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Oh! You Don’t Know What You Got…

…till it’s gone…

Ever notice that you’re occasionally unaware of happiness until it’s gone?

“And I thought routine household chores were a major pain, until we had a huge hurricane and flood. Now that I’m rebuilding, I didn’t realize how good I had it before this mess. Didn’t realize how happy I was. What I’d give for those happy days now.”

How can that be? Afterall, happiness is the ultimate goal of all our efforts. We improve our lives, solve problems, and seek love for their immediate benefits and for their contributions to happiness. We never say “Yes, she’s happy, but is she rich?” But we always wonder, “She’s rich, but is she happy?” because we know rich is a means to happiness. Happiness is not a means to something else. Happiness is our ultimate goal.

So how could we fail to recognize the ultimate feeling when we have it? And why does it fade? Evolution provides some answers.

Nature “engineered” us to be able to feel happy. We can’t fly, echolocate, or live in ice water, but we can be happy. And unhappy.

Why feel both? Why not just happy? Wouldn’t that better serve nature’s goal of survival?
Actually both happiness and unhappiness, like pain and pleasure, better serve survival. We need both but, of course, prefer one over the other.

Yes, we’re able to be happy. But we’re “designed” by nature to focus on the negative, at the expense of the positive, because of the negative focus’s survival value. The positive doesn’t usually endanger us like the negative. So happiness can be ignored when we’re in danger.

Nature also “programmed” us to seek more. If one meal satisfied our hunger but not our nutritional needs, we’d starve. And while happiness is a reward, incentive, motivation to lead a happy life, like with hunger, permanent happiness would eliminate the drive to improve life and our survival. So we want more happiness and thus, we may overlook our current happiness in our quest for more.

costa rica landscape

Our “mores” include the resources necessary for our own and our species’s survival: air, food, water, shelter, security, and connection to others. We also want things that improve the comfort of our life and our sense of self, but are not necessary for survival. Take that Range Rover. Beautiful, superbly engineered, and we look SO GOOD driving it. But it’s way more than we need for reliable transportation. A BeGo can do that. But the Rover makes us feel so good about ourself.

So nature, evolution, it seems put us in conflict with ourselves. We crave and require happiness. But when we get it, we often ignore it or become dissatisfied with that level of happiness.

How can we be happy if we end up being unhappy with the happiness that we have?

Resolving a basic source of our unhappiness, a personal sense of inadequacy, unworthiness, helps a lot. Because that drives much of our craving for more.

No human is anywhere near perfect. Regardless of what was said about Sir Isaac Newton- “nearer to the gods, no man has come”, we are not “gods”. Not even close. But we can learn to feel good enough. And reduce the happiness canceling drive for more.


Remember that both happiness and unhappiness are eMOTIONS-feelings which put us into some necessary “motion”. “Programs” that move us to take survival enhancing actions. Happiness means we’re living a good, overall, life. It “says” to us “keep up the good work”. Unhappiness “says” something’s wrong with how we’re living: “make a change.”

You might argue that rather than “moving” us, unhappiness cripples us, immobilizes us.
How does that help? It doesn’t. We must be careful to distinguish between depression, a mental illness that does paralyze us and unhappiness-which moves us to improve our life.

We’re often unhappy because our conditions change. They’re continuously changing in ways both big and small. So if we hope to base our happiness on circumstances, we’d better prepare to face a lot of unhappiness.

By realizing that happiness and unhappiness are emotional, inner states not states of the world, we see where our focus must lie. Inside. But most of us focus almost exclusively on attaining happiness through external means. Sure, we can’t just feel good about a lack of water. We must HAVE the condition of water. But many conditions are experienced as “unhappy” because of our MINDSET. Our emotions are influenced by conditions MEDIATED by our mindset: by how we tend to see and respond to those conditions.

We Live in Two Worlds

We live in an external, physical, social, objective world and an inner, cognitive/conceptual, personal, subjective world. And we often mistakenly believe that the external one is the key to our happiness.

So we intensely pursue the “good life”: a prestige education leading to a high paying/high status career that provides a magnificient home, a luxury vehicle, and attendance at exclusive parties. Or so the movies tell us about the Western dream life.

But if it’s actually the source of happiness, we must ask why do so many leading such a life engage in drug and alcohol abuse, face criminal investigations, DUI’s, divorces, and bankruptcy? (See “Wolf of Wallstreet”).

And why might some rickshaw puller struggling through the heat and mud and degradation of life in a Mumbai slum, only to return, after a long, hard day, to a home made of plastic sheeting and a dinner of rice and salt, be happy? (See “Happy”).

Maybe happiness is more a matter of our inner emotional life than of our outer world?
And might how we feel about ourselves be a key factor in our happiness? How, afterall, can we be happy with our life if we’re unhappy with the person leading that life? Our life is not something separate and distinct from us. Our life is not like a wardrobe that we can take on and off. It’s something we DO. Something we create by our choices and actions.

If that life’s not going well, or more correctly, when we’re not living our life well, we’re unhappy with our life and it’s “liver”.

Unhappiness Implies We’re Not Enough

Just as we seem to always want more from life, we often want to BE more. Underlying that sense that “we need to BE more” is a BELIEF that we’re NOT ENOUGH.

So how do you see/treat yourself?

Consider a few questions:

Are you self-critical?
What part of yourself are you most critical of?
How severe is your self-criticism?
“I’m occasionally down on myself.
“I’m often harsh with myself.”
“I’m constantly brutal in my self-criticism.”

What benefit do you expect from your self-criticism?

What impact does it actually have?

Does self-criticism really improve who you are? Does it really promote growth and happiness?

Might it be a source of your unhappiness?

Even if you made hugh mistakes, made enormously wrong decisions, taken unquestionably bad actions, (join the crowd) will severe, brutal self-criticism undo any of that?

Will it really move you do do better in the future?

OR might it cause you to overlook your strengths? Might it prevent you from seeing what you’ve got till it’s gone?

Let’s Review…

YES, conditions do matter. Try to be happy when starved, parched, and exposed to searing heat.
And, since conditions continually change, we must continually adapt to restore and retain our happiness. There’s no “one and done” in happiness.
The best adaptation lies within, lies in modifying our mindset about those conditions. Happiness is, afterall, an inner emotional state. Impacted by external circumstances. But best managed by our inner response to the outer-by our mindset. For example, “Yeah, I’m miserable. But I’m still alive.”
Too often, our mindset is the source of our unhappiness. We diminish or eliminate our happiness by focusing on the negative and by wanting more.
Especially when we are negative about ourself. Try to feel happy when you’re negative, rejecting of who you are. When we’re “never good enough”, when we always must be “more” just to be OK, it’s hard to be happy.

Ready to explore better living through compassionate self-acceptance?

Tony Johnson is a retired university mental health center psychologist. He happily lives and learns in Ojochal. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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Ever conclude that the pursuit of sustained happiness is hopeless, a lost cause? We may have the right to “pursue happiness”, but it seems that happiness also has the ability to reject our courtship. And does so quite regularly and successfully. Why does it sometimes seem so damn hard?

Although rooted in the word happen, most experiences of happiness don’t just occur out of the blue. Some do, but most often we must create them; ever try to bake a cake without a solid understanding of the fundamental principles involved? Without baking skills? How’d that go? Were you happy with the results? As in baking a cake, the better we understand and skillfully APPLY the principles of attaining the desired result, a cake or happiness, the better the results.

So, what are the principles of happiness? As complicated as happiness is, research has reduced it to three basic elements: genes, conditions, and choices. Furthermore, studies have discovered that happiness is about 50% genetic, or inborn temperament, 10% conditions, and 40% life choices. Each of those three elements makes contributions to our overall happiness, so happiness ultimately comes down to some aspect of who you are. While some of our happiness is out of our control, a big chunk is up to us. In each of the three areas, you are the key to the results.

It’s In Your Genes

The genetic component of happiness doesn’t mean people have a fixed level of happiness that never changes, that they are always happy, or that others are permanently stuck in misery.
We’ve all known people who are blessed with joy filled natures and hardly anything seems to disrupt their balance and throw them into negativity. They’re easy going. And, if they do experience some downer, they quickly recover their happiness. That’s because the genetic component is more like a set point; the level we naturally return to after the inescapable setbacks of living. It’s like a thermostat set at 70 degrees, when the temperature goes down, the furnace turns on and restores the warmth to the preset level. So, some return to a higher level of joy set by their genes after a setback, and others typically revert to feeling down, negative, and pessimistic at some lower level.

Genes have other impacts on our happiness. But we can also impact those effects.
Humans, for example, seem to have evolved a negative bias. We tend to look for the worst, expect the negative, and continually prepare for danger. While this enhances our chances for survival by keeping us vigilant for risk, it can make happiness harder to attain and maintain. Being too comfortable can blind us to the dangers in our environment. There’s no possibility of happiness if we don’t first survive, so this tradeoff makes a great deal of evolutionary sense.

We also seem to be programmed to become “habituated”, “used to” our life’s reality. That shiny new car, that wonderful new house, or that perfect new relationship eventually becomes old hat. Been there, done that. What’s next? We seem to be genetically programmed to a certain degree of discontent. That’s not all bad either, discontent is one of the things that compelled early humans to leave dry Africa and hunt for better conditions. We also can adjust to negative situations so they don’t bother us much as time passes. Another adaptive advantage.

So does this mean our innate need for happiness is a lost cause? Irredeemably blocked by our genetic realities? Not at all. Recall the last time you were happy. Regardless of genes, happiness is not impossible. Afterall, 50% comes from conditions and choices.

Unconditional Happiness? How Can That Be?

Beyond the three basic contributing factors, happiness can be reduced to two categories: Happiness from within (genes and mindset) and happiness from without (conditions). This distinction provides us with a clearer view of happiness and better ways manage our ultimate well-being.

Happiness from without refers to the external conditions that produce or reduce good feelings. Happiness from within is the source that we have inside us, and the one we have the most control over: our reaction to those external events.

Living, as we do, in an ocean of inescapable external conditions, many of them will naturally have an impact on our happiness. When we feel safe and see our physical, emotional, and social needs as fulfilled by the circumstances of our life, we tend to feel happy. Things are going our way; the world and I are in harmony, not in opposition. So, freed from worry and want, we experience the world as a place that welcomes us and meets our needs…and feel happy.

But, when we face deficiency, frustration, adversity, we feel unhappy. Imagine happiness as a level of life that we reach for from a level below that ideal. When conditions thwart, obstruct, hinder, or impede closing that gap between where we are and where we want to be, we feel unhappy. And we often take the indirect approach, trying to change our inside (our feelings) by changing our outside (the circumstances of our lives). The “unconditional” approach to happiness goes directly to our “inside”.

But if conditions are “inescapable”, how could we possibly attain “unconditioned happiness”?

Conditions can assist or reduce happiness.

Some conditions are sometimes under our control. We do, for example, have some choice in where we live and work and who we partner with, and how we spend our fleeting and precious life moments. But as carefully and effectively as we sometimes arrange our life conditions to produce happiness, we are never, ever guaranteed those circumstances will remain unchanged. What one day brought us happiness may the next day be completely reversed. And if our happiness is totally dependant upon those ever changing externals, our happiness is always at the mercy of events often beyond our control.

This has led some curious and restless beings to seek unconditional happiness; happiness that is not at the mercy of shifting, changing reality; a happiness that is not vulnerable to unchanging change. And to achieve that, we have to turn our focus inward, away from changing externals.

Two Means of Attaining Unconditional Happiness

As mentioned, there are two types of general happiness, from within and from without. And there are also two sources of inner happiness: 1) A flexible ability to rebound from unwanted change and restore our happiness by managing our perceptions of those changes. We don’t escape changing conditions but we manage them effectively. And, 2) The discovery of place within us that is always happy regardless of externals.

More about option 1: Remember that we can manage and maintain internal happiness by managing the MEANING that we give to the changing externals. The weather changes for the worst. We may be powerless to restore the sunshine, but are enormously capable of restoring our good feelings by changing our perceptions of that event. Our choices are to feel sorry for ourselves, OR we can realize that the world wasn’t created especially for us and that sometimes the external reality will be at odds with our wishes. If we cling to some notion of how things should be, of what we are entitled to, we’re going to find ourselves frequently in a damaging – to us – adversarial relationship with reality, and that’s a fight we are unlikely to win. For instance, instead of thinking the world is unfair, we can be grateful for how good the weather has been recently. By doing do we change the MEANING of the changing weather, and thereby change our feelings for the better. The whole damn universe is not out to screw us, even though it seems that way sometime.

Another way to manage the perceptions that impact happiness is to remove our SELF-IMPOSED conditions to happiness. Many of us have an IF ONLY mindset . . . if only I were rich and famous or, WHEN I’m rich and famous, THEN I’ll be happy.

Ask yourself, is it really impossible to be happy BEFORE being rich and famous? Am I setting unnecessary conditions on my own happiness? Am I myself, rather than reality, preventing my own happiness? If I see happiness as something only possible under certain conditions, am I denying myself the pleasure of happiness that can occur before achieving my goals? Am I afraid to free myself of those self-imposed conditions because I fear losing my motivation to become rich and famous? Does being rich and famous really assure happiness?

Our Inner Core of Happiness

The second option asks: WHO are you, really? Your thoughts and feelings? Your perceptions? Your physical sensations? Your history? Your experiences? Your personality? We are all those things . . . more or less . . . and those things can change; they come and go.

The spiritual masters who have achieved unconditioned happiness would point out that we are what is permanent and unchanging in us; our awareness. The unchanging, permanent observer behind that impermanent river of thoughts, feelings, etc., is who we really are.

And what does meditation show us about that awareness when we remove thoughts and feelings? It’s calm, peaceful, content, happy. And UNIMPACTED by conditions.

So unconditional happiness is enjoyed by going to the condition of peace and happiness always within us: our awareness. Our knowing that we know. The innermost observer.

YOU, at your essence, then are happiness. No, not the “kids turned loose at recess” type of happiness. But the calm, imperturbable type of awareness.

I know. I know. All this sounds kinda flakey, airy-fairy to the western ear. But, may I recommend that you explore it, experience it before you reject it?

To sum up, there are 3 basic approaches to optimize your happiness:
– Manage the external conditions of your life—-to the extent we can.
– Manage your REACTIONS to those conditions—-learn the skill of changing our mindset.
– Manage your access to your imperturbable, calm, inner happiness—learn to meditate.

Change ourselves, improve our happiness.

Any of this make sense?

Tony Johnson is a retired university mental health center psychologist. He explores, learns, and lives happily in the Southern Zone. He can be contacted at: p[email protected]


Paradise, We Have A Problem


Have you been happy lately? I certainly hope so.

When and why did you experience that wonderful, essential emotion? Did you solve a difficult problem, putting your life back on track? Did a situation turn out better than expected? Did you receive longed for appreciation and recognition from family, friends, or coworkers? Did you glimpse a blue morph butterfly?

Such conditions are likely to produce happiness in most people. And a change in those conditions are also likely cancel that happiness. So humanity has sought to identify and hold onto “the right conditions” for happiness. Some have sought to negate the power of conditions completely by pursuing a “no conditions” happiness. And in between these options, we’ve discovered how to respond when conditions change by changing what we have the most power over: our mindset.

Happiness is in Our Hands and Heads

Since conditions constantly change, if our happiness depends on those conditions, our happiness will be at the mercy of any changes. According to the “conditions free” approach, rather than trying to create or maintain happy conditions, we must, instead, access our unchanging “inner core of happiness.” This approach deserves it’s own column and is better understood if we carefully explore the “conditions plus mindset” way to happiness.

We do not live in a vacuum. There is no conditions free condition. That would be just another type of….condition, some circumstance in which we live and conduct our lives. So we immediately see a difficulty with the “conditions free” approach-a difficulty we will try to resolve in that later column. Here we will explore the interaction between us and our conditions that produces happiness.

Most conditions (like the weather, the economy, the traffic) are out of our control. Ever try to change the weather?

Some circumstances are within our power to change, at least to alter or improve. We can’t change the weather, but we can reduce the weather’s impact on us by carrying an umbrella or wearing a warm coat. We can almost always adapt to our reality. But our greatest capacity for happiness lies in our ability to change ourself in response to difficult conditions.

central america

Change myself? MOI? Are you serious?

The constantly changing nature of life shows why some thinkers would search for a “conditions free” way to happiness. It would eliminate the constant effort to change or sustain conditions, or change our attitude, or just endure. For now let’s acknowledge the necessity to adapt to conditions. It’s in our genes, after all.

Every life form has evolved to survive under certain conditions. Polar bears would die in the Sahara Desert and camels would die in the Arctic. That’s why they have survived in their conditions of origin and usually nowhere else. But remember, 99% (!) of all species that ever existed have gone extinct. Survival is never a “one and done” event. Conditions change and what worked previously may not work well in the “new world”.

Species have developed a myriad of ways to adapt to their world. Outer coverings, the ability to extract nutrition from available resources, ways to evade predators, and, most importantly, the ability to reproduce in sufficient numbers to ensure the survival of their species, even when numerous individual are lost. (Think sea turtles. One in one hundred makes it to adulthood.)

Humans share many of those same adaptations. But our species also possesses certain cognitive advantages unavailable to many other forms of life. We can change our minds! And our MINDSET. But since this happens all day, every day, we may neglect to see how important that is to our happiness and survival. Fish don’t know they’re wet. Some of us don’t see the power of our mindset-our way of looking at things-in producing happiness.

Back to our weather example.

Yes, “it’s raining perros and gatos”, but do I have to absolutely HATE the rain? (He asks during rainy season.) Do I have feel that the rain is a deliberate effort by the universe (or the Pacific coast) to frustrate and defeat my happiness? Or is it a situation totally independent of me? Unconcerned about me, UNAWARE that I even exist?

There’s no “magic wand” to convert rain to sunshine. Hollywood can only convert Pictures of rain into Pictures of sunshine. But there IS a mindset that can change actual rain from being a miserable experience to at least tolerable or maybe even pleasant.

You’ve planned a glorious celebration at your favorite beach. This time of year, you and your friends might have it all to yourselves. But you wake to a pouring rain. Seabirds down at that beach have few options other than seeking shelter. It’s highly unlike that they think “Hey, we’re BIRDS! We could fly out of this rain and into the sun. Let’s go guys!”

Humans, another two legged species, have numerous options (including flying elsewhere if it makes practical sense). We can pitch a fit, moan and groan, and whine about how “This sucks. This isn’t fair. Stuff like this always happens to me. I’ve been planning this party for weeks. Why rain NOW??” The party is called off AND we spend the rest of our day feeling miserable. The rain “ruined” the party and we ruined the remainder of the day.

We could go to the beach anyway, hoping the skies will clear. It could happen. We could make the best of a bad situation and spend the rest of the day in some pleasurable or productive activity. Catch up on reading or responding to our emails anyone?

To enjoy one of those outcomes, we have to “change our minds”. We can salvage some happiness by thinking: “It’s not the end of the world” “We can go some other time” “What would a good way to spend this time?

Best of all, we can realize “This ISN’T personal. The weather isn’t trying to ruin MY day”. In doing this we take the personal sting out of this setback. By removing the personal element from this equation, we eliminate a big part of why this is so upsetting: “It’s happening to ME! And that’s not right. I deserve better than this. And if I don’t get it, someone must not see my IMPORTANCE!!”

The rain is not really a plot to make me feel bad. But we all can understand how it could make one feel down and frustrated. (I just washed the car yesterday, for example). More importantly we need to see it’s NOT PERSONAL. It’s not “out to get us”, like that old intimate partner may be. So our fall back position when conditions are beyond our control is to control our attitude, control the MEANING we give to conditions…..and restore some happiness.

Think about that for a moment. The boss denies us a promotion as a punishment for our questioning some of his plans. The department committee had recommended our promotion since we met all the requirements. But the boss is angry about our “defiance”. And refuses to endorse us for advancement. This is personal. This IS meant to hurt and humiliate us. Coping with this set back is another story. But it can be done. When an undesirable outcome isn’t personal (the rain), WHY ADD the extra pain of a personal insult when none exists.

Rain does not mean that the universe fails to see my importance. It just means too much moisture has evaporated up to the clouds….which have become too saturated to hold that moisture any longer.

Change the meaning. Change the feeling.

Unlike the Zen master, few of us can easily achieve condition free happiness by going to our inner core of happiness. But we all can change our reactions to situations. We all can realize that happiness is always a result of a simple equation:

Conditions + Mindset = Happiness.

A Counter-Happiness Mindset

But the typical mindset of many of us is to see situations that we regard as negative as being: PERSONAL, PERVASIVE, and PERMANENT.

We suffer from some serious illness. Yes, it’s personal. I suffer the arthritis, not some other guy. But is it PERSONAL in that the “universe” has singled me out for this problem?

Am I being punished for not living a healthier life? Is this a sign from the heavens that I am not worthy of better health? Really??

Do problems with my joints mean PERVASIVE problems in every aspect of my life? Yes, it’s harder to move. But does that mean I’m denied pleasure, comfort, ease everywhere else in my existence? Not really.

My condition is chronic. But is the pain really PERMANENTLY severe? Is there nothing I can do to relieve it-even a little bit?

But if we-usually-unconsciously-see our condition as personal, pervasive, and permanent, we again make a bad situation worse!

So watch for those 3P’s and don’t worsen negative conditions.

And Add That “Attitude of Gratitude”

Another key mindset shift that protects and improves happiness is that famous “attitude of gratitude”. As 12-Steppers know well, even if they have ruined their lives with drugs and alcohol, there is STILL much to be grateful for. To begin with, they’re alive. Off the path to perdition.

Being grateful on a regular basis shifts us from being totally negative (but don’t deny the negative) to including the positive in our overall outlook. Do you know anyone who’s extremely negative AND happy? Even they have something to be grateful for, even if they can’t see it.

So we can’t escape or change all the conditions of our lives. I, for one, think Planet Earth is wondrous and don’t want to try those other planets. But we can respond to our conditions in ways that enhance our experience, our happiness.

Realize that happiness is not easily attained or maintained. But UNhappiness IS easily reached and made permanent. Be realistic about our situation. Don’t exaggerate the negatives and overlook the positives. “Let’s be real” as a famous shrink says.

And our inner core of happiness is also a real option. See you next time.

Oh! Thanks to Kenny Rogers and the First Edition for our title: “Yeah, yeah. WOA yeah! What condition my condition is in…

love shack

It’s a Love Shack, BABY!!

Life is great in Costa Rica. I don’t need to tell you why. But I would like to suggest a way to make it better still.

Doing for others is one of the most certain ways to increase our happiness. And there’s a lot of need and opportunity to help here in CR. People, kids, the environment, sea turtles, and stray dogs and cats.

One of the volunteer opportunities happening in the Uvita area might suggest what you could do in your own CR hometown.

Recent developments have made this an exciting time for the Coasta Ballena animal rescue community. A new rescue center has opened in the Zona Sur and an old center, DAWG, has learned some new tricks. There are plenty of zaguates, so the two shelters will be kept very busy.

Updating its facilities and its brand, DAWG has improved its housing area and greatly remodeled its adoption center.

Once a simple canopy with a portable fence to contain the adoptees, the center has become the “Love Shack”.

This goes right along with DAWG’s new slogan, DAWGisLOVE. And it creates a more fun place for viewing the homeless.

That old canopy is now a delightful play on that hit wedding party song, “The Love Shack”. With an elaborate bamboo exterior and a more comfortable interior resting place for the animals, the strays are also kept cooler in this new resting area.

Bamboo planters decorate the exterior and small tree trunk stools provide seating for children playing with the puppies.

All material and labor was donated by DAWGisLove long time caregiver extraordinaire, Jackie.
The mother of the “Bamboo Family”, Jackie is an expert in types and uses of bamboo. The “Family” lives on a large bamboo farm. And they can be contacted at [email protected]

The updated, more festive adoption center and free popcorn make it a place to visit on your Saturdays in Uvita. Dr. Fernando, owner of the Centro Veterinario, has generously allowed DAWisLOVE to use part of his building and parking lot.

The best part, of course, is lovable puppies, kitties, and fabulous “used dogs” to give and get love from.

Starting to see the possibilities for giving in your community?

All animal shelters needs people with MANY skills: animal care, marketing, soliciting donations, maintenance and updating the facilities, organizing fund raising events, performing at those events, and practically anything else you can imagine to help the animals.

I’ll bet your local animal shelter needs YOU!

Here we say DAWGisLOVE!! And the Love Shack “Is a little ol’ place where you can get together, BABY!!” Think about getting together with your local shelter.

296 Acre Beautiful and Secluded Farm – For Sale By Owner in Turrialba, Costa Rica – USD $300,000

The road ends at this beautiful mountain wilderness property! 120 hectares (296 acres) with Title, and Catastro. From mountaintop to mountaintop you will find your personal valley 30 km. (40 minutes) from the center of Turrialba near the little town of Dulce Nombre.

A reforest/sustainable forest project began 40 years ago, and has been left to grow to natural state for the last 10 -15 years or so. With 60% virgin forest and 40% reforested the farm and surrounding area is a major watershed for the Turrialba region. This properties mountains back up to a National Forest and are the source for the Tuís and Dulce Nombre Rivers. The Dulce Nombre river with it’s numerous little waterfalls runs the length of your private valley.

The property is perfect for the Eco Minded Farmer. Build yourself a self-sufficient/self sustaining organic farm or community and be prepared for anything in the security of your own mountains and valley. Utilize the year round Wind, Water, and the Sun (with an average temperature of 78 degrees) for all your energy needs.
Drink from the numerous springs (tested as best water in CR!), and use rainwater to grow your fruits, vegetables, and trees in the lush soil!

Easy access with the mostly paved road will get you to the entrance of this secluded property priced for just $300,000.

If you have serious interest in buying this farm for sale by owner, please e-mail [email protected]
for more information and phone contact.

Large Income Generating Beach Investment Property For Sale By Owner In The Province Of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. US$350,000.

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Only an hour from San Jose on pacific beach of Puntarenas/Cocal.

Property is leased to the government for the last 10 years and its yearly lease keeps being renewed for a steady income.

The complex contains two concrete buildings on over 500 square meters build only 15 years ago.

A 1264 sq ft. two story building with 2 bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry area are totally tiled.

A 1574 sq. Ft. one story building with 4 rooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry, a covered patio and tiled floors.

Both buildings have been well maintained recently painted, the roof replaced with long lasting Galvanlumen and the electrical system just been updated. All this with efficient air conditioning.


There is a covered parking area of 781 sq. ft. with a cement floor to park 4 cars and an open area for another 4 vehicles.

In the property center there is a greenhouse and the front entrance is enclosed with a concrete wall containing 2 sliding steel gates and the back towards the beach has a steel door. The property is under a corporation for an easy turnkey transfer.

Downtown Puntarenas and the Ferry to the Nicoya peninsula in Guanacaste is about 2 miles, San Jose’s international airport is 55 minutes via the Bee line Hwy 27.

The volcano arenal 2 to 3 hours, Yatch Club 5 blocks, the Hilton Doubletree Resort 5 minutes away , Calderas port 15 miles.

Awesome ocean and mountains views only asking US$350,000.


Large Income Generating Beach Investment Property For Sale By Owner In The Province Of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. US$350,000.


We would always recommend that you have have your own attorney confirm that all is in order before you make a final offer for any land or home.

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Don’t Stop Believin’, Dreams Do Come True

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What could be more astonishing, more exciting, more incredible than getting a call out of the blue, offering you the job you long dreamed of but never believed you could ever actually have?

That happened to Arnel Pineda, former Manilla street kid and bar band singer, when an enormously successful U.S. rock band called and asked him to audition. After losing its very popular lead singer, the band needed a replacement. Unknown to Arnel, he had been rehearsing for this moment for years as the lead singer of a tribute band where he had developed an ability to sing that was eerily like the departed superstar. But he was still “terrified” that he wouldn’t be good enough and didn’t believe the job could really be his. In fact, he thought the band’s call was a friend’s practical joke; no super rich and super famous musicians would ever offer a tribute band singer from the slums of Manila such an opportunity. The band was completely serious, however, having been dazzled by Arnel’s Youtube performances.

Flown to the US at the band’s expense, Arnel passed the studio audition and then was tested performing at a small concert. Each time Arnel stunned the band with his vocal range, singing ability, and mastery of the band’s hits. So, on to the next step, a small concert tour – IF you can call singing before 18,000 fans small.

Every great accomplishment must overcome some set backs and it was no different for Arnel’s rising status. Many fans would not accept a skinny, 5’4’’ Filipino as a frontman for a macho rock band. It was like having a teenager quarterback the Boston Patriots; he just “didn’t fit” for some fans. But, gradually, his singing won over the skeptics, as it had the band itself, and they all went on to its most successful tour in its 50 year career, led by Arnel’s singing.

This Story Has a Happy Ending
Arnel was not just the fill-in singer, a temporary employee until the band found the real replacement, he was made a full member of the band and, enjoying a full share of the profits, earning a reported $15 million one year. The fans adored him and sought his autograph. He had his own fan club. And was finally able to give his family in the Philippines a good life. He desperately needed a break, and now the band also needed him, since his presence revitalized the band’s sagging fortunes – musically and financially.

His dream realized was a dream come true for the band as well. His rags to riches story and awesome singing brought the band many new fans.

Don’t expect some “but he threw it all away and now is a junkie sleeping in a Manilla gutter,” ending to this inspiring story. Arnel remains successful and admired. And his story has much to teach us about the nature of human life and happiness.

Arnel never allowed himself to even imagine taking over as the lead singer – he always regarded the band as his heroes, living a life he couldn’t even imagine while struggling to survive in the slums of Manilla. Though he wouldn’t allow himself that dream because it seemed so impossible, he did fully realize a better life, a much, much better life. “It’s so good, it’s hard to believe it’s real.” he said.

Arnel never actually says he’s unhappy or at a lower level of happiness than he seeks. But it’s strongly implied in statements such as: “It’s a 24-7 job. You have to be perfect all the time.” “I want to live more healthy and not use sleeping pills.” “The bottom line, what makes you happy? At the end of the day, it’s your family, intact, happy.” And he says he made a compromise, “Performing is my consolation (for being away from his family) because it makes so many people happy.”

And, we can safely conclude that making people happy makes Arnel happy too.

Unavoidable “Laws” of Life
Arnel truly reached the pinnacle of his musical world. So was he blissed-out all day, every day? No way! That can’t happen to anyone. Life just doesn’t work that way. No matter how high one soars, basic facts of life remain permanently fixed in place.

While Arnel fully realized his dream, life reminded him that it operates according to certain unavoidable, inescapable “laws”, with certain predictable regularities:
-Life is a struggle for everyone, regardless of how high one climbs on their profession’s or society’s totem pole.
-Life is never perfect regardless of how immense one’s wealth and fame.
-Life is never free of problems. Money helps but it can’t solve all difficulties. (Think of Steve Jobs’ death.)
-Life, no matter how good, never reaches a point for anyone where it is entirely positive, free of all negatives. Life is never all “ups” and no “downs”.

An exceptional singer, Arnel still had to learn how best use and protect his voice from strain. In other words, this superstar had to prepare and exercise his voice before concerts, reduce vocal strain, and do his best to avoid common ailments – coughs, colds, and sore throats. Because his performances were like those of high level athletes, he had to stay fit and improve his strength and health. Especially during the long, grueling tours taking advantage of the band’s newly restored popularity.

Life was FAR FROM PERFECT for Arnel: Between concerts, the band lived in a luxury bus, but a bus nonetheless, or stayed in hotel rooms. There was little semblance of a “normal” home life with family. What could be more thrilling and fulfilling for a singer than performing your beloved band’s anthems? But, singing them exactly as they sound on the CD, because “that’s what the fans expect”, can drain some of the rush from performances. Little innovation or creativity was tolerated.

Arnel’s life had it’s own PROBLEMS. Touring the world, he was emotionally and geographically far from his beloved family. Compared to his early life in the Philippines, his rock star life provided enormous benefits AND high costs, high NEGATIVES; fans could surround him everywhere, mobbing him for autographs and “selfies”, giving him little freedom to just be Arnel.

In addition to those already mentioned, he seemed to never feel secure in his new role. Never feeling that he had truly “arrived”, always feeling he had to prove himself at each concert. So he always felt a kind of loneliness. Even when thousands of fans were expressing their love for him, he was far from his loved ones and their understanding, reassurance and comfort.

We live in an “ocean” of conditions. We’re surrounded everywhere and at all times with a countless variety of conditions. We cannot ever be free of all conditions, so of course they matter.

Some assert that we can be happy regardless of conditions, be happy under any and all conditions. That may be possible for Zen masters, but for the rest of us we need the right conditions to give us a start on happiness.

Try being happy in a God-forsaken refugee camp in hellacious South Sudan with little food, water, or safety. It’s much better than being the target of murderous, savage marauders, but most people would have a hard time reaching happy. It would take a lot more than the advice of “don’t worry, be happy”.

Our species evolved to thrive in a limited range of conditions. Yes, our ability to adapt by attitudes and technology has enabled a few of us to reach the peak of Everest or the depths of the ocean – but only briefly. And when they do they’re certainly not thriving.

While a main point of these articles is that conditions themselves are important, they alone are usually not sufficient for happiness (certain attitudes and emotional adaptability are also necessary). Conditions do have a significant impact on our happiness, Zen masters excepted.

In addition to the “life laws” already mentioned, we must also explore how someone with near ideal conditions, like Arnel, might not be able to sustain a high level of happiness.

Some realities about the conditions of our lives:
-Conditions CHANGE: Nothing in our lives is permanent and unchanging. Mountains seem “eternal” because we don’t live long enough to witness that they change, too. A previous lead singer of this band lost his voice permanently while on stage. He expected that with proper care, he too, could maintain his voice in good condition. As mentioned above, with Arnel, the band reached a high point – a great change. But fans could lose interest in the singer and concerts would have to be cancelled. Fending off such a possibility put a lot of pressure on Arnel. Such changes could impact our happiness.

-OUR FEELINGS about our conditions can change: The band is selling out everywhere. Such demand seems to be high into the foreseeable future. So maybe our conditions aren’t exactly changing, but our feelings about “singing that same damn song one more damn time” might be. Our changing feelings about or circumstances can also impact our happiness.

-TOXIC ATTITUDES about our life situation can change our conditions from being a good part of our life to an unbearable burden. Again, Arnel felt he had to prove himself constantly. He never really felt he was good enough in spite of fans, the band’s support, and the band’s success. That’s more wear tear on an already pressured situation-wear and tear that might lead to burnout – a deep form of unhappiness.

If we’re looking for happiness to last for the long run, we must not only put ourselves into conditions that have a high likelihood of producing happiness for us, but we must also be prepared for changes in those conditions and realistically include the impact of life’s laws on us.

Recall, the three general views on the source of happiness:
It depends entirely on the right conditions.
It depends entirely on our accessing our innate core of happiness.
And, it’s the result of the interaction between conditions and our mindset about those conditions and our reaction to those conditions.

For example, we must be able to find happiness in the inescapable struggle, imperfection, problems, and negative aspect of all life. (More on this next time.) In other words, we must actually find ways to enjoy the journey of life, not just the arrival at our goals.

Thank you for taking this journey of ideas with me and Arnel.

Oh, the name of the band? JOURNEY!!

(For more on Arnel Pineda, see “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey”. It’s currently available on Netflix and short films of Arnel leading Journey are on Youtube.)

Written by Tony Johnson is a retired university mental health center psychologist. He has lived, learned and enlarged his happiness in the Costa Ballena for over three years. He has the curiosity of a coati about all things life! These articles are his best shot at answering those “Life Questions”. Hopefully, you will find them informative and useful.

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Doing for others is one of the most reliable and well documented sources of happiness. I’ll bet you’ve often seen that in your own life, too. So my life plan includes volunteering at a few agencies here in the Costa Ballena. My longest service is with an animal rescue shelter where every time I help, some dogs make me happy just by being happy to see me. But as fortunate as I’ve been in experiencing happiness, and as much as I’ve studied the matter, I still have much to learn.

You might think that not very much of such learning would come from kids. After all, it’s our role to teach these apprentice humans about the habits, attitudes, and lifestyles that produce a good, happy life. But, I had to revise that assumption lately as I learned a lot about happy living from kids. I also discovered that a happiness lesson—even one well learned—can be forgotten and a happiness opportunity missed.

A little story will help me explain. Before a recent fundraiser for the shelter, I almost talked myself out of enjoying a guaranteed source of happiness; puppies! The morning of the event I considered canceling my participation. Oh, I had plenty of “good reasons;” my wife arrived late the night before, I was very tired, and it looked like rain. Besides, truth be told, I didn’t think many would show up for the activity. As cute as they are, how many adults would want to “Smooch Pooches” when they could be inside drinking and rocking out to local bands? Why bother? I thought. I expected to be sitting alone outside, listening to the bands from a distance.

I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong!

To my surprise, many of the fair’s attendees were parents and the puppy pen turned out to be a “babysitting service” for their kids. Most were little girls from age four to about fifteen, and all wanted to smooch those pooches, freeing their parents to enjoy adult beverages in the bar and grill. Throughout the afternoon, kids came and went, and some even settled in and spent the entire time with me and eight of God’s cutest creations. Little boys seemed less inclined to “mother” pups.

What could be a better source of short term happiness and a better opportunity to reflect on overall happiness than time with puppies and kids?

To a one, these kids were sweet, cute, innocent, free of games and hidden agendas; they were honestly expressing their genuine feelings. My four hours in an almost total-kid-world turned out to be completely delightful. It was a huge escape from the adult world of cynicism and games. The kids made it loving and wonderful. Their ability to find fun and wonder in a hair brush, a ball, and a puppy was infectious. They reminded me of when my world was young and fresh, sweet and wide-eyed. Traits that I, and all adults, still possess; often buried somewhere deep inside ourselves.

Things are harder for kids and puppies. Some don’t have their full physical strength and agility yet, and they certainly haven’t developed the mental and emotional strengths necessary for an independent life. They can’t really understand how something that could be so much fun, like jumping from rock to rock on the beach or chewing on a favorite shoe, could bring such a loud “NO!” Nor do they understand why something as boring as learning spelling words or asking to go outside before peeing, could be important. That’s our job; to see what they can’t see.

But, it’s a part of THEIR ROLE in our lives to remind us of what we can no longer see; that happiness is natural. Not natural in the sense that breathing is our moment to moment nature, but as a potential of our nature. We are wired to be able to FEEL happiness, and without that “wiring,” there would be no experience of happiness at all. We may not feel happiness continuously, but it’s often present for the asking. And kids can remind us how to summon it.


Maybe it’s better to ask when are they not happy?

Kids, like puppies, are happy beholding various aspects of their still wondrous world. They thrive on exploring the new, testing their skills and understanding, seeing what they can discover and what they’ve learned to do well. In the company of critters like themselves, small, dependent, cute, wanting nothing more than to play, and be loved, puppies give kids a chance to be the “grownups.” Demonstrating their evolving grownup skills, it was no accident that the most popular puppy activity was bathing the wriggling little ones. One especially cute pup must have gotten five baths that day.

A few adults came by and briefly watched the frolicking, but kept a hands-off distance. Some would pet the pups for a few minutes and move on. The children, meanwhile, simply dived right in, wholeheartedly absorbed in the cuddly fur balls, unconcerned about what anyone might think or what life was demanding elsewhere. Fully engaged, fully present, not distracted by cell phones or worries, unreservedly enjoying some of life’s best: Love and youth.


As adults we’re happy when some situation brings us pleasure, satisfaction, AND has some personal meaning. We look for some symbolic, emotional, personal, or conceptual “take” on an event to decide if it is what makes one situation feel happy while another feels “blah” or sad. Our “take” on a situation can give or take away the potential for happiness. Believe it or not, some adults seemed uncomfortable with the puppy pen. For them, the primary concern was not the joy, but the risk; “Be careful. Don’t hurt that puppy.” Their focus on some possible danger erased all joy.

This might be called the “interactive” view of happiness. We feel happy when we “see” a situation as one that meets our needs. Happiness there is the result of an interaction between a situation and our perception of it.

Many believe that happiness is possible, but only if we’re in the right conditions. In this view it’s the situation alone that “makes” us happy. We can only create happiness by putting ourselves in the right situations. This “we feel happiness—IF the conditions are right” perspective seems confirmed by our daily experiences. The weather’s great, we feel good. It’s pouring rain, we feel down.

As conditions change throughout our day, the brief, intense short-term kind of happiness that comes and goes seems totally dependent on the situations. Those conditions seem completely in charge of our happy feelings. Happiness from this perspective comes from the “outside”—from the conditions.

A third view claims that happiness is not just dependent on external conditions or on our perception of those conditions, but is “always present inside us.” It’s not simply one of many emotions we are capable of feeling, but happiness is who we truly are at our core, our very nature regardless of conditions. Kids seem to confirm this perspective. Don’t bring distress into their lives to distract them from their core being, and they’re happy.

Core happiness is harder to explain and understand than interactive or conditional happiness. But kids help. They certainly feel pain, but few have learned how to reduce or eliminate their own happiness. Few feel the enduring, happiness-erasing emotions of guilt, regret, remorse, loss, resentment, anger, jealousy, and so on. They haven’t yet learned to live in the “rear view mirror” of life, looking back on a regretted past. Nor ahead to all the danger and pain that lie in wait for us.

Imagine the typical adult playing with a pup. You’ll hear many “OMGs” and “oohs and ahhs” and off they go to another emotional place, returning quickly to their worries and preoccupations. From the core happiness perspective, happiness is still within them, but has been buried under adult concerns.

I almost spoiled this great opportunity for happiness by being negative about the booth I was assigned at the fund raising fair (the interactive view). I only focused on the downsides (packing the equipment, driving all the way up to…and having no one show up). I neglected to consider what Saturday mornings at the shelter always give me—some dog always happy to see me. Luckily, my sense of responsibility kicked in and the reality of the event erased my negative expectations. I almost talked myself out of one of my most happy experiences.

Whatever the ultimate source of happiness (interactive, conditional, or core) it rewards us for certain experiences, habits, behaviors, and ways of living (in this case, keeping my promises). In this view, happiness is built in to guide us generally toward the good. Happiness is thus a refined aspect of the pain or pleasure “GPS” that we’re born with—telling us “we want to feel more of this, then rinse and repeat the way you’ve been living.”

Wanna feel happy again in the future? Request the “Smooch a Pooch” booth at the fair.

I wasn’t just doing my part for the animal shelter fund-raiser; I was a kind of shorts and t-shirt “Santa Claus” with a bag full of happiness for those kids. I could have seen the kids as a pain in the ass because I had to keep track of them and the puppies, but I didn’t…and they weren’t. I trusted their feelings about the pups and let them play as they wished. And that interaction with them made me happy; the puppies loved being loved, the kids loved loving the pups, and I loved seeing all that love given and received. It was a very happy day!

Written by Tony Johnson is a retired university mental health center psychologist. He has lived, learned and enlarged his happiness in the Costa Ballena for over three years. He has the curiosity of a coati about all things life! These articles are his best shot at answering those “Life Questions”. Hopefully, you will find them informative and useful.

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junquillal costa rica real estate

Junquillal Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Junquillal

With one of the most private and exclusive beaches in the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Junquillal shares its beauty with visitors and residents alike. Junquillal, Costa Rica real estate includes lots that are perfect for creating your vision of home, towering condos that provide spectacular views of the sparkling waves, and beachfront single family homes that provide all of the privacy that you have been seeking.

Junquillal Costa Rica Real Estate

junnquillal costa rica real estate

Step out onto the front porch of a single family home on the pristine beaches of Junquillal Costa Rica real estate and you will understand the beauty of an untouched ocean view. With almost three miles of coastline, Junquillal beach real estate provides a variety of scenery unlike any other area in Costa Rica. From sparkling white sand beaches to rocky outcroppings that create splashes of white foam waves, Junquillal beach real estate invites visitors to appreciate the beauty of the Northern Pacific Coast. People choose Junquillal for its variety of beach views, its proximity to Tamarindo and Liberia, and its expansive infrastructure of utility services that provide everything necessary to live a modern life in a seriously gorgeous location.

The weather in Junquillal, Costa Rica ranges from an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit to the hottest months topping 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes Junquillal Costa Rica real estate perfect for anyone who loves the tropical temperatures that last throughout the year. Warm breezes and plenty of rainfall provide relief from the heat, and homes along the beach back up to one of the most beautiful and untouched estuaries in the entire world. Sip deckside cocktails made from fresh fruits or enjoy seafood straight from the Pacific ocean with delicious Junquillal cuisine that includes Costa Rica’s luscious combination of Caribbean spices and African themes.

Junquillal Costa Rica beach real estate and condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica range from modest single family homes in the $200,000s to larger beachfront condos or estates in the millions. Ascending shoreline areas mean excellent views no matter where the land is purchased, and large estates, small oceanfront cottages, and even premium condominiums are available for anyone in search of a new beginning.

Homes For Sale in Junquillal

There are a variety of homes for sale when you stop to take a look at Junquillal Costa Rica real estate. Because this area of Costa Rica has less tourism development than many other portions of the coast, Junquillal’s housing market is open and inviting for investment. The huge variety of coastline views makes Junquillal a lovely location for purchasing that beachfront property or a new home.

junquillal costa rica homes for sale

Choose from single family homes with unobstructed views of the Northern Pacific coast, on lots that range from half of an acre to several acres set aside for growing fruits and vegetables or keeping horses. Single family homes come in a variety of sizes with one to many bedrooms, and are available in locations that overlook the gorgeous estuaries as well. Homes are available within gated communities or on private land surrounded by lush jungle foliage filled with tropical birds, monkeys, and iguana.

Condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica stand high on the hills overlooking the ocean and can offer private access to white sand beaches. Beautiful balconies jut out over the crashing waves of the rocky shores or overlook the quiet jungle landscapes. Modern and exciting, condominium communities in Junquillal offer all of the joys of resort living in an area that has not yet become overrun with development.

Condos For Sale in Junquillal

Purchasing condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica, means stepping out of the ordinary into a resort lifestyle that accents the beauty of the ocean while providing amenities that make each location its own community. From sparkling community pools to manicured lawns that offer space for barbecues with family and friends, the condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the Costa Rica lifestyle without the upkeep of a private home.

junquillal costa rica condos for sale

The condos include views of the setting sun over gorgeous beaches or backdrops that include the pristine estuaries of Junquillal. Easy access to resort restaurants, bars, and entertainment make it simple to feel at home in your new purchase. Upgraded interiors with soaring ceilings paired with large bedrooms that open to gorgeous balconies make the condos in Junquillal Costa Rica perfect for families or retirement lifestyles.

Although buying a home in Junquillal, Costa Rica means a little more privacy than purchasing a condo, your condo gives you access to an established community. A private home does not require HOA fees depending on where you make your purchase, but the condo association fees provide upkeep on all of the community amenities, making your workload much lighter.

Junquillal Real Estate FAQ

Is beachfront property available for sale in Junquillal, Costa Rica?
Yes, there are several types of beachfront property in Junquillal Costa Rica that are for sale. With fewer building and view access restrictions, Junquillal, Costa Rica is one of the best areas to purchase beachfront land or a beachfront home in Costa Rica.

Can I buy a home in Junquillal, Costa Rica, in my own name or do have I have to have a local partner?
You do not need a local partner for your purchase of land, home, or beachfront property in Junquilla, Costa Rica. The Costa Rica government offers the same rights to foreigners purchasing land as they do to locals. This means that buying land or a home is very similar to purchasing in the United States or Canada. Some people choose to use a local attorney to create a corporation for tax protection.

What are the price ranges for single family homes in Junquillal, Costa Rica?
The pricing for single family homes in Junquillal, Costa Rica, varies greatly depending on the size of the home, its location and amenities. Homes outside of organized communities begin at about $180,000 for one or two bedroom styles with plenty of space. Prices rise all the way to several millions of dollars for larger estates, homes with six or seven bedrooms, and even small farms with guest cottages.

Do I need a real estate agent to purchase a home or condo in Junquillal, Costa Rica?
It is always a great idea to gather information from a good real estate agent when purchasing a home or condos in Junquillal Costa Rica. A local real estate agent will understand the current market, may specialize in the type of home you desire, and can offer you plenty of tips when it comes to negotiating a price.

Land for Sale in Junquillal Costa Rica

junquillal costa rica land for sale

There are several types of land for sale in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Titled beachfront property in Jaunquillal, is available in this area because Junquillal has not been completely developed, making it one of the rarest of all properties in the country. Although title beachfront land is quite expensive when compared to lots in areas further inland, the value is expected to rise dramatically and it is a rare commodity. When you purchase titled beachfront land in Junquillal, Costa Rica, you own that land in the same way you would own any purchase in the United States or Canada. Much of the rest of the beach areas are considered concession lands and are available for long-term lease.

Other land options in Junquillal, Costa Rica include estates that include several acres of property along newly completed roads that provide excellent access to Liberia International Airport just an hour away. Lots for sale in Junquillal, Costa Rica offer detailed construction documents that make it simple to get started on the construction of your dream home whether it is 2000 square feet in size or much larger. Beachfront property in Junquillal has additional construction restrictions, but long-term leases are available.

Summary of Living in Junquillal

Exploring the beauty of untouched and award-winning beaches or traveling the paved roads to visit fun city nightlife make Junquillal Costa Rica real estate an excellent choice for anyone who wants to set down roots and enjoy life. From pretty single family homes that sit along shell beaches and overlook rocky shorelines to sparkling condominiums with plenty of community activities and excitement, buying a home or a condo in Junquillal makes sense. Large estates with ample space for a mother-in-law cottage and beautiful barns give you the flexibility to find your version of perfect in Junquillal.

Year-round warm weather and luscious gardens filled with tropical fruits and blooming flowers create a backdrop that invites a more relaxed lifestyle. Pristine estuaries that are protected and encourage a love of eco-friendly life provide an amazing atmosphere for a love of nature. Views of the ocean sunsets from a condo balcony complete with a hot tub make it easy to enjoy the natural beauty of Junquillal, Costa Rica with all of its excellent resources. Paved roads and high-speed internet along with reliable infrastructure make this relatively undeveloped portion of the Pacific Coast perfect for starting that wonderful new life.

playa conchal costa rica real estate

Playa Conchal Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal Costa Rica real estate includes everything you are seeking when you imagine a new life in a tropical paradise. From Playa Conchal beach real estate to towering condos for sale in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica, the variety is wonderful. Add to this the elegant beachfront homes, and the area calls to lovers of warm weather and a laid-back atmosphere that celebrates each day.

Playa Conchal Costa Rica Real Estate

playa conchal costa rica real estate location

Located on the gorgeous Gold Coast Playa Conchal Costa Rica real estate is among the most sought-after in the entire world. Sparkling beaches that are comprised of the tiny remains of peach, white, and pink conch shells make the scenery in Playa Conchal some of the most beautiful. Located in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, this beach area offers condos for sale along with beachfront property in Playa Conchal that provides spectacular views of the warm Pacific Ocean.

Homes along with beachfront property in Playa Conchal include single family dwellings, large estates, and condos that create their own community. People choose this area of Costa Rica because of its year-round tropical climate where temperatures remain in the 70s and 80s with long hours of sunshine from December until April. Delicious native cuisine includes fresh seafood from the Pacific, tropical fruits, and locally grown vegetables along with a variety of local favorites like the gallo pinto and scrumptious plantains.

Low taxes and excellent healthcare draw visitors from all over the world to this beautiful tropical seaside area for vacation and to settle down and begin a new life. Single family home prices range between $190,000 and several millions of dollars with condominiums beginning in the $200,000 range. Although beachfront land can be quite expensive, the daily living expenses in this area are extremely affordable.

Homes For Sale in Playa Conchal

Homes for sale in Playa Conchal include a variety of options to suit any taste. From single family homes with two or three bedrooms on half-acre lots to large estates on acres of property with adjoining cottages and spacious gardens, there is definitely something for everyone. You can choose a gorgeous and modern concrete home with elegant Spanish-style architecture in a gated community and celebrate life in a tropical paradise. Starting around $200,000, a single family home is an excellent investment.

playa conchal costa rica homes for sale

Large estates include sparkling swimming pools, garages to house your vehicles or for additional storage, and even barns for the horses. Overlooking miles of sandy beaches or with views of the rolling hills and manicured golf courses, larger homes provide plenty of space for growing families or even small agricultural projects. Large estates are available with prices that begin in the low millions.

Condos for sale in Playa Conchal Costa Rica are one of the biggest draws for property-seekers who want to celebrate a tropical lifestyle. A variety of condominiums are available with two to four bedroom condos beginning around $200,000 and reaching well into the millions. A selection of architectural styles make it simple to find the perfect condos for sale in Playa Conchal Costa Rica regardless of your price range.

Condos For Sale in Playa Conchal

When you buy condos for sale in Playa Conchal Costa Rica, it means joining a community that is established and filled with plenty of options for entertainment. A monthly condominium owner’s fee allows you to enjoy all of the Playa Conchal condo amenities like swimming pools, barbecue areas, private beachfront access, and even restaurants and bars.

playa conchal costa rica condos for sale

There are a variety of condos in Playa Conchal Costa Rica for sale, including towering penthouse units with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Sunsets along the beach are viewed from private balconies rising above the sparkling white sands, and many condos offer deck access from the master bedroom.

Buying condos in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica is different from buying a single family home in that you are immediately a part of a community that welcomes new residents. Activities are plentiful while you maintain your privacy, and you do not have to carry the burden of caring for a large yard or garden while you enjoy your own version of a tropical paradise. Purchasing condos in Playa Conchal Costa Rica allows you to establish your residency without worrying about the maintenance and upkeep of a single family home.

Playa Conchal Real Estate FAQ

Can I find vacant Playa Conchal beach real estate for sale?
Yes, you can find vacant beachfront property for sale in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica. The government of Costa Rica allows foreigners the same rights as locals when it comes to the purchase of land, and most transactions are very similar to those in the United States or Canada.

How do I offer a bid for the purchase of a condo in Playa Conchal Costa Rica?
In most cases, it is best to work with a local real estate agent who has experience in the purchasing of a condo or home in Playa Conchal. He or she can ensure that the condo has a clear title and will help you to submit the bid to the owner or developer without the worry of a language barrier. Condos in Playa Concho Costa Rica include high-rise buildings with incredible beach, mountain, and jungle views.

Do I need a local partner to purchase land in Playa Conchal Costa Rica?
No, you are not required to have a local partner when you purchase real estate in Playa Conchal. It is an excellent idea to hire a local real estate agent or a local attorney to help you to decide how you would like to make your purchase and to negotiate any local building permitting and specifics.

Land for Sale in Playa Conchal Costa Rica

playa conchal costa rica land for sale

The majority of the land for sale in Playa Conchal is beachfront property. This area of Costa Rica is known for its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and its gorgeous beaches. Aside from the waterfront areas, Playa Conchal real estate also includes lots that overlook Conchal Bay from beautiful rolling hills. Lots are available in sizes to suit most building opportunities and vary from approximately one-third of an acre to several acres.

Vacant beachfront property in Playa Conchal Costa Rica is perfect for building that single family home regardless of the size. The majority of the lots and land available have access to paved roads with water and electric access already on site. This means that the land is ready for use as a homesite or family farm with unlimited options as you move away from the beachfront lots.

Beachfront property in Playa Conchal is restricted when it comes to construction in order to preserve the pristine nature of the beaches and the surrounding views. Beachfront land is available for long-term lease, depending on its distance from the shoreline, and some titled areas are also available for sale. The pricing of beachfront property in Playa Conchal tends to be quite a bit higher than land in other areas of Playa Conchal, so this is definitely something to keep in mind when you are creating your dream home.

Summary of Living in Playa Conchal

Living in Playa Conchal means enjoying the best of life in a tropical paradise while you invest in your future. This rapidly growing area of Costa Rica provides the access to electricity and water that you seek along with spectacular views that are what bring people to Playa Conchal from all over the world.

Year-round warm temperatures and a short drive to the Liberia International Airport make Playa Conchal an excellent choice when it comes to planning your retirement in a modern condominium atmosphere or selecting that single family home that is a short walk to the breathtaking beaches. From condos to large estates, Playa Conchal invites you to celebrate life in exactly the way that you have always imagined.

playa negra costa rica real estate feature

Playa Negra Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Playa Negra

Known throughout the world for its dark sand beaches, rocky outcroppings, and tidal pools perfect for surfing and exploring, Playa Negra Costa Rica calls to anyone who loves the ocean. Playa Negra Costa Rica real estate includes a variety of lovely single family homes with beach or mountain views, condos that rise above the surf, and beachfront property that offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

Playa Negra Costa Rica Real Estate

playa negra costa rica real estate location

Many people choose to live on Playa Negra Costa Rica beach because of its awesome surf and spectacular dark sand beaches. With world-class right-hand barrel waves and outcroppings of rocks that jut into the ocean, Playa Negra is a playground for those who love the sea. Sitting just a few miles from “Little Hawaii” and less than two hours from Liberia International Airport, Playa Negra beach real estate is located in a temperate climate that offers sunbathers and swimmers year-round adventure without having to break for those cold winter temperatures. Sample delicious Costa Rica favorites like sopa negra or gallo pinto in local restaurants that deliver decadent dishes along with a laid-back and beach friendly atmosphere.

Playa Negra beach real estate includes single family homes beginning at around $130,000. Lovely Moroccan styled homes with pretty tiled roofs and arched windows dot the landscape, offering views of the surrounding jungle or private access to the dark sand beaches. Larger homes for sale on beachfront property in Playa Negra includes three, four, and five bedroom estates with views of the active reef, lovely verandas that overlook the mountain peaks and sparkling swimming pools for relaxing in the warm evening sunlight. Estates with acreage begin in the $500,000 range and can be found in many areas of Playa Negra. The highest land values offer access to the pristine beachfront with prices topping out at several million dollars depending on the size and location of the Playa Negra beachfront property.

Condos for sale in Playa Negra Costa Rica are not common and the roads leading to the beach require careful navigation. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended when heading off of the main roads from Liberia or the bustling city of San Jose. There is a variety of real estate for sale in Playa Negra that welcomes the development of new business, single family homes, or even the construction of condos in Playa Negra Costa Rica. Vacant land begins at around $40,000 and rises from there depending on the size of the property, the views from the land, and the area where it is located.

Homes For Sale in Playa Negra

There are a number of gorgeous styles of homes for sale in Playa Negra that are designed to enhance the beauty of the landscape and welcome lovers of the ocean surf. From single family cottages with a single bedroom on a small lot, houses begin at around $70,000 in Playa Negra. Larger homes with two or more bedrooms in a gated community include items like utilities and water filtration systems. The prices begin around $170,000 and rise upward from there depending on the views and the area chosen. Homes for sale in Playa Negra tend to be more expensive when they offer excellent views of the Pacific Ocean.

playa negra costa rica homes for sale

Large estate homes for sale in Playa Negra include huge homes in gorgeous Moroccan styles that offer amenities like infinity pools, lovely arched windows, and even lovely balconies overlooking the ocean. Homes and estates with beachfront property in Playa Negra begin around $400,000 and go up to several million dollars depending on the location.

The housing market in Playa Negra is excellent now with low prices encouraging growth and expansion. A large selection of Playa Negra beach real estate is available for the construction of hotels, condos, and even large homes or bed and breakfast resorts. Pricing for the vacant land begins around $40,000 with larger commercial-sized locations going for several millions of dollars. Condos for sale in Playa Negra Costa Rica are few and far between, but there are excellent opportunities for investors willing to build on gorgeous Playa Negra beach real estate.

Condos For Sale in Playa Negra

Although there are very few condos for sale in Playa Negra Costa Rica, there is plenty of vacant land that invites investment and possibly the construction of condos. Buying condos in Playa Negra Costa Rica as a home can be a little less private than life in a single family home, but you can definitely adjust for that by enjoying all of the condo amenities like community swimming pools, barbecue areas, and gorgeous landscaping. High-rise condos invite guests and residents to appreciate the amazing sunsets over the black sand beaches and sparkling Pacific ocean waves.

playa negra costa rica condos for sale

Life in condos in Playa Negra Costa Rica is definitely more resort-like than life in a single family home, although Playa Negra offers several gated communities that share fun amenities like a large pool, tennis courts, or even riding stables. With plenty of vacant land in the Playa Negra area, the time is right to build a new condo or hotel and begin a business that supports your Costa Rica lifestyle.

Playa Negra Real Estate FAQ

How difficult is it to make buy Playa Negra Costa Rica real estate?
The buying of Playa Negra Costa Rica real estate is very similar to purchasing land or a home in many countries in the world. The government of Costa Rica offers foreigners the same types of protection that is offered to locals when it comes to purchasing real estate. Most land, including some beachfront property in Playa Negra Costa Rica is titled in the same way that a title is produced in the United States or Canada.

Do I need a local partner to buy beachfront property in Playa Negra?
No, you do not need to have a local partner to buy beachfront property in Playa Negra. Many people choose to work with a local attorney or a real estate agent to ensure that the property that they choose has a clear title. Sometimes people choose to use an attorney to create a corporation rather than purchase land in Playa Negra using their own name.

Is land expensive in Playa Negra?
Depending on the view, the size of the land and the purpose of the property, land can be quite inexpensive in Playa Negra. Small lots with jungle or mountain views tend to be the least expensive with prices beginning in the $40,000 range. Larger parcels of land, including property large enough for a hotel or condo, can be valued in the several million dollar range. Condos in Playa Negra Costa Rica would share views of tall mountains, gorgeous beaches, and the jungle.

Land for Sale in Playa Negra Costa Rica


playa negra costa rica land for sale

Land for sale in Playa Negra comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that your search for the perfect lot for sale in Playa Negra is pretty simple. Starting with small acreage designed for a single family home, prices range from about $40,000 to approximately $90,000. Views of the mountains and the black sands of the Pacific coast beaches make the value of the Playa Negra beach real estate property higher.

Land for sale in this area, including beachfront property in Playa Negra, includes lots designed for use as commercial properties or for farming. Large properties include 35 acre lots that offer a view of both the sparkling blue waves and crashing white waters depending on the location on the land. Perfect for a horse farm, farming cattle or tropical plants and trees, or even as a location for a new condo or hotel, this type of land for sale in Playa Negra makes it simple to start a new business while you enjoy the wonderful views.

Costa Rica government does have restrictions regarding construction on or near the beaches. Beachfront property in Playa Negra Costa Negra is reserved to approximately 50 meters from the high-tide line, making it property of the government and the people. Areas just outside of the 50 meter mark are considered for long-term lease rather than sale. Keep in mind that titled beachfront property is relatively rare in Costa Rica.

Summary of Living in Playa Negra

Living in Playa Negra means enjoying the best of a unique tropical paradise combined with plenty of access to world class surfing, boating, and snorkeling. The untouched beauty of the Playa Negra beach real estate makes it simple to find the perfect piece of land to complete your Costa Rica dream. From single family homes in gated communities that offer all of the comforts of home to unspoiled lands with gorgeous views of the towering mountains and the breaking surf, Playa Negra has something for everyone.

Build your dream home on a lot overlooking the crashing waves or settle in a lovely Moroccan villa that has plenty of space for your family and friends. Celebrate the start of a new life, an amazing retirement investment, or a simple change from the hurried world to a more laid-back lifestyle of beaches, surf, and sunshine with real estate for sale in Playa Negra Costa Rica.

playa grande costa rica real estate feature

Playa Grande Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Playa Grande

Located on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Playa Grande Costa Rica real estate invites visitors from all over the world to enjoy world class beaches, surfing in the warm waters of the Pacific and the incredible experience of seeing nesting leatherback sea turtles. Playa Grande real estate is like no other in the world with its perfect location near enough to Tamarindo beach for plenty of fun, restaurants, and nightlife while it retains its privacy and peaceful tranquility. Homes, vacant lots for building, gorgeous condos, and beachfront property in Playa Grande make it simple to pick exactly what you are looking for in your Playa Grande Costa Rica real estate purchase.

Playa Grande Costa Rica Real Estate

playa grande costa rica real estate location

Visitors and locals appreciate the tranquil beauty of Playa Grande Costa Rica beach real estate especially when compared to the much busier Tamarindo beach just down the road. The pristine blue waters of the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica make this area one of the prettiest when it comes to celebrating a love of nature. The warm tropical breezes blow year-round in Playa Grande, and its temperate climate mean that any month of the year is perfect for spending time on the beaches. Exciting turtle watching tours on the protected sands of Playa Grande beach real estate, a kayaking adventure through the swaying mangroves, or snorkeling in the warmth of the Pacific make this location spectacular for beginning that new life in Costa Rica.

Taste adventures begin with fresh seafood, which includes native Costa Rican dishes like gallo pinto and olla de carne along with scrumptious favorites from French, Caribbean, and African cuisine. Combined with the warm climate and the variety of real estate for sale in Playa Grande, the food and the adventure is spectacular.

Choose from single family homes with prices beginning at around $250,000 and rising upwards to several millions of dollars with large estate options that include five or more bedrooms. Condos in Playa Grande offer brilliant views of the sandy beaches and prices begin at around $150,000 and topping out at several millions of dollars depending on the location and the views. Empty lots for sale in Playa Grande begin around $50,000 and share views of the mountains, the jungles filled with monkeys and tropical birds, and oceanfront beauty.

Homes For Sale in Playa Grande

The market of homes for sale in Playa Grande Costa Ric is excellent due to the upswing of ecotourism in the area. Close to Tamarindo beach with its nightlife and great surfing, Playa Grande beach real estate offers homes for sale that suit any lifestyle. Single family homes are at a premium in Playa Grande because of the nature of the beaches. The Costa Rica government monitors beachfront property closely to protect the endangered leatherback sea turtle. This means that beaches are closed for several months out of the year overnight, while the turtles lay their eggs.

playa grande costa rica homes for sale

Homes for sale in Playa Grande include beachfront beauties in gated communities that are close enough to the beach for a leisurely stroll. Beginning around $300,000, these types of homes include full-time management services, some utilities, and community pools. Private homes outside of gated communities are also available beginning around the same pricing. Estates with many bedrooms or large lots begin around $750,000 with higher prices dependant on the views of the gorgeous beaches.

Condos for sale in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, feature modern architecture and amazing views. Condo pricing begins at around $150,000 for smaller two bedroom condos that share views of both the Pacific ocean and the jungle backgrounds. Larger condos and penthouse views of the unforgettable ocean sunsets top out at several millions of dollars depending on their location and amenities.

Playa Grande Costa Rica, real estate also includes vacant lots in gated communities that are perfect for building that dream home in a tropical paradise. From approximately $95,000 to $200,000, these parcels can be used for most types of single family home construction although height limits are restricted depending on the location.

Condos For Sale in Playa Grande

Condos for sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica make the perfect location to create a new lifestyle with an established community surrounding your family. From towering penthouse condos that provide balconies from the master bedroom overlooking the ocean to smaller condos with open patios to enjoy the gentle tropical breezes, condos in Playa Grande Costa Rica, are diverse enough to suit any taste. Perks of purchasing condos in Playa Grande Costa Rica rather than a single family home include use of the community pools, barbecue areas, and private walkways to the undisturbed white sands of the Playa Grande beaches. No upkeep of the manicured lawns is required since condo homeowner’s fees are used to ensure everything looks spectacular year-round.

playa grande costa rica condos for sale

Although privacy is not quite as guarded when you buy condos in Playa Grande Costa Rica, the fun and friendly atmosphere of these communities invite people from all over the world to celebrate a love of natural beauty and wonderful weather. Most condos in Playa Grande offer access to local restaurants as well as on-property restaurants and bars along with internet access and air conditioning throughout the buildings. Living a short distance from local grocery stores and hospitals makes it simple to plan a new life when you buy a condo in Playa Grande.

Playa Grande Real Estate FAQ

Do I need to create a corporation to buy condos for sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica?
No, you can purchase land, a condo, or a single family home in Playa Grande in your own name rather than forming a corporation for the purchase. Many investors do choose to hire a local attorney to form a corporation when buying real estate in Playa Grande in order to save money on income taxes and better prepare for retirement.

Do I need a local partner to buy real estate in Playa Grande?
No, you do not need a local partner to purchase real estate or even beachfront property in Playa Grande Costa Rica. Because the Costa Rica government treats foreign purchasers in the same way that local landowners are treated, it is not necessary to have a local partner. It is still a good idea to work with a local real estate agent in order to ensure that any real estate purchased has a clear title.

Are the beaches restricted when it comes to construction in Playa Grande?
Yes, beachfront property in Playa Grande Costa Rica is actually quite restricted by the Costa Rica government. This is because Playa Grande is considered to be one of the most important leatherback sea turtle nesting sites in the entire world. Due to the desire to protect the sea turtles, the beachfront areas are closed to use during several months of the year. Homes built on beachfront property are restricted to areas away from the high-tide line and also have height restrictions to preserve views.

Land for Sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica

playa grande costa rica land for sale

Real estate for sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica is some of the most spectacular on the Pacific coast. This makes it an excellent investment for anyone who is seeking a spot for the construction of that dream home in a tropical paradise. Land for sale in Playa Grande includes vacant lots that begin around $50,000 with gorgeous wooded backdrops. Near enough to the beachfront of Playa Grande that a five minute walk takes you into the surf, lots are also available in established communities with well-traveled roads, grocery stores, and hospital access.

Large parcels for sale in Playa Grande include one or two acre homesites that are near the coast beginning at around $85,000. These parcels offer plenty of room to garden, grow fruit trees, or start that eco-friendly farming adventure from your dreams. Bike rides along established roads lead to the gorgeous beaches, and markets and hospitals are just a short drive from these lovely areas.

Also for sale in Playa Grande are spectacular ocean view lots that contain several acres or even hectares for the construction of the grand estate. Playa Grande beach real estate includes fertile soil and plenty of space for farming make these very large parcels perfect for a set of bungalows designed to provide tourist income, a cattle ranch with space for your horses, or even groves of pineapples and other tropical fruits. Beginning around $200,000, large parcels of land are located near the beaches and a short drive from local hospitals and restaurants.

Construction in Playa Grande is most closely monitored near the beachfront areas due to protection of the beaches by the government of Costa Rica. Beachfront property in Playa Grande Costa Rica includes lands that range from $200,000 to several millions of dollars with rates varying according to location and views offered.

Summary of Living in Playa Grande

A fantastic condo or a beautiful single family home on the shores of Playa Grande is definitely a dream fulfilled. Whether you are a lover of the moderate temperatures, a surfer at heart, or have a passion for protecting wildlife, Playa Grande Costa Rica is definitely a location to consider for when you search for real estate. From delicious fresh seafood to tropical drinks made from locally grown fruits, Playa Grande has something to offer for every palate.

Spend an evening on the shores with a guided tour of the sea turtle sanctuaries or kayak in the guarded estuaries for an unforgettable adventure. Playa Grande Costa Rica invites you to invest in your future with a gorgeous home, a grand estate, or even a beachfront lot waiting for your brand new tropical home.

playa negra costa rica real estate feature

Potrero Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Potrero

With an equal mix of expats and natives living and working in this elegant beachside town, Potrero Costa Rica real estate invites lovers of the ocean to settle in and relax. Warm brown sands cover the beachfront property in Potrero, making it a superb destination for anyone seeking an investment opportunity or a new life in a tropical paradise. Activities from surfing to snorkeling and long walks on the beach mean Potrero is one of those perfect tropical settings that encourages a life steeped in natural beauty.

Potrero Costa Rica Real Estate

playa potrero costa rica real estate location

Situated along the protected Potrero Beach bay and caressed by tropical winds, Potrero Costa Rica, real estate is among the most beautiful in the entire country. Warm Pacific ocean waves lap along the shores of this friendly community. The locals appreciate the business brought in by the tourists, and Potrero beach real estate is perfect for an investment or a wonderful new life by the ocean. The temperate climate makes accessing beachfront property in Potrero a great choice for anyone who loves spending time by the sea, enjoying tropical sunsets, and exploring the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

A variety of local restaurants are dotted along Potrero beach, making it easy for visitors to appreciate delicious Costa Rican dishes that include gallo pinto, chifrijo, and luscious ceviche tico. Between the inviting restaurants are condos for sale in Potrero Costa Rica with prices that range between $130,000 and several millions of dollars depending on the view, the size of the condo, and the distance from the gorgeous beachfront property in Potrero.

Also available in the list of beautiful Potrero real estate are single family homes beginning around $400,000 with views of the ocean or sitting along beachfront property in Potrero. Smaller homes feature beautiful tiled roofs, sparkling outdoor pools, and are located within walking distance of the warm Pacific Ocean. Larger homes range in price to several millions of dollars with six or more bedrooms, separated cottages for visitors, and amazing infinity pools to help you appreciate the views. Potrero Costa Rica real estate includes vacant lots with views of the mountains and the beaches or the jungles beginning at $25,000 and ranging to several millions of dollars, depending on the distance from the beaches or the size of the lots.

Homes For Sale in Potrero

The market for Potrero real estate and homes for sale in the area is definitely on the move. This pretty beachside community is relatively untouched when compared to the larger cities like Liberia and San Jose. Potrero beach real estate is not quite as pricey as the same type of property in more tourist-oriented areas with single family homes beginning around $400,000 and offering a lovely view of the ocean.

playa negra costa rica homes for sale

The Moroccan architecture that is common in Costa Rica is also pervasive in Potrero Costa Rica real estate. Large arched windows and beautifully tiled roofs in bright colors give the homes a vibrant and exciting feel. Larger single family homes can be purchased in price ranges from $500,000 to several millions of dollars with pretty farms and even cattle ranches available in the list of available Potrero real estate.

Condos for sale in Potrero Costa Rica include everything from a single bedroom, 700 square foot beachside beauty, to four or five bedroom luxury penthouse homes. Views range from gorgeous Pacific Ocean sunsets on balconies over the water to breathtaking jungle scenery that is alive with monkeys, birds, and flowers. Condos in Potrero Costa Rica are available in prices that begin around $130,000 and move upward to over two million dollars with the largest condos fetching the highest prices.

Condos For Sale in Potrero

Condos for sale in Potrero Costa Rica are one of the major draws to this laid-back beachfront area. Stepping into an established community with a huge selection of amenities makes it simple to transition from the United States or Canada to Costa Rica. Condos in Potrero are generally a little less private than a single family home on the beachfront property in Potrero, but the lack of a separate yard is definitely not an issue when you appreciate the gorgeous landscaping and breathtaking views. From community pools, barbecue areas, and restaurants to fun nightlife, condos in Potrero provide a lifestyle that is both vibrant and social.

playa negra costa rica condos for sale

Condos for sale in Potrero Costa Rica are purchased in the same way that a single family home would be purchased and include a title. Condos in Potrero generally require an association fee that covers the cost of the maintenance of community pools and landscaped areas of the facility. Many condos in Potrero offer private beach access within walking distance of the building, and master bedroom balconies that share unforgettable ocean sunsets.

Potrero Real Estate FAQ

Are there restrictions when purchasing beachfront property in Potrero, Costa Rica?
Yes, as in much of Costa Rica, there are restrictions on Potrero beach real estate. The government of Costa Rica protects the beaches by enforcing zoning laws that allow building only 50 or more meters from the high-tide line. Some areas of Potrero beach real estate are considered communal and are not for sale, but can be leased in long-term leasing arrangements. Restrictions also include building heights in order to preserve the beautiful views. Titled Potrero beach real estate is available for purchase, which is not common in Costa Rica.

Do I need a local partner to buy beachfront property in Potrero Costa Rica?
No, you are not required to have a local partner to buy beachfront property in Potrero. Many people choose to work closely with a local real estate agent or real estate attorney in order to ensure that the property purchased has a clear title.

Does Potrero Costa Rica real estate include vacant lots for construction of a home or business?
Yes, even Potrero beach real estate is available with vacant lots for construction projects. There are large portions of land available for the construction of condos, a beachfront hotel, or even a huge estate. Land for sale in Potrero begins around $30,000 for a lot, depending on the area and views.

Land for Sale in Potrero Costa Rica

playa potrero costa rica land for sale

There are several types of land for sale in Potrero Costa Rica. This includes vacant land available for the construction of a hotel or even a condo. Condos for sale in Potrero Costa Rica are definitely a commodity, making them an excellent investment for expats seeking a tropical life that comes with a business.

Small single home lots in gated communities comprised mainly of expats and available for new home construction begin at prices around the $35,000 range. Larger lots in the same type of neighborhood sell for between $50,000 and $125,000 depending on the size and views.

Beachfront property in Potrero Costa Rica is among the most desireable. Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and lots of room for commercial buildings make this type of land for sale some of the most expensive. Beachfront property in Potrero begins around $75,000 for smaller lots and ranges to several millions of dollars for commercial property. Titled land is available in these areas.

Summary of Living in Potrero

Potrero beach real estate is among the most beautiful in Costa Rica with warm brown sands and a protected cove for swimming and splashing in the Pacific Ocean. Beachfront property in Potrero makes a perfect location for a condo, a lovely single family home or even a new business that gives you a reason to “almost” retire in this tropical paradise.

The beauty of Potrero Costa Rica real estate is what draws visitors and expats alike to invest in the thriving community. The friendly and laid-back culture of the area is what keeps people in Potrero. Warm tropical breezes and plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, and simply appreciating life make Potrero a spectacular area for settling down and enjoying life.

playa flamingo costa rica real estate feature

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica real estate welcomes visitors from all over the world to explore white sandy beaches, a spectacular full-service marina. and clear blue waters. With homes, condos, and beachfront property for sale in Playa Flamingo, now is an excellent time to invest in that dream lifestyle in a tropical paradise.

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica Real Estate

playa flamingo costa rica real estate location

Visitors come to Playa Flamingo Costa Rica to explore the Gold Coast with its unforgettable beaches, acres of mangroves that invite tropical fish and birds, and the Marino Las Baulas National Park. A temperate climate provides comfortable beach weather throughout the year, and excellent restaurants offer delicious samples of native dishes like ceviche tico and gallo pinto from freshly grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh Pacific seafood and an inviting atmosphere make it easy to imagine yourself settling when you purchase Playa Flamingo Costa Rica real estate.

Searching for the right location in Playa Flamingo beach real estate brings up a variety of housing options that include gorgeous beachfront condos. Starting in the $200,000 range, condos for sale in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica include unforgettable views of lapping waves and sparkling beaches with sunsets on the balconies. Reaching the several million dollar range, condos for sale in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica offer penthouse views of the Pacific ocean with private beach access and a huge variety of amenities.

Houses for sale in Playa Flamingo include gorgeous single family homes beginning around $400,000 with mountain or ocean views, beautiful infinity swimming pools, and landscaped property filled with tropical plants and fruit trees. Estates are valued in the millions with plenty of space for a gorgeous barn to house horses, small farms for the harvesting of fresh fruits and vegetables, and even space for a bed and breakfast or rental property.

Homes For Sale in Playa Flamingo

The housing market in Playa Flamingo is on the rise because this area of the Gold Coast is among the most beautiful in Costa Rica. Unspoiled beaches mean homes for sale in Playa Flamingo offer some of the best views in the country with access to established gated communities and private estates. Single family homes begin in the $400,000 range with prices reaching upwards of several million dollars. Houses include lots that share jungle, mountain, and beachside views in sizes large enough to add a mother-in-law cottage or additional storage buildings. From two bedroom jungle cottages to huge six bedroom estates, beachfront property in Playa Flamingo offers something perfect for everyone.

playa flamingo costa rica homes for sale

Condos for sale in Playa Flamingo are among the hottest of all of the real estate for sale in the area. Beginning in the $200,000 range, these modern and elegant buildings offer a variety of floorplans and sizes to suit any family. Perfect as a retirement investment or for beginning a new lifestyle, condos for sale in Playa Flamingo reach several millions of dollars depending on the number of bedrooms, the type of view offered, and the amenities included with the condominium association.

Condos For Sale in Playa Flamingo

Entering an established condominium community is a perfect way to transition to a new life when you purchase condos for sale in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. With a large selection of floor plans and incredible beach or mountain views, condos in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica offer enough variety to suit any taste. Living in a condo near the beach means private access to some of the world’s most pristine white sands and brilliant blue waters. Opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, and boating abound with a condo near the fantastic Santa Rosa National Park are limitless.

playa flamingo costa rica condos for sale

Living in a condo is not quite as private as choosing to buy a house in Playa Flamingo, but you are able to settle into an amazing lifestyle that includes access to the condominium amenities. These include community pools, barbecue areas, landscaped gardens, and restaurants that offer delicious native dishes. Surrounded by people who enjoy the same tropical paradise that you chose makes it easy to make friends and celebrate the experience together. Access to the condominium staff keeps you from suffering through maintaining landscaping while you enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Condos in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica offer the ambiance of a private home with the amenities of a resort on spectacular Playa Flamingo beach real estate.

Playa Flamingo Real Estate FAQ

How expensive is Playa Flamingo beach real estate?
Beachfront property in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica is definitely one of the most beautiful areas of the Gold Coast. With that in mind, the range of pricing for homes, vacant land, and condos varies greatly. Lots can be purchased for as little as $40,000 with plenty of space for building that perfect getaway home or small farm. Condos in Playa Flamingo begin at around $200,000 and range upwards of several million dollars, depending on the location and views. Single family homes can be purchased for around $400,000 with prices ranging upwards of several million dollars according to size and location.

Are there many restaurants in Playa Flamingo?
There are several excellent local restaurants in Playa Flamingo, but the area is not centered around a specific town. If you buy a condo in Playa Flamingo, you are provided access to the onsite restaurants and bars.

Do I need a local partner to buy real estate in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica?
No, you are not required to have a local partner to purchase real estate in Playa Flamingo. Many people choose to hire a local attorney or a real estate agent in order to ensure that they are able to find the exact property that they are seeking and to check that the property title is clear.

Are there restrictions for purchasing beachfront property in Playa Flamingo?
Yes, as in almost every portion of Costa Rica, the beachfront property is protected by the government. This means that some areas of the beachfront are not available for purchase and are restricted to long-term leases.

Land for Sale in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica

playa flamingo costa rica land for sale

There are a variety of styles of land for sale in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica. Because of the natural beauty of the Gold Coast area, land often includes views of both the mountains and the sparkling beaches. Small lots can be found beginning around $40,000 with the potential for construction of a single family home or evan a small business. These lots are more expensive if they have electric and water access already established, but the biggest factor in the land pricing is the view. Larger land purchases are perfect for the creation of farmland or the construction of a large estate.

Buying beachfront property in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica gives you the same rights as a local when it comes to securing a title and achieving legal ownership. The government of Costa Rica protects foreign purchasers in the same way that locals are protected, making the land investment an excellent opportunity. Building codes vary depending on the location of the land, with beachfront land for sale being the most restricted. Some beachfront restrictions include a limitation on the height of the structure or home in order to preserve the views of the surrounding homes or condos.

Summary of Living in Playa Flamingo

Living on beachfront property in Playa Flamingo means rejecting the hustle and bustle of big city life and settling into a real tropical paradise. The large selection of real estate for sale in Playa Flamingo offers plenty of choices when it comes to the creation of that new life. From condos in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica that overlook the sparkling waters of the Pacific ocean to beachfront single family homes that provide the privacy and security of a long-term investment, Playa Flamingo has it all. Open land and lots at reasonable prices offer you the opportunity to build that dream home with views of the towering mountains or a rambling path to the ocean shore.

Playa Flamingo shares access to a selection of national parks and a full-service marina, making it a perfect destination for anyone who is thinking of buying real estate in Costa Rica. From boating on the warm Pacific to enjoying cocktails at sunset from a condo balcony, Playa Flamingo invites you to celebrate life in a tropical paradise.