Over the years much has been written about Atenas. From its “perfect” climate, having an ideal location and popularity as a retirement destination for expats from around the globe.

However, one of the most important attributes that Atenas has to offer is the strong sense of community one finds within both the local (Tico) and expat community.

The heart of a community is not the amenities that one finds in town like banks, churches, grocery stores or wonderful restaurants. The heart of a community is its people.

Atenas is abundantly blessed in that the local Costa Rican community has opened their arms and welcomed us (expats) into their community, sharing the bounty of their surroundings.

The AARP Ranks Atenas as…
One of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad.”

For example, most restaurant owners will go out of their way to prepare specialty meals for vegetarian or those with special food allergies. One restaurant in particular has been known to open its doors for breakfast (even though they don’t serve breakfast) when a customer was leaving the country on a early flight.

Thanks Frank, owner and chef at La Trocha del Boyero.

Many businesses such as pharmacies and hardware stores have bilingual staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty. Johnny at Farmacia Don Juan often gives out his personal cell and home phone number to clients who may need medicines after hours or on holidays.

In recent years the local banks and utility companies have followed suit in adding bilingual staff members to better serve the expat community. This is also true of many doctors and attorneys in town. Pablo Arias our local attorney is bilingual and will always find time for a free, first consultation.

The local expat community is also very generous and welcoming to new visitors and arrivals, often taking them under their wings and showing them the ropes. Starting a new life in a foreign country can be a daunting task for many people, but within the first few days after they arrive in Atenas, most of our clients feel as if they have been part of the community for years.

All one has to do is stop in and see Tom and Kay Costello at Kay’s Gringo Postre’s to get a warm, friendly welcome and a wealth of information about living in Atenas.

Another important aspect that contributes to the strong sense of community in Atenas is the cohesiveness and coming together to support a good cause and those in need. Their are several note worthy organizations such as The Hogar de Vida de Ninez, our local children’s home which receives a big portion of its funding from the annual Atenas Charity Chili Cook-off.

The Lighthouse Animal Rescue, started by Frances Jones is always there to lend a helping hand for our four legged community members who have been abused or abandoned.

When you live somewhere for many years it’s natural that you feel welcomed and establish a sense of community. However, in Atenas it only takes days to become “established”, feeling like you belong here. A few days ago I stopped in to say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Frey, clients who came to Atenas on a scouting mission.

The Frey’s rented a house and stayed with us for one month. They commented to me that within the first few days they had met so many wonderful people that their social calendar quickly filled up for the entire month of their stay. In the end, they felt they had met and made more friends here in Atenas during their one month stay than they had living in Florida for the past 10 years.

Another such couple, John and Gay Boggs, who are currently finishing up a beautiful custom home in Antigua del Valle, have very similar thoughts on the local community. This is what Gay has to say:

“Our first visit to Atenas was in February 2013, where it didn’t take us long to find our dream home and get a sense of the wonderful folks that live here, both Ticos and ex-pats. We returned to Virginia and started communicating with some of the prolific Atenas bloggers and the folks we had met on our trip. Our sense of community began immediately with offers of help, advice, and a willingness to answer our endless questions!

We arrived in June and are now awaiting the completion of our house. Right after arriving, my husband needed day surgery, and we found the perfect physician. The concern and caring from the folks we had just met was unexpected but very much appreciated!

Since our arrival, we have attended several birthday fiestas, gotten terrific advice on who and how to get things done (especially for our Bichon), and met some very interesting, lovely people. It was nice that owners of our favorite restaurants remembered us from our February visit. We get such a kick out of the butcher and the cajas at the Supermercado helping us with our Spanish!

One of my favorite experiences has been driving by Victoria’s office (the local optometrist) when she came running out to talk. I’m not used to parking in the middle of the street, but I am learning!

Finally, we can’t begin to thank Dennis and Gerardo for all of their effort, advice and acts of kindness … they have really shown us the spirit of Atenas! We are so happy to be here!”

Wether you are coming to Atenas for a vacation, retiring or relocating here permanently, you will immediately be welcomed by both the local and expat communities. With virtually no effort on your part, you will become part of our eclectic family.

Are You Thinking About Retiring in Atenas, Costa Rica? The little town with a strong sense of community.

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The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) ranks Atenas as one of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad.”

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