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25 most talented photographers in costa rica

25 Top Incredibly Talented Wedding Photographers in Costa Rica

top talented photographers in costa ricaAre you planning a wedding in the gorgeous scenery of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the top 3 destination wedding sites because of its stunning beauty, dreamy tropical beaches, modern amenities, and friendly people.

Photos of your special day are priceless because they’ll bring back memories of your special day years later. Your photos will be passed on through generations, so you definitely want the most talented and professional photographers to capture your most precious moments.

These 25 wedding photographers are extremely talented and experienced, and each one can create incredible wedding photos that you will be proud to share for years to come.

andres brenes1.      Andres and Marisol Brenes

Andres and his wife, Marisol, work together to create some of the most stunning wedding photos anywhere. They have plenty of experience, and they capture pictures of your whole day, from the preparations to the ceremony to the reception, and more.   They are based in the capital, San Jose.

el velo photography2.      El Velo Photography

El Velo Photography has 7 professionally-trained photographers that have photographed more than 4500 weddings all over Costa Rica. They’ve been creating phenomenal memories for brides and grooms for over 18 years. They are professional videographers, as well.

visel photography3.      Visel Photography

April and Brandon Visel are a compassionate and talented team. They create wonderfully creative shots of your wedding day with both photography and videography skills. They’ve been shooting weddings for many years, and they are very compassionate and detail-oriented.  Originally from California, they are based in Tamarindo on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.

walsh wedding stories4.      Walsh Wedding Stories

Rodolfo Walsh is the genius creative director at Walsh Wedding Stories. With degrees in Biology and Photojournalism, he has exhibited his impressive photos all over the world. He and his team have photographed over 1000 weddings in over 34 countries. They are skilled videographers, as well.

Papaya Weddings5.      Papaya Wedding

Maciej Bogusz is the professionally-trained photographer who created Papaya Wedding. Raised in Poland, he relocated to Costa Rica in 2016. He has over 10 years of experience photographing weddings both in Europe and Central America.

Christopher Alpizar6.      Crissorama

Christopher Alpízar Gaviria is a professional photographer who takes stunning photos of weddings all over Costa Rica. He has 9 years of experience, and is also a trained graphic designer. His photos are more than just photos. They are a creative compilation that magnificently tells the story of your special day.

sharing life photography7.      Sharing Life Photography

Mariana and Raquel are the team behind Sharing Life Photography. They have professional degrees in Photography, Design, and Business Administration. They’ve been photographing weddings for over 6 years, and their intense passion shows through in their stunning photos.

aquamarine photography8.      Aquamarine Photography

Laura Tencio and Luisa Martinez are the creative team behind Aquamarine Photography. Based in Puntarenas, they are professional photographers with 8 years of experience working in Columbia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. They create phenomenally stunning images that you’ll treasure for years to come. Each wedding is personalized to fit your needs, and their service is second to none.

costa vida photography9.      Costa Vida Photography

Costa Vida Photography is an award-winning wedding photography service based in Puntarenas. They capture weddings on film all over Costa Rica, and they have over 15 years of experience. They are talented and passionate, and they produce amazing photos.

bidrop photography10.  Bidrop Images

Toh Gouttenoire created Bidrop Images 13 years ago. Their creative photographers capture weddings using photography and videography. Their state-of-the-art equipment and total commitment to their clients is what sets them apart from the rest.

oriana photography11.  Oriana Photography

Oriana is an amazingly talented photographer who splits her time between Chicago and her second home, Nosara, Costa Rica. Oriana does an incredible job of capturing all those special moments on your wedding day.


dani alda photography12.  Alda Studios

Dani Alda is a skilled wedding photographer based in San Jose. His photos are captivating, and they truly capture the emotions of your special day.  He has a long history of satisfied clients.


sylvia guardia photography13.  Sylvia Guardia

Sylvia Guardia is based in Guanacaste and has been photographing weddings for more than 9 years.  She is friendly, passionate, and an incredible photographer. When she’s not photographing weddings, she’s busy traveling and being a wife and mother.

stories wedding photography14.  Stories Wedding Photography

Stories Wedding Photography has been creating exquisite wedding photos all over Costa Rica for many years. Their award-winning photography has captivated the hearts and minds of their clients, leaving them with precious memories to cherish for years to come.

javier mendez15.  Javier Mendez

Javier Mendez is a very talented and experienced wedding photographer who photographs more than 50 weddings every year. He really gets to know you and personalizes your wedding shots according to your needs and wants.


j canaan creative16.  J. Canaan Creative

Jesse Canaan Greene is the genius behind J. Canaan Creative, which is based in Puntarenas. Their cutting-edge creativity is personalized to your desires, creating photos and video that will help tell the romantic story of love and partnership that is uniquely yours and your partner’s.

white diamond17.  White Diamond Photo

Natalia and Emanuel are the talented photographers at White Diamond Photo. They go out of their way to make sure your wedding is extra special and that your photos will be absolutely stunning.


graham swindell18.  Graham Swindell

Graham Swindell is an agency based in Nosara, and they have 3 talented photographers on staff. They have been photographing weddings for more than 10 years, and you will be more than elated with their professionalism and skills.

arenas foto19.  Arenas Foto

Andrés & Lindsay are the talented team behind Arenas Foto. They were married in Costa Rica, so they’ve been where you’re at! They have photographed over 200 weddings. Their amazing photos tell the beautiful story of your wedding and capture all the emotion and passion that goes along with it.

Karla Cordero20.  Karla Cordero Photography

Karla Codero is a professional photographer with a degree in photography. She has been photographing weddings for over 7 years. She is constantly improving her skills and updating her training to ensure that her photos are absolutely breathtaking. She is a member of several professional photography organizations, all of which require high standards for admission.

jorge lopez alpizar21.  Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez is an incredibly talented photographer based in Tamarindo, although he travels all over. He offers a complete set of astonishingly beautiful wedding photos at an affordable price.


madison baltodano22.  Madison Baltodano Photography

Madi Baltodano is a professional photographer based in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, although she’s originally from New York. She also graduated Summa Cum Laude in Business Administration from Northwestern University. Her passion and talent shines through in her photos, and she has created hundreds of phenomenal wedding memories.

tamarindo family photos23.  Tamarindo Family Photos

Genna Marie Robustelli is a talented photographer based in Tamarindo. She takes family photos as well as wedding photos. She specializes in small and medium-sized weddings, and she can help organize anything you need while in Costa Rica. She has hundreds of happy clients who rave about her photography skills.

kevin heslin24.  Kevin Heslin Photography

Kevin Heslin is a creative and talented photographer whose work has been featured in many international publications. He is based in Manuel Antonio and has been shooting weddings for over 12 years. His is licensed and insured by the Costa Rica government agencies. His talent, experience, and passion definitely shine through in his photos.

raw shoots25.  Raw Shoots Photo

Rob Durán and Lori Fernández are very talented wedding photographers based in San Jose. Their wedding pictures capture the raw emotion of your special day. They love capturing natural shots. They marry talent and creativity to create stunning photos that you’ll be proud of for many years.

In Conclusion

Getting married in Costa Rica provides some of the most gorgeous scenery anywhere, from tropical beaches to lush forests.  These photographers are experienced and talented, and they will capture your wedding with breathtakingly stunning photos and videos.




10 Valuable Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Know

10 Valuable Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Know

Stunning wedding photos are a crucial part of every wedding because they will be looked at years – or even generations – later. They bring back the memories and feelings of your special day, so wedding photography is one aspect that you want to get right. Check out these 10 valuable tips to make sure your photos are amazing.

10 Valuable Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Know

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Wedding photos will bring back memories of the couple’s special day years or even generations later. We created the infographic below to make sure your photos are so stunning that you’ll be elated to share them with friends and family for many years to come.

1. Hire a Professional

It can be tempting to try and save money by having a friend take your wedding photos, but the quality photos that a professional provides is worth the extra expense. In 2015, couples spent an average of $2,556 on a wedding photographer.

2. Consider an Exotic Locale like Costa Rica

Your photos will be dazzling if your wedding takes place in a gorgeous locale. Costa Rica is one of the top 3 destination wedding sites for US couples, and wedding costs there are usually several thousand dollars less than a U.S-based wedding.

3. Make Sure There Are Enough Pictures to Choose From

Make sure your photographer catches plenty of shots throughout the whole event. On average, you should expect to receive between 50-100 pictures per hour of coverage. Sometimes the most unplanned, private moments make the best pictures.

4. Don’t Let the Stress Show

The best photos come when you’re relaxed and happy, so don’t let stress of the event get to you. If you’re relaxed and happy, it will show, and you’ll have a lot of amazing photos. Get a good night’s rest the night before, take a deep breath, and enjoy your day.

5. Get Photos of Your “First Look”

First-look photos are when the bride and groom meet each other privately before the ceremony. These photos are often some of the best because they teem with emotion, and they can also help you get over the initial wedding jitters which always makes better pictures.

6. Hire a Photographer Early

Many talented, experienced, and in-demand photographers are quite busy and can be booked up a year in advance. To get the photographer of your choice, make sure you book far enough in advance to avoid scrambling at the last minute for “whoever’s available”.

7. Consider Lighting Issues

Your photographer is an expert, but you still need to consider lighting. If you’re having a winter wedding, it might get dark at 4:00 pm. If you allow cell phones, imagine what your pictures will look like when 20 people pull out their phones and take pictures with their flash going off.

8. Plan Time Buffers

For great photos, always plan for more time than you think you’ll need. You don’t want photos where people are stressed or hurried, and things usually take longer than you think they will.

9. Don’t Pay Attention to the Camera

The best pictures are the most natural pictures. Look at your beloved instead of staring at the person performing your ceremony. Not every picture needs a pose. Natural interactions reveal true emotions, and that’s what will shine through in your pictures.

10. Invest in a Makeup Artist and a Professional Hairstylist

Makeup artists can really make a difference because they can really make the bride look and feel her best. Do a test run with your makeup artist before the big day to make sure there’s no disappointment on the actual day.