She speaks both Spanish and English, making her the perfect person to help incoming immigrants to navigate the complicated and perplexing process of preparing for the interviews. She lives in San Jose, close to the Immigration Center, which makes it simple for her to accompany you to your face-to-face meeting with the immigration staff. Laura Gutierrez is dedicated to helping each person immigrate to Costa Rica the right way.

FAQ About Costa Rica Immigration

1. Do I need to hire a lawyer to help with my Costa Rica immigration?
Although many attorneys will tell you that you must hire a lawyer to obtain your Costa Rica immigration, this is simply not true. There are many non-lawyer immigration service persons who are absolutely capable of helping you to obtain your Costa Rica immigration without the costly lawyers’ fees.

2. Do I have to live in Costa Rica 365 days per year in order to immigrate to the country?
No, anyone who plans on living in Costa Rica for more than one or two days each year may apply for immigration to the country. Immigration is determined by the actual application submitted and there are restrictions in the case of criminal history.

3. Do I need to travel to Costa Rica in order to complete the immigration process?
Yes, you do need to travel to Costa Rica to complete the immigration process. Although much of the paperwork can be provided by a Costa Rica consulate office, it is mandatory that all immigration applicants be fingerprinted by the San Jose Immigration Center. This means that you do have to be physically present in Costa Rica to complete the application.

4. How long are my key documents valid while I am completing the immigration process?
Your key documents include your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, your income letter and your police letter. These documents are valid only six months from the date each document is issued. This means that your immigration documentation is time sensitive.

5. If I have a felony conviction, can I still immigrate to Costa Rica?
In many cases, a felony conviction will disqualify you from immigration to Costa Rica. If the conviction is less than 10 years old, this will automatically disqualify you from immigration. Certain crimes are automatic disqualifications regardless of the age of the conviction. These include trafficking in drugs, murder and domestic violence among others.

Get Laura to Help You Immigrate to Costa Rica Today

Choosing Laura Gutierrez to help you to immigrate to Costa Rica today means that you are on your way to the future of your dreams. Rather than spending a fortune on a high-priced attorney, your immigration process is in the hands of a person who understands the difficulties, who has lived the immigration process and who emphasizes the proper and expedient project that gets you where you want to be in as little time as possible.

Laura Gutierrez has the experience to handle anything that comes up during your immigration process. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently, making it simple to complete all of the immigration process without the lags associated with language issues or documents that are lost or misfiled. She offers her services throughout your immigration process, making herself available for any meetings that are required so that you are comfortable with the entire immigration system. Laura knows which documents are required, understands the timetable and ensures that each customer receives the specific attention that he or she deserves.

With patient and precise instruction, Laura makes it simple to gather all of the necessary documents that are required for your immigration meeting. She provides constant contact in both Costa Rica and in the United States or Canada, so that you are able to feel comfortable and confident about your immigration services. Ms. Gutierrez is dedicated to providing the most convenient and expedient immigration services available without the high cost of an attorney who stumbles and leaves you feeling as if you are working alone on your immigration.

Contacting Laura Gutierrez today means stepping into the immigration process with confidence. Use the consultation options located below to contact Ms. Gutierrez and get your Costa Rica immigration dreams started today.

Costa Rican Semana Santa 2017: What’s Closed?

Semana Santa is known as the week leading up the religious holiday known as Easter Sunday. It’s one of Costa Rica’s most popular and important Christian holidays, which leaves many of the banks, government offices, stores, schools, and more closed for quite some time. Semana Santa, also known as Holy Week, begins this year on April 9th and ends on April 15th.

With so many places closing down for the tradition of Holy Week, knowing what is open and what will be closed will ensure that you can be ready. There are also some traditions that take place during Holy Week that may cause a rift in your plans, as well.

Image from: Es-Costa


Dry Law During Holy Week

The “dry law” of Holy Week, which prohibits the sale of alcohol during Semana Santa, is something that can be somewhat frustrating for everyone. However, changes that were implemented during 2012 gave the local governments the decision to enforce the ban should they choose to do so.

So far the prohibition list has yet to be released, as the majority of local governments have yet to make a solid decision. We expect to hear more news on which regions will be participating or not in the upcoming dry law of Holy Week.

What’s Closed During Holy Week 2017

A lot of places are going to be closed during Holy Week this year, so make sure that you run any errands and do whatever it is you need to do before it starts. Locals can look forward to taking some much needed time off from office and government jobs, especially where banks and non-tourism-related businesses are concerned.



As per usual tradition, public transportation services will not be closed off completely, but they will be highly reduced. If you need to rely on public transportation to get around during Holy Week, make sure you inquire with the transport of your choice to see what their individual schedule is.

Following the closures of last year, it’s expected that the Judicial Investigation Police and the courts from the Judicial Branch specifically will be closed. However, the domestic violence courts will most likely remain opening following last year’s closures and reductions, as well.

The Legislative Assembly and the Supreme Elections Tribunal will be closed like last year, which followed an order from all of the Costa Rican ministries. The Costa Rican Sewer Institute, National Power and Light Company, and the Electricity Institute are expected to remain open for the necessities of the locals, but may not be open to the general public. This means that all inquiries will be taken care of during Holy Week, but you should pick and choose your battles properly because they may also have their services reduced.


Supermarkets that will be making the decision to sit out on alcohol sales per the dry law during Holy Week will be closed, which we will know more on later. In accordance with the dry law, all bars, supermarkets, and businesses that deal in the sale of alcohol will be closed for Holy Thursday and Friday of Semana Santa.

We are not one hundred percent on which banks are going to be closed yet. Some will remain open while some will close. Some branches of specific banks will most likely remain open, As BAC San Jose and Scotiabank did the year before, but we are still unsure at this time and will report more when we know for sure.

Hospitals are expected to be closed down apart from certain sections of their buildings, typically the emergency areas, but the Red Cross usually remains open to aid in emergencies.


Because there are not enough official closures to say for certain what will be closed during Holy Week of 2017, we will report on more later on once we have been given more detailed information.

playa nacazcol costa rica real estate feature

Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Nacazcol

Nacazcol real estate is highly competitive. There aren’t all that many real estate listings in the area. Nacazcol itself is more of an area that is located in between popular tourist areas than a popular tourist area in its own right. There are famous and successful hotels wedged in between the relatively minor Nacazcol real estate listings. People who live there will live in a community that tends to attract a lot of tourists.

View our real estate listings in Nacazcol and the Papagayo Beaches Areas Here.

Still, given the nature of the area, it should be possible to find beachfront property in Nacazcol. Finding condos for sale in Nacazcol costa rica will be more difficult, but people still might be able to find condos in Nacazcol costa rica. When it comes to Nacazcol real estate, finding villas is going to be easier, but it will still be challenging. Nacazcol beach real estate will usually exist in the form of relatively small villas. The fact that Nacazcol Costa Rica real estate is not as well-known as some of the other real estate opportunities in the area might ultimately be a good thing. It might ease the competition somewhat.

playa nacazcol costa rica real estate 04

Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate

Nacazcol real estate opportunities, when people can find them, will have a lot to offer. People can enjoy the tropical climate of Costa Rica all year long. Many people dream of being able to retire in an area like this. They are going to want to spend as much time in an area like this as possible in some cases. Being able to invest in Nacazcol real estate can make that dream a reality.

playa nacascolo real estate costa rica 01

Living in this area and buying Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate will give people a certain lifestyle. A beachfront property in Nacazcol will give people primary access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, giving them the opportunity to go surfing and swimming every day. It’s a great place for the people who love the outdoors, given that the outdoors don’t get much better than what people can expect to find in Nacazcol.

Because this is an area that is heavy on tourism, people will tend to get a lot of their needs covered. This isn’t a horribly remote area as a result. There are entire industries that rely on the constant turnover of tourists. Areas that are full of tourists tend to have great shopping opportunities and restaurants nearby. They also tend to have great cultural attractions throughout the year that the local people living there can visit. Nacazcol real estate does give people the opportunity to really enjoy all of the advantages of living in the area all year, which is one of the reasons why people will gladly compete over Nacazcol real estate.

playa nacascolo real estate costa rica 02

Areas that are heavy with tourism tend to make it both easier and harder to make friends. Lots of the people who visit there are not going to stay for very long. Some of the businesses are more active during certain point in the year but not others. This means that forming long-term relationships can be harder. Some people prefer that situation and others just don’t mind. The small local community can still manage to bond well enough, however, which should still make buying real estate in the area work in this way.

People will be able to find villas in Nacazcol. Villas are the most common properties available in Nacazcol. With Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate, the line between hotels and villas can blur sometimes, since a lot of people rent the villas rather than own them. However, some people are interested in owning Nacazcol villas, given the rate at which the value of Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate should appreciate.

Homes For Sale in Nacazcol

Nacazcol real estate is really expensive, whether people are talking about a beachfront property in Nacazcol or even condos for sale in Nacazcol costa rica. A house that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is a good-sized home for people with children, is going to cost around 200,000 American dollars.

playa nacazcol costa rica real estate 06

The 200,000 price could actually represent a sales price in a lot of cases. Anyone purchasing condos for sale in Nacazcol costa rica can expect to pay at least in the six-figure range. People who are interested in purchasing Nacazcol beach real estate will spend in the seven-figure range at least.

Homes for sale in Nacazcol are rare. People will struggle to find real estate listings within most price ranges even if they are wealthy. It’s generally easier to find real estate that is located just outside of Nacazcol. There will be more real estate opportunities there in a lot of cases. People can also potentially get the chance to visit Nacazcol more easily as a result of being in close proximity to it. However, the price ranges for real estate located just outside of Nacazcol will also generally be in the 100,000 dollar to 1,000,000 dollar range.

Condos For Sale in Nacazcol

Finding condos for sale in Nacazcol costa rica will be tough at the best of times. This is not an area that has a lot of condos in the first place. There might be some openings as more people decide to leave and more people decide to buy up land in order to construct condos. The popularity of the condos in some of the neighboring communities might convince a lot of real estate developers to try to see what they can get with the condos in Nacazcol costa rica.

playa nacazcol costa rica real estate 02

The condos in Nacazcol costa rica or the condos in the neighboring areas will generally come with all of the same costs and benefits that people can expect from condos in an area like this one. Condos are comfortable and have a lot of accommodations in general. Living in a condo is a little bit like living in a hotel all the time. The condo staff will not clean individual rooms in the manner of hotel staff in a lot of cases. However, they will still be on hand to clean the hallways and to maintain the grounds. Tropical areas like Nacazcol are gorgeous, but they do have a tendency to have the sort of wildlife that can become hazardous without regular cleaning.

Nacazcol Real Estate FAQ

How much would a single family home cost in the world of Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate?
It varies, but a relatively small single family home would cost around 100,000 US dollars. A larger one would cost between 200,000 US dollars and 1,000,000 US dollars.

Are there lots of available choices for real estate in Nacazcol?
Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate is highly competitive, and this might be a problem for the people who are operating within tighter cash margins and the people who are working within something of a narrow time frame.

Are there many tourists in Nacazcol and the remaining areas?
Yes. People who are interested in buying Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate should be aware that they will have to absorb all of the positive and negative aspects of living in an area that tends to attract and support a lot of tourists and businesses aimed at tourists all year long.

Land for Sale in Nacazcol Costa Rica

Getting land for sale in Nacazcol makes sense. A small plot of land can cost people around 10,000 dollars. While the costs of the land in Nacazcol will add up, land is much more of a liquid asset in general. Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate is somewhat transitory. This is not the case for the land in the area.

People can take this land and they can sell it to developers who are interested in building new restaurants, hotels, or other businesses that were designed to cater to tourists and to the temporary residents that are there. People can get all of the benefits but few of the costs of Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate when they purchase land. Some people might want to build villas of their own in this area. Other people will just wait for the land to increase in value. One way or another, Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate is valuable and buying land more or less gives people the opportunity to have lots of different options with Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate all at once.

Summary of Living in Nacazcol

Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate can present some challenges for a lot of people. Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate is expensive at the best of times. Finding condos for sale in Nacazcol costa rica is difficult, and finding condos in Nacazcol costa rica in general is tough. Some people will be better off just purchasing land in the area in order to make the land something of a liquid asset or something that they can use for their own purchases.

Getting a beachfront property in Nacazcol is inherently appealing, of course, but it will be difficult. Many of the properties available through Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate are villas. Some people will want these and other people will want something larger. It is possible to find larger family homes through Nacazcol Costa Rica Real Estate, although it will be challenging.

playa matapalo costa rica real estate 07

Playa Matapalo Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo real estate is incredibly lucrative. There are many different choices available in Playa MatapaloCosta Rica Real Estate for the people who are interested in investing in it today. There are condos for sale in Playa Matapalo costa rica, which will be more affordable for a comparatively wide range of customers than the beachfront property in Playa Matapalo. Some people who are interested in investing in the real estate of the area will choose to purchase land instead of an established property, either in the hopes of selling the land as it is or selling it after constructing new properties. However, regardless of what people want to purchase for themselves or for an investment, they will have plenty of options in Playa Matapalo.

View our real estate listings in Playa Matapalo and the Papagayo Beaches Areas Here.

playa matapalo costa rica real estate 01

Playa Matapalo Costa Rica Real Estate

Playa Matapalo Costa Rica has the sort of beautiful tropical climate that gives it a degree of intrinsic value and appeal for the people interested in vacationing there or investing in the local real estate. However, Playa Matapalo Costa Rica has its own unique benefits.
playa matapalo costa rica real estate 11
Costa Rica has a tendency to attract tourists all around the year. The constant crowds can be a problem for the people who want to vacation there, and this is going to be an even bigger problem for the people who want to live there all year. Living in an area heavy with tourists can be tough at times. Playa Matapalo Costa Rica is unusual in that it seems to be located just outside the areas where all of the tourists tend to frequent. As such, it is much quieter than many of the neighboring areas in spite of the fact that it has all of the benefits associated with Costa Rica. Playa Matapalo Costa Rica is becoming well-known for the fact that it functions as a sort of alternative to the typical experience in Costa Rica. As such, this is the perfect time to invest in Playa Matapalo Costa Rica real estate.
playa matapalo costa rica real estate
There are many different types of homes available in Playa Matapalo Costa Rica, which is also part of the appeal. People all around the world want to live in this area, which appears to be experiencing a perpetual summer at all times. Playa Matapalo is a beautiful beach where lots of people will surf and go horseback riding. Other people will just lie back and admire the tremendous natural beauty of the area. Seeing toucans, sloths, and capuchin monkeys from the beach is not uncommon. Finding restaurants in the area should be relatively easy, even if people will generally have to drive slightly out of their way in order to find some of the best listings in the area.

There are expensive beachfront properties available in Playa Matapalo Costa Rica. There are also condos and apartment buildings. There is no getting around the fact that prices in Playa Matapalo Costa Rica tend to be expensive. A condo that has two bathrooms and two bedrooms will run people around 120,000 US dollars. World-class panoramic ocean properties in the area can easily run people in the neighborhood of six million US dollars.

Homes For Sale in Playa Matapalo

There are many different types of homes for sale in Playa Matapalo. There are condos for sale in Playa Matapalo costa rica. Homes for sale in this area are still going to be expensive, but the sales will allow people to get more of a return on their investments in the future. An oceanfront property that spans around 275 acres will cost people around 1.8 million US dollars. Five acres in a gated community with a beautiful view of the ocean will run people around 200,000 US dollars. A residence that offers two baths and two bedrooms, which could work for a couple or for a small family, will cost around 100,000 dollars. A house with four bedrooms and four baths with a lot of land around it, which is good for a family, will typically cost around 600,000 dollars.

playa matapalo costa rica real estate 09

While there are homes for sale in Playa Matapalo, it should be noted that Playa Matapalo real estate is competitive. This is an area that prides itself on being more remote than the more congested parts of Costa Rica. By nature, there can only be so many people living in the area for this to continue to be the case. Some people only want there to be so many properties in the area, and there will be size limitations and constrictions on how much properties can exist in Playa Matapalo.

Condos For Sale in Playa Matapalo

Condo living has always had its positives and negatives. On the one hand, condo associations will be able to take care of some of the grounds maintenance procedures as well as some of the other building maintenance procedures for a good portion of the tenants. Condo associations vary in terms of what they will be willing to spend and in terms of how much they can help people in the event of household problems.

However, people aren’t on their own in the way that they are when they live in private residences. There’s a reason why condos have a tendency to attract a lot of elderly people. Condos are also almost always going to be less expensive than the full-size residences that people will purchase otherwise, and that includes situations where the condos have several bedrooms and bathrooms.

playa matapalo costa rica real estate 04

However, people don’t have as much freedom when they live in condos, and there’s no way of getting around that. The condo associations will typically have their own rules and restrictions on what people can do, and anyone who is planning on living there will have to abide by them in some way or another.

Living in condos in Playa Matapalo costa rica will be like living in condos in any other area, at least in some regard. Condos can be noisy at times. Living with a lot of other people nearby means having to monitor one’s noise levels in a way that is not even an issue in a completely private residence. People living in condos are going to see some of each other, which can cut into the image of Playa Matapalo being completely remote. However, getting beachfront property in Playa Matapalo has a great deal of intrinsic appeal, and this will be the case whether people are getting huge mansions in the area or condos in Playa Matapalo costa rica.

playa matapalo costa rica real estate 08

Playa Matapalo Real Estate FAQ

Can middle-class people afford properties in Playa Matapalo?
In all likelihood, middle class people will struggle when it comes to buying a beachfront property in Playa Matapalo or even condos for sale in Playa Matapalo costa rica. Middle class people who are interested in investing in Playa Matapalo real estate, which is a better investment than many stocks, are better off purchasing land and either constructing their own properties or allowing the land to just grow in value.

Is it possible to find a residence in Playa Matapalo that has four bedrooms for a family?
Yes. There are plenty of Playa Matapalo real estate options for wealthy families who are interested in four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and other features for their family members.

Is Playa Matapalo a good place to raise a family?
Plenty of wealthy families are interested in Playa Matapalo real estate. This is a generally safe area with a low crime rate. Some people might be specifically interested in buying Playa Matapalo beach real estate if they are looking for summer homes, but there are people who choose to reside here permanently.

Land for Sale in Playa Matapalo Costa Rica

The people who want many of the benefits of Playa Matapalo Costa Rica real estate with fewer costs are better off buying land for sale in the area. A lot size that totals around 0.41 acres will run people around 55,000 US dollars. People will often pay ten times that much for a condo that is located on a lot that is similarly sized. A full residence can cost another ten times that price.

Summary of Living in Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo is a beautiful place all year. Some people consider any residence in Playa Matapalo to be palatial for that reason. The fact that this area has a relatively low population just makes it seem like it’s more of a paradise. As Playa Matapalo becomes more popular, Playa Matapalo real estate will become more valuable. It is possible that Playa Matapalo Costa Rica real estate and its associated value could change as more people hear about it. However, for the time being, this is a place that is quieter than most of the surrounding areas.

Real estate in Playa Matapalo will probably always have some value, given the natural beauty of the area. Small plots of land in Playa Matapalo cost tens of thousands of dollars and the best beachfront estates cost millions of dollars. Playa Matapalo real estate is certainly a solid investment, whether people are thinking of purchasing condos for sale in Playa Matapalo costa rica or Playa Matapalo beach real estate.

Playa Panama Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos In Playa Panama

Playa Panama is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, close to Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa. This is becoming an increasingly popular tourist region and there are many people interested in investing in real estate in Playa Panama, Costa Rica. There are many options open to potential buyers, including condos, houses and beachfront properties for sale in Playa Panama. Here is an overview of the different real estate options and the benefits of living in this part of the world.

Real Estate listings

Click Here to Visit our Real Estate Listings for the Papagayo / Panama area Beaches.

playa panama costa rica real estate 03

Playa Panama Costa Rica Real Estate

The diverse range of properties available in Costa Rica is one reason why people choose to invest in real estate in Playa Panama. There are both period and contemporary properties available in all sizes, from one-bedroomed condos to large five-bedroomed detached properties.
playa panama real estate costa rica
Property prices in Playa Panama vary according to the size, the style and the condition of the home and there are properties to suit all budgets. Prices start from around $70,000 and can cost as much as $3 million for luxurious detached properties. Another factor that impacts on price is the proximity of the property to the beach. The closer to the beach the house is, the more you can expect to pay per square meter.

The climate in Costa Rica is a significant factor in people’s decisions to buy property in this country. Although there are both wet and dry seasons, the climate is hot with sunshine all year round. People who choose to live here after moving from another country often do so to take advantage of the good weather.
playa panama real estate costa rica 01
Costa Rican cuisine is simple, with the main staple ingredients including rice, chicken, beef, corn, plantain and yucca. Anywhere along the coastline, seafood and fish also feature highly on menus.

Playa Panama is a stunning location to live and both residents and tourists enjoy spending time on the beach. In addition to relaxing, it is also a great place to enjoy swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and an array of water sports. Many people opt for Playa Panama beach real estate to take full advantage of everything the coast has to offer. Other than the activities along the coast, many residents enjoy spending time at one of the world-class golf courses in the area.

Homes For Sale in Playa Panama

Each person who is looking for real estate in Playa Panama, Costa Rica, has different needs. Fortunately, there are homes for everyone in Playa Panama, from single family houses to large detached properties with land.

playa panama home for sale costa rica

The smaller houses in Costa Rica are usually two-bedroomed properties with either one or two bathrooms. There are both traditional Costa Rican houses and modern properties to choose between, so you can live in a house of your preferred style. Prices for houses of this size start at around $70,000 but can cost significantly more if they have nice views or are close to the beach.

At the other end of the scale are five bedroomed detached properties. Again, there are both period and contemporary styles available. There are dramatic differences in the prices of these properties and this is dependent on a range of factors, such as the views, the proximity to the beach, the fixtures and fittings and whether the home has a swimming. The cheapest houses of this size are generally upwards of $500,000 though some of the more luxurious properties can cost as much as $3 million.

Due to the increasing popularity for this are of Costa Rica and the high demand for property, there has been a steady increase in property prices. The price of property in Playa Panama is expected to continue to rise over the next few years.

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Condos For Sale in Playa Panama

An alternative to buying a home is to invest in condos in Playa Panama Costa Rica. These offer a completely different type of lifestyle to buying a house. One of the major benefits of buying a condo is that the purchase price is usually less than you would pay for a house. If you are keen to buy a beachfront property and cannot afford a house, then a beachfront condo is a cheaper alternative. However, it is important to remember that you will have ongoing monthly fees that relate to the maintenance of shared areas and facilities.

playa panama condos for sale costa rica

Another benefit of condo living is that you may have access to amenities that you could not afford if you were buying a house. For example, some condo communities have access to a shared pool and outdoor spaces. It is essential that you find out exactly what amenities and facilities are included with the condo as this will vary from one condo community to the next.

One of the cons to a condo is that there are often restrictions. For example, some condo communities do not allow children or pets. It is vital that you read the small print and make any necessary inquiries before agreeing to make a purchase.

There are many different styles and types of condos for sale in Playa Panama Costa Rica, including townhouses or apartments and modern or traditional condos. Therefore, there are properties to suit the personal preferences of everyone.

Finding a home that provides you with the space you need is essential and condos for sale in Play Panama come in a variety of sizes. The typical offerings are one, two or three-bedroomed properties with between one and three bathrooms.

In terms of price, there are many factors that influence how much you can expect to pay for condos in Playa Panama. These include the size of the condo, the proximity to the beach, views and the facilities and amenities available for the condo community.

Although there are vast differences in prices of condos, it is possible to buy a basic one-bedroom condo with one bathroom for as little as $50,000. However, a luxurious condo with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, excellent views, close to the beach, high-quality fixtures and a range of facilities may cost in excess of $500,000.

Playa Panama Real Estate FAQ

Is buying real estate in Playa Panama complicated?
Buying real estate in Playa Panama is relatively uncomplicated. Unlike many countries, foreigners are welcome to buy property in Costa Rica. Although the process is simple, it is best to hire an expert to handle the transactions on your behalf.

What are the costs in addition to the price of the property?
The closing costs consist of three parts; a notary fee, the mortgage costs and the government taxes and fees. It is usual for the buyer and seller to share the costs equally.

What are the government taxes and fees?
These include documentary stamps of approximately 0.55 percent of the sale, a registration fee of 0.5 percent and a 3 percent real estate transfer costs.

What is Included in Condo Fees?
This depends entirely on the condo community as each place differs. You should find out exactly what is included in your fees and what your responsibilities to the property are before making a purchase.

Land for Sale in Playa Panama Costa Rica

It is a dream for many people to build their own home and have it finished to their personal specifications. By doing this, they get a house that completely meets their needs in a location of their choice. If this is your preference, you must first purchase land and gain permission to build from the relevant authorities.

Land prices in Costa Rica vary and many factors are considered when determining the price of land. Some plots of land in the inland areas can go for as little as $5 per square meters while the national average price is $15 per square meter. However, plots of land in coastal areas can cost significantly more. To buy land for sale in Playa Panama you can expect to pay as much as $50 per square meter.

Applying to build a property is far more complicated than simply buying a home. The planning application must be submitted by a registered architect or engineer, so you should consult a professional before purchasing land to build a house in Playa Panama.

Summary of Living in Playa Panama

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in Play Panama Costa Rica real estate. It is a stunning coastal location that is fantastic for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. Another attraction to buying property in Costa Rica is the climate as people want to live in a country with warm weather all year round.

There is a vast choice of different styles of property available including both houses and condos. Both traditional Costa Rican homes and luxurious modern properties are available. Furthermore, Playa Panama Costa Rica real estate comes in a variety of sizes from one to five bedrooms to suit individuals and families of all sizes.

Prices of both condos and house for sale in Playa Panama varies significantly in price depending on the size, the facilities, the views, the condition of the property and many other factors. Beachfront property in Playa Panama is usually more expensive than properties inland. An alternative to buying a house or condo in Playa Panama is to purchase land to build your dream home.

playas del coco real estate costa rica

Playas Del Coco Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos In Playas Del Coco

Playas del Coco is one of the most stunning coastal towns in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, and is also a growing tourist destination. The climate, the beauty of the area and the attractions available are a huge draw to people looking to buy real estate. Whether you are looking to buy somewhere as a permanent residence, a second home or as a rental property, there is a vast range of different properties available. Playas del Coco Costa Rica Real Estate real estate includes condos, homes and beachfront properties for sale. Here is an overview of the area and the different types of property available.

playas del coco costa rica real estate 03

Playas Del Coco Costa Rica Real Estate

Playas Del Coco Costa Rica real estate varies greatly, so there are properties to suit a wide range of different people. The diversity of the properties available is one reason why people want to live in this area. There are both properties to rent and homes to buy in this area. It is important to find a property that is the right size to meet the needs of you and your family. From one to five-bedroomed properties are available, so you should find something the perfect size for you.
playas del coco costa rica real estate 04
In terms of price, this varies greatly and is predominantly dependent on the size, condition, and style of the condo or house. If you are buying a condo, then the amenities available to residents will also impact on the price of the condo. There are properties for sale in Plays del Coco between $70,000 and $3 million. Therefore, there are properties to suit all budgets.

In addition to the size and style, the proximity to the beach also has an impact on the price of a property. As a rule, the closer to the beach a house is, the more you will pay per square meter of property.
playas del coco costa rica real estate 05
The main reason people choose Playa del Coco to buy a home is the stunning coastal location. The stretch of beach in this area is beautiful and both locals and tourists alike love to spend time there. In addition to relaxing on the white sandy beach or swimming in the crystal-clear waters, you can also find a range of other activities to enjoy. These include swimming, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and a range of water sports. Another popular activity in this area is golf as there are several excellent golf courses in the vicinity.

The weather is another clear attraction of living in Costa Rica and is one of the predominant reasons why people choose to immigrate to this part of the world or to have a second home there. There is sunshine throughout the year, so it is a fantastic place for those who enjoy the outdoors. However, the seasons are divided into the high season, also called the dry season, and the green or rainy season. Due to its proximity to the equator, the weather is still hot in Costa Rica even in the rainy season.

Homes For Sale in Playas Del Coco

playas del coco homes for sale costa rica

There is a vast range of different types of homes for sale in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. Therefore, there are properties to suit any individual preferences and different sizes of families. Whether you are looking for a small, traditional Costa Rican house or a large, luxurious house, there are properties to suit you.

On the smaller and cheaper end of the scale are two-bedroomed houses with one or two bathrooms. Prices for this size of property starts at around $90,000. For the cheapest properties, it is unlike you will have a beachfront property in Playas del Coco.

On the opposite end of the scale are five bedroomed properties. There are both period and modern properties available in this size. You can expect to pay anywhere between $800,000 and $3 million for these properties. The most expensive houses on the market are generally spacious, close to the beach, are finished to a high standard and boast stunning views.

Condos For Sale in Playa Del Coco

playas del coco costa rica condos for sale

Rather than buy a house, some people prefer to invest in condos for sale in Playas del Coco and there are both pros and cons to choosing this option.

The main benefit is that buying a condo is usually cheaper than buying a house. If you are keen to live as close to the beach as possible but cannot afford to buy a beachfront property, then a condo is a fantastic alternative.

Similarly, having facilities such as a swimming pool at a house will hike up the price and put the price of a property out of many people’s reach. However, if you buy a condo, a pool is just one of the shared facilities that you may have access to along with the other residents of the condo community. The exact amenities and facilities available will vary significantly from one condo community to the next.

A downside to purchasing a condo is that there are often restrictions, rules, and regulations that you must adhere to as a resident. For example, you may not be allowed pets or rules regarding BBQs may apply.

If you do decide that looking for condos for sale in Playa del Coco is the best option for you, then you will find a wide choice available. There are both townhouse and apartment condos to choose between in a variety of styles. The condos usually have one, two or three bedrooms and between one and three bathrooms.

Just like buying a house, the price of condos varies depending on a range of factors. These include the number of bedrooms, the size of the property, if there are views, the condition of the condo, the facilities available and the proximity to the beach.

Smaller condos away from the coastline are available from around $70,000. The larger the condo and the closer to the beachfront you get, the higher the price of the condo. For a three-bedroomed beachfront condo that is finished to a high standard, you can expect to pay over $500,000.

Playas Del Coco Real Estate FAQ

Is it difficult for foreigners to buy Playa del Coco Costa Rica real estate?
Buying real estate in Costa Rica is simple. Unlike many other countries, foreigners are permitted to buy any property and own it outright. However, it is still best to hire the services of a professional who has experience of the Costa Rican real estate market and legal systems to guide you through the process and handle any problems that may arise.

Are there lots of fees related to purchasing a property?
Usually, there are just three types of costs you will incur on completion of the sale of the house and it is customary for the seller and the buyer to split the costs, with the exception of the mortgage. These are the government taxes and fees, notary fees and mortgage costs.

What is included in my monthly condo fees?
It is essential that you check this before purchasing a condo. Each condo community will have different amenities, facilities, and services included in the fee. Similarly, the rules and regulations of each condo community vary and you should check these and your personal responsibilities as a condo owner.

Land for Sale in Playas Del Coco Costa Rica

While some people are happy to buy a house or condo, other people dream of building their own home. This means they get their perfect house that is completed to their personal specifications. Those who choose to do this must first look for land for sale in Playas Del Coco and then gain the necessary planning permission from the relevant authorities.

There are plots of land for sale of various sizes both in and around Costa Rica and the price of the land varies depending on a variety of factors. These are the views from the plot, the location, environmental factors and the proximity to the beach.

As a general rule, the average price of land in Costa Rica is $15 per square meter. However, some inland areas have land for sale for as little as $5 per square meter. In coastal locations, such as Playas del Coco, the land is more expensive and you can expect to pay around $35 per square meter of land. If you want to build a beachfront property, then a plot of land with sea views close to the beach may even cost as much as $50 per square meter.

Gaining planning permission in Costa Rica is a far more complicated procedure than simply buying a house. You must have the planning application completed and submitted by a registered architect or engineer. It makes sense to find such a professional at the beginning of your search for land for sale in Playas del Coco so they can advise you along the way and help you through the process.

Summary of Living in Playas Del Coco

The reasons why people choose to buy Playas del Coco Costa Rica real estate include the climate, the beauty of the area, the outdoor activities available and the relaxed lifestyle.

If you decide to buy property in Playas del Coco, you will find it a relatively straightforward process. There are many different types of properties to choose between including condos, beachfront properties and houses for sale in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

There is Playas del Coco Costa Rica real estate available to suit all sizes of family and meet the requirements of every individual. The properties come in all styles and sizes so you will find a house, condo or beachfront property that is perfect for you.

sardinal costa rica real estate 03

Sardinal Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos For Sale In Sardinal

Many people dream of living somewhere that offers them a more relaxed lifestyle and an amazing climate. To achieve their dream, they buy property to either live or use as a second home in a location that can offer them the lifestyle they want. Sardinal is a village close to the coast of the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. This pretty area has a lot to offer, both in terms of the properties available and the lifestyle the residents enjoy. Here is an overview of Sardinal Costa Rica real estate available, buying property in this area and what it is like to live in Sardinal.

sardinal costa rica real estate 07

Sardinal Costa Rica Real Estate

There are properties to suit all personal preferences and meet all needs in Sardinal and the surrounding area, from traditional, period homes to luxurious houses. The of properties is also extremely diverse with condo apartments, townhouses, bungalows and detached houses available in a variety of sizes and suitable for different budgets.
sardinal real estate costa rica
The Costa Rican climate is one of the main attractions to buying real estate in this country. The year is divided into the wet season and the dry season. However, regardless of whether it is raining or not, there is still sunshine all year round.

Both the spectacular coastline and the magnificent rainforests are appealing to both residents and visitors to the area. Many people want to invest in real estate that has beautiful surroundings.
sardinal real estate costa rica 01
These two geographical features also provide a setting for many of the leisure activities that people enjoy in their leisure time in this part of Costa Rica. Walking, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, golf and water sports.

Panoramic views and beautiful surroundings are another reason why people look for Sardinal Costa Rica real estate.

The main staple ingredients of Costa Rican cuisine include rice, chicken, beef, seafood, fruit, yucca, and plantain. When eating out in local restaurants, you will find examples of both traditional Costa Rican cuisine and many other dishes influenced by cuisine from across the globe.

Homes For Sale in Sardinal

sardinal costa rica real estate 04

The homes for sale in Sardinal are diverse with a wide range of different styles and sizes, so there is property for everyone. For example, there are both traditional Costa Rican houses and luxurious modern houses available. Properties range in size from one to five bedrooms.

Property prices can vary dramatically as they are influenced by many factors. These include the proximity of the house to the beach, the size of the property, whether there are views or not and the condition of the house. There are properties to suit all budget as prices range from $70,000 to $2 million.

At the cheaper end of the property spectrum are one or two bedroomed houses with either one or two bathrooms. Prices for these smaller properties start at around $70,000. At the other end of the scale are five-bedroomed properties with four or five bathrooms with stunning views and bespoke fixtures and fittings. These houses are available for between $700,000 and $2 million.

There are no beachfront properties for sale in Sardinal due to its inland location and this makes properties cheaper than comparable properties in the coastal towns and villages. However, if you like Sardinal but want a property by the beach, there are many locations nearby that are perfect for you, including Playa del Panama and Playas del Coco. These are just a short drive from Sardinal.

Condos For Sale in Sardinal

sardinal costa rica real estate 06

Another option is to look for condos for sale in Sardinal, Costa Rica. There are pros and cons to choosing a condo over a house.

The main benefit of opting for condos in Sardinal is that they usually cost less than a house. This opens opportunities for more people to invest in Costa Rican property in Sardinal. It also allows people to live in their preferred area which they may not be able to do if they were to buy a house.

Similarly, only the very fortunate can afford to buy properties with additional amenities, such as swimming pools. By opting for a condo, there are shared facilities such as these available. The exact facilities available vary in each condo community.

There are also downsides to choosing to purchase a condo rather than a house. The first is that you will have ongoing monthly fees to pay for the services and amenities available in the condo community. The second con is that most condo communities have rules and regulations that you must stick to while living in your condo.
Like houses, there is a wide selection of different condos to choose between. Sizes available are usually between one and three bedrooms with one to three bathrooms. The facilities available at each condo community will differ, so it is important to find out exactly what is available at each.

In terms of price, there are many factors that impact on the price of condos and these are mostly the same factors that affect the price of a house. For example, location, views, proximity to the beach, size, condition and so on. One additional factor that relates specifically to the price of condos is the different facilities available to residents. As a general guideline, there are condos for sale in Sardinal Costa Rica from around $70,000 to $500,000.

Sardinal Real Estate FAQ

Is buying property in Sardinal expensive?
The prices vary dramatically depending on the size and location of the property. In addition to the cost of the property and future mortgage repayments, it is important to remember that there are also costs to pay on completion of the sale. These include the government fees and taxes, a notary fee and the mortgage costs. Some of these costs are split between the buyer and the seller.

How much are the government taxes and fees?
The government taxes and fees include a registration fee of 0.5 percent of the value of the property, documentation stamps of approximately 0.55 percent and real estate transfer costs of approximately 3 percent.

How complicated is buying real estate in Sardinal?
In comparison to buying property in many other countries, purchasing real estate in Costa Rica is relatively simple. In fact, foreigners have the same ownership rights as Costa Ricans who buy property in this country. Despite the simplicity, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional to guide you through the process and any legal implications. This will reduce the risk of you experiencing any complications along the way.

Are there rules and regulations when you buy a condo in Sardinal?
Most condo communities have set rules and regulations by which all residents must abide. However, these vary considerably from one condo community to the next and you should always check this before deciding to purchase a condo.

What do condo fees include?
Again, this will vary from one condo community to the next. This is information that you need to find out prior to agreeing to purchase a condo. You should also find out if you have any additional responsibilities as a resident.

Land for Sale in Sardinal Costa Rica

An alternative to buying property is to look for land for sale in Sardinal Costa Rica and have your perfect home built on the plot. Having a house built especially to their specifications is a lifelong dream for many people. To achieve this dream, you must first look for land for sale in Sardinal and then gain the relevant permission to build.

Although the national average price for land in Costa Rica is around $15 per square meter, costs will vary depending on many factors. The location, the views, the proximity to the coast and a range of environmental factors will all influence the price of land.

Guanacaste Province is a growing tourist area and both land and house prices are steadily rising. Therefore, you can expect to pay more than the national average for land in and around Sardinal. However, prices of land in Sardinal are not as high as in the villages and towns located along the coastline.

It is important to know that you will need your planning application completing and submitting by a registered engineer or architect. The planning application process is far more complicated than the house buying process and these professionals can guide you through the process.

Summary of Living in Sardinal

There are many reasons why people choose to live in Sardinal, Costa Rica. These include the stunning surroundings, the fantastic leisure activities, the relaxed lifestyle and the warm climate. The vast choice of properties and the simplicity of the buying process in Costa Rica are also appealing to many people.

For those who take the plunge and look for Sardinal Costa Rica real estate, there is a wide range of different opportunities to invest because all types of properties are available. These include either period or modern properties, condo apartments, condo townhouses, bungalows and detached houses. These properties will suit a variety of budgets as there are houses or condos for sale between $70,000 and $2 million.

Regardless of whether you are buying a house, a condo or a plot of land, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a professional to ensure the process runs smoothly.

playa ocotal costa rica real estate

Playa Ocotal Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Playa Ocotal

It is not uncommon for people all over the globe to look for a special place that they can call home. In some cases, the place that they find may be in a nearby area that has a wide range of choices to make their selections from. Or, the individual or their family members may decide to look a little further out to see what is available to them. Either way, there are some areas in different parts of the world that’s well known for their scenery and the real estate that surrounds them. One area in specific is the Playa Ocotal since potential property owners have access to several different types of the most coveted real estate choices in the area. Meaning if a potential buyer decides to live on the beach front, they can look around the area to find homes and condos that will meet or supersede their requirements as well as their needs.

playa ocotal costa rica real estate 1

Playa Ocotal Costa Rica Real Estate

Even though Playa Octal Costa Rica is in a prime place for all kinds of different fun and exciting activities, it is still neatly tucked away on the outskirts of the high-level of tourism. Therefore, it has all of the attractive appeal of a beach experience that anyone from near and far would enjoy. It does not matter if it is an individual who is looking for a condo or an entire family that wants to relocate their family to a new home, this is an exceptional place for everyone who has a desire to find their dream home and other kinds of real estate property.
playa ocotal costa rica real estate 01
Additionally, there are also many different benefits to living in this beach area. Some of the most notable include the various types of homes that the area has available. For instance, based on the individual and their preferences, they can pick and choose the type of home that they want to develop. This is because the area lends itself to a wide diversity of styles that people enjoy living in today. Many of these designs have been fashioned after the North American taste. Meaning these homes are made with a lot of added luxuries and amenities that makes living a lot easier and simpler.

Another great benefit to choosing this area for those who are looking for a new home and location too is the weather. This is also one of the main reasons why this area is a very popular place to visit as well as live. It does not matter if it is the Christmas Holidays, spring break or other special events and occasions, the weather in this area is warm enough to enjoy all kinds of different festivities. Typically, the average temperatures range between the 70s and 80 degrees so it is very comfortable all of the year round. It is also important to note, however, that there are some seasons that the people in the area will experience more rain and other seasons where there are very few showers. For example, in the winter months, rain is almost non-existent. On the other hand, between the summer and fall season, the rainy days normally pick up and may not be the best times for entertaining tourists.
playa ocotal costa rica real estate 02
If an individual is looking forward to buying a new home in Playa Ocotal Costa Rica, it is important that they know what kind of price ranges that they may be paying for the home that they select. Since the prices for Playa Ocotal Costa Rica Real Estate can vary significantly from one type to another, they may shop around for their best fit. Specifically, if they are looking to purchase a home for the family or an individual who prefers a 3 to 4 bedroom layout, the prices can start at $285,000 and more. Meaning the price range that the buyer chooses will depend on the type of Playa Ocotal real estate or condos for sale in Playa Ocotal costa rica that they are expecting.

When people are making their decisions about the areas that they want to stay in today, there are a number of different essential factors that make up the overall decision to buy. From finding out what kind of schools are in the area to send their kids for the upcoming years to looking around to see what will be fun to eat with the family on their nights out, it is not only the big things that make a significant difference in a buying decision, but the smaller things too. For instance, if the buyer of the home would like to know what kinds of foods are available in their area for the family to eat and enjoy, they may start by looking at some of the nearby restaurants to see what kind of cuisines are served. Fortunately, when people are surveying this area for the different kinds of foods that they will have access to, they will quickly discover that there are foods that will fit virtually any taste. From Vegetarian Friendly dishes to Italian and Asian cuisine, people in this area can pick and choose the types of culturally based cuisines that they want their families to eat for that specific event.

Homes For Sale in Playa Ocotal

playa ocotal home for sale in costa rica

Today, potential home buyers have a wide range of choices available to them on the market. In fact, shopping around for the best choices has been made easy via the internet. With the assistance of some of the top real estate agencies in the Playa Ocotal real estate industry, anyone who has an interest can view very beautiful pictures of condos for sale in Playa Ocotal costa rica and beachfront property in Playa Ocotal. These listings provide a brief overview of some of the most coveted high-end properties that range from 8600 sq feet with 7 bedroom and 7 baths (listing price of approximately $1,6500,000) to the lower end properties that feature’s condos and single family dwelling with 2 beds and 2 baths, 1249 sq feet at a price range of $628,000. Meaning the buyers can choose a home that has a lot of room for a huge family or a cozy place to live for one or two people. So, the selections that people have today can be significantly different in square footage and price ranges too.

Condos For Sale in Playa Ocotal

playa ocotal condos for sale costa rica

If a buyer is thinking about purchasing condos in Playa Ocotal costa rica, there are a few important things that they should consider prior to making a decision. Since it involves beach front property purchases, the buyer should make sure that they know what they are getting themselves into. Specifically, because there are both pros and cons to this kind of living style and spaces. First of all, one of the main pros to buying a condo is not having to be responsible for all of the maintenance of these condos in Playa Ocotal costa rica properties needs. Unlike a home, the maintenance needs are left up to owner of the home to take care of out of pocket as well as their time. Meaning a condo owner can spend more time on the beach instead of making repairs to their home. The cost of a condo is usually less expensive too. However, one of the main cons is a home usually provides much more space for the owner and their family’s to use.

Playa Ocotal Real Estate FAQ

1. What type of activities can buyers and their families expect to do in the Playa Ocotal beach real estate?

The beachfront property in Playa Ocotal owners will find that this is the ideal spot for those who are interested in water activities like diving and snorkeling and other all-around adventure around the beach.

2. How big is the Playa Ocotal beach real estate area?

Playa Ocotal beach area can be described as a very charming and quaint place. It has a small town feel since it off the radar of the tourist areas.

3. What are the Styles of Homes and Can they be customized?

The styles offered in this area mostly made along the North American and are equipped with many of the most commonly associated amenities.

Land for Sale in Playa Ocotal Costa Rica

In addition to buying a home, those who want to live in this area have other options that they can make their selections from. Some of the more notable include the Ocean View and Walk to beach lots that people have access to. Therefore, if the land owners decide that they need a little or a lot of space, they may begin to build their dream home.

Summary of Living in Playa Ocotal

Playa Octal Costa Rico is the ideal place for people who may be looking for a condo, home or land by the beach. In this little small quaint area, people from all over the globe can appreciate all of the amenities that this area offers. It is the ideal place for a number of different reasons including providing a beautiful ocean view and a small walk to the beach.

An Extraordinary Property Located In The South Caribbean. A 1145 m2 Land That Includes A House With Big Pool And Three Apartments All Together.! For Sale By Owner. US$430,000

For any questions you have about this property click here to contact the owner.

House with a great big pool, there are also a smaller pool just for the kids. The location is just a short walk to a wonderful beach (only 200 meters, like a block away). The rainforest is just behind us so we can see sloths, toucans, monkeys, frogs and other animals direct from the house.

This can either be a great home or a vacation rental (or both), we already have great client reviews (about 80% of the reviews are 5 stars).

This project is divided in one 3 bedroom house and 3 free standing apartments. This house and the apartments are all inside a 3 meter high wall on an area about 700m2.

A 3 bedroom house, it has 2 complete bathrooms (sleeps 7 people). It has cable-tv (SKY), complete kitchen.

There is 2 loft apartments that has both AC, kitchen and a 32” TV with Sky. They are both about 30m2 (can sleep 4 persons in each apartment). It is built and prepared for to make a second floor on these two apartments, either 2 apartments or to make one larger apartment (on close to 90m2) in top.

Today we rent as vacation rentals these 2 apartments separate or together with the 3 bedroom house in total for up to 15 persons. And we uses the last third apartment for ourselves.

The last bigger loft apartment is nearly 50m2 + bathrooms, service and storage space.

There are 2 pools in the middle of the house/apartments, one is a smaller one for kids, 45cm deep and about 3×3 meters in size, it has its own filter and pump. There is a large and deep pool (2 meters deep in one end, starts like a beach in the other), this is close to 12×4 meters in free form (beautiful project with a Dolphin drawing in the bottom).

Also good/important things:

  • Fixed phone and 3 internet connections installed with wifi.
  • 000 liters of water in 6 water tanks.
  • 2 units of solar water heaters.
  • One old sewage system and 2 brand new ones.
  • Easy access, with decent road that doesn’t need a 4×4 drive, only 170 meters from main road!
  • Alarm and 6 security cameras installed, these are monitored by Security Company, this is probable one of the most secure houses in this area of Costa Rica…

The full land area is 1145 m2, we have a parking lot outside, today we have stones/growel on the ground for to park 4 cars, this can be either more than double the size or it can be built a house or some extra apartment here. This is totally separate from the other house/apartments so it is possible to build a house here and still rent the other houses without problems during construction.

Ten favorite things that we will miss about living in this home.

  1. Our pools
  2. The wonderful jungle nature around the house
  3. All the wildlife so close by
  4. To be so close to the beach (200 meters/656 feet)
  5. The perfect climate with nice hot days and comfortable cool nights
  6. The Caribbean beaches are so wonderful, natural pools or surf beaches
  7. The nice interaction with our rental clients from all over the world
  8. The charming area of Puerto Viejo with plenty of restaurants
  9. The interesting cultural mix of Latino/Indian/Jamaican
  10. To have our kid and his friends to join and play in our pools when the adults makes a barbeque


An Extraordinary Property Located In The South Caribbean. A 1145 m2 Land That Includes A House With Big Pool And Three Apartments All Together.! For Sale By Owner. US$430,000


We would always recommend that you have have your own attorney confirm that all is in order before you make a final offer for any land or home.

If you have a serious interest in buying this land for sale by owner, please email here and they will be happy to give you more information.

If you prefer to call the owner, Hakan and Fatima’s cellphone number in Costa Rica is (506) 6260-7426.

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Costa Rica Land For Sale


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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica (Attracting Foreigners)

Even including air fares, airport taxes, exit taxes, hotel and restaurant bills, etc., coming to Costa Rica to undergo several medical treatments means major savings for patients, usually under 50 percent of what it would cost them in the United States, for example.

But it is not cost only that attracts foreigners to Costa Rican private hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, etc., but also the top professionals here and the successful treatments which are experienced by a growing number of patients, which jumped from 2,783 in 2003 to 4,551, at least, an estimate by the Central Bank of Costa Rica as per its records.

Dental implants, breast enhancing, and face lifting are at the top of the treatments that attract this particular type of visitors to Costa Rica.

Why is Medical Tourism Popular In Costa Rica?

Due to the high costs and long waits that are common in locations like the US and much of Europe, Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for those seeking medical procedures. At the present time, Almost 1% percent of Costa Rica’s entire gross domestic product is derived from doctors who are helping patients from other nations.

In locations such as Alberta, Canada, the prices for many standard surgeries are about 80% higher than they are in Costa Rica. Last year alone, around 45,000 medical tourists visited Costa Rica, and that number has been increasing by about 5,000 documented cases per year. Costa Rica competes for medical tourists with nations like India, Brazil, Mexico, and Panama, and its location close to the United States is a great boosting factor in choice, along with wonderful beaches and spa locations for patients to spend recovery time in.

What are Some Other Reasons that People Travel Here for Medical Procedures?

The soaring costs of premiums within the insurance industry is another reason why many end up choosing Costa Rica as a destination for medical tourism. At a typical savings rate of about 45%-65% on many of the common surgeries needed, Costa Rica ranks near the top of the list as far as potential to save money. For many who wanted to see a prime destination that offers a friendly culture and helpful residents along with amazing views and fantastic culinary scene, the choice to come here is an easy decision to make.

What are Some Misconceptions About Medical Tourism?

One misconception about medical tourism in Costa Rica is that the doctors here are not skilled enough to provide quality care. The truth is that many doctors in Costa Rica undergo quite rigorous training, and the system that gets them up to full accreditation just as standards would govern in the US. Many practitioners in Costa Rica have been specialists in a specific type of procedure for so many years, that you are going to be able to have someone you can truly count on for the duration of your stay.

Another very common misconception is that hospitals in Costa Rica may not have the proper equipment or facilities to even compare with what is available in the US or Europe. There are many various international standards in place that require the facilities in Costa Rica to be accredited by a global entity such as the Joint Commission International, or the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

A final misconception about medical tourism in Costa Rica is that since you are dealing with the cost of travel, that any savings resulting in having a procedure here will not put a dent in, or offset this cost at all. Just as anything within the medical realm, it depends on what procedure you need, but the savings are still extreme enough to be able to more than cover the expenses you can incur with survival during your journey to get treatment.

Background on Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

During the 1980’s and 1990’s is when patients really began to look heavily into overseas options for healthcare that would drastically become more affordable. The industry as a whole continued to grow as many reported safe and successful experiences, and during the year 2011, San Jose registered more than 45,000 foreign patients that were arriving for treatment.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgeons that provide surgeries such as gastric bypass, and orthopedic surgeons are some of the most commonly sought-out practitioners that patients who come here via medical tourism are seeking out. Dermatologists are also another type of specialist that many are looking for when they come to Costa Rica: they can perform surgeries such as laser removals, and Botox.

Locations such as the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic in Escazu provide all of the common treatments to get rid of those frown lines and wrinkles. Some confuse botox with facial rejuvenation. Botox is a treatment that is injected into different areas of the face, and its purpose is to relax the muscles. Over time, the frown lines the patient wants to get rid of begin to fade and disappear.

Around 8.9 million people a year come to Costa Rica for procedures such as botox, and one great thing about this procedure is that there is virtually no downtime. After the procedure is done, you need to avoid medications such as Advil, Motrin, and Aleve, to make sure that there is not significant bruising. It can take anywhere from 2-7 days to see the final results, and avoiding exercise for one full day and not lying down for about 5 hours are some of the only post-surgery precautions you need to follow.

When undergoing a process such as laser hair removal in Costa Rica, there are a few important things to know. It is virtually painless, and during the procedure, cold air is blown across the skin to relieve any mild discomfort you may feel. You may need multiple treatments to make sure that the hair follicle will not continue to produce hair, and for that reason many patients choose to do an initial round in Costa Rica, and follow-up treatments in their home country.

Another procedure that is very popular for medical tourists to come here for is a breast lift. After years of aging and childbirth, many women want to have this surgery to look curvaceous and youthful once again. This process is performed under general anesthesia, and the surgeon removes excess breast skin and shifts the nipple to a higher position.

Even though the incision lines can be permanent, in most cases they fade and will improve over time. It’s important to hydrate adequately before and after surgery, and not to smoke for at least six weeks beforehand to promote faster healing. After a breast lift surgery, it is easily possible to return to work within a week or so. This is a popular procedure for medical tourists in Costa Rica, after which the results usually last for decades, and return the woman to her youthful look.

What are the Savings Like With Medical Tourism in Costa Rica?

The thing that many people really want to know about medical tourism in Costa Rica is how much they will save by coming here. One great aspect is that in years past, the airfare has gone down quite a bit, and the frequency of flights has gone up significantly.

On average, medical tourists can save anywhere from 50-70 percent on costs, and in most cases do not have to sacrifice for any level of quality. One example of a procedure that folks travel for is breast augmentation: in the US it can cost between $6,000 and $9,000, and in Costa Rica runs right around $3000 consistently.

One way to really break the cost down is to consider that a flight to Costa Rica is going to cost around $600, and that is with a 6-month + “booking ahead” strategy. A hotel that the patient and their spouse or loved one can share will cost around $120 per night, which is not as inflated as cities such as Paris and London.

Other Advantages Of Medical Tourism to Costa Rica

If you are coming to Costa Rica to have a procedure done that does not involve a life-threatening illness, and even if you are, you get to explore a very diverse and vibrant part of the world that is full of rain forests, beaches, and colorful markets full of wonderful wares. The locals here are very patient with those making an earnest attempt to learn the language, and are known to be very helpful if you are respectful and amiable.

If you are looking for a place such as a recovery facility or spa, you will very easily find one here that suits your needs. The doldrums of some of the colder places in the US won’t exist here, where you can get a massage under the sun, and enjoy staying in a lush and generally marvelous location.

The time that someone coming to Costa Rica for Medical tourism has to wait for the procedure is not nearly as long as other places, especially compared to what patients in Canada have to endure. As far as follow-up visits, these can be scheduled with doctors back home, so the patient is not again incurring airfare expense among others. But if you happen to really fall in love with the land, a return visit may once again be “just what the doctor ordered”, and you can experience this wonderful place all over again.

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Investing in Jaco Costa Rica Real Estate

“Help!” Said one of our VIP Members in his email. He and his wife had fallen in love with a US$500K Costa Rica condo in of the hottest real estate markets – Jaco beach.

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Hotels For Sale in Costa Rica? Love life? Love people? Buy One!

One of the key factors in hotel ownership success is how well you integrate with your local community. Getting connected and networking with the locals will help you attract visitors from within Costa Rica and provide a much needed boost during low season.

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Driving in Costa Rica. Important things you must know…

Costa Rican drivers are generally a little more confident in taking risks and a little less competent in driving skills than the average North American driver. This stems from the fact that most are first generation drivers; their parents did not own a family vehicle.