Another Glowing Customer Testimonial For Costa Rica Realtor At The Beach Michael Simons

As American citizens purchasing property for the first time in Costa Rica, we found that there were a number of significant differences between our Costa Rican experience, and equivalent experiences purchasing homes in the USA:

  1. There are many folks you will encounter who represent themselves as Real Estate agents in Costa Rica. Be warned that in order to present oneself as a realtor, no licensing is required. As a result, you will encounter tremendous diversity in the knowledge and motivations of individuals you will meet who wish to sell you property.
  2. The purchasing process is significantly different in Costa Rica than in the USA. Because of the differences, a high quality realtor must be more than the individual who will ferry you around to see properties, with the primary function of matching sellers and buyers. In fact, you should use a Realtor with significant contacts and networks in the community in which you are considering purchasing a property.

    Not all Realtors in Costa Rica are equally well connected. A high quality Realtor will have a working relationship with an attorney (critical), banker, home inspector, property manager, landscaper, housekeeping service, auto dealership, and a host of other folks who can make your transition to the Costa Rican culture and lifestyle much easier.

  3. Realtors in Costa Rica tend to represent sellers in relatively limited geographical areas (at least as compared to our experiences in the USA). Despite operating in limited geographical areas, many realtors can be (a) less than completely knowledgeable about the properties they are showing you; or (b) disingenuous; and/or (c) less than forthcoming about issues associated with properties they are showing you (especially if the properties are represented by another agent).

    The danger here is that you could end up purchasing a property that you only later discover has significant issues, which will not show up on an inspection report prior to closing.

In searching for a Realtor in Costa Rica in general, and in the Guanacaste area particularly, we were fortunate to find Michael Simons.

If the only place you have ever purchased a condo or home is in the USA, forget everything you think you know about a ‘realtor’. Michael could be described as a ‘Realtor’ in the same sense as Michael Jordan could be described as a ‘basketball player’; that is, he is a superstar.

Once contacted, before our trip to Costa Rica to find a home, Michael spent countless hours trying to understand what we were searching for in finding a home in Costa Rica. Going far beyond a simple question or two about our budget and square footage requirements, he probed us for extensive information on what we were looking for.

In fact, some of the questions he asked required us to discuss issues that had never occurred to us. Michael subsequently sent compilations of available properties, and in addition to asking which ones we would like to see upon our arrival, he requested that for each property we reviewed, in addition to indicating a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, he wanted to know WHY. By the time we arrived, he knew what we wanted as well or better than we did.

Upon our arrival in Costa Rica (we had already looked at opportunities in Atenas, Grecia, and the Tamarindo area), we met for breakfast. We then went to his office in Hermosa, where he basically gave us a comprehensive presentation on the history of the development of Costa Rica, the Guanacaste region, and the various areas that fit the requirements and desires we had shared with him.

By the time he was done, we felt as if we had a firm understanding of where and why we might want to select a property. It was clear to us that his knowledge of the area and properties available was superlative.

In the two days we spent with him, Michael was able to show us multiple properties, all of which fit our criteria (if not our personal taste) perfectly. Ultimately, we found a home that was ideal for us.

At that point, Michael became even more stellar. He connected us with an attorney from the second oldest law firm in Costa Rica (a real superstar as well) for the purchase of our home; a bank representative who helped us open a bank account; a second attorney to assist us with applying for residency; property managers who could assist us in getting all of our utilities set up and easily paid, as well as keep an eye on our property when we were back in the states; an insurance agent for our home; an insurance agent for our car when we purchased it; a car service for when we needed to be shuttled to and from the airport; a landscaper; and a number of other folks who were essential to our transition into Costa Rica.

When I indicate that Michael ‘connected us’ with these folks, it was not just a matter of giving us their contact information. Michael actually coordinated all of our meetings and interfaces with all of these individuals. When it came time for us to go to various agencies to accomplish the tasks necessary to get settled in our new home (e.g. obtain Costa Rican phones), Michael had his unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful administrative assistant from his office accompany us for the day to take us where we needed to go and help with translation when necessary (we speak limited Spanish). Who does that?

Michael also spent hours taking us around the area, showing us where the best restaurants and hard-to-find services could be obtained. This is actually a big deal, by the way. Things are not as straightforward in Costa Rica as they are in the states. You can take months to figure it all out on your own, or ‘just call Michael’. He always ‘knows a guy/someone’, and always makes it clear that it is never a bother to help you out.

Two examples.

When we returned to Costa Rica for the second time for the closing of our new home, Michael shined again. We had originally planned on arriving two days before the closing, and I emailed him asking if he could recommend a condo we could rent in town while we waited for the closing. He contacted the sellers and arranged for us to stay in our home before the closing; at no cost to us. This is completely out of our experience here in the States.

Additionally, I asked him if he could recommend a car service from the airport to pick us up when we returned to Costa Rica. He insisted on picking us up himself; even when we were delayed and did not arrive in Liberia until just before midnight. Even more remarkably, he insisted on taking us back to the airport, and picked us up at our home at 4:10 AM to do so!

Michael clearly operates on an operational philosophy that when you engage him as a realtor, you are obtaining a lifelong friend, guide, and never-ending source of information and assistance. He is highly responsive, trustworthy, and reliable. When he connects you with others in Costa Rica to provide you with the services you need, they are of equally high character and quality.

I would recommend, without exception, with enthusiasm, and with 100% confidence, that you engage Michael as your Realtor and guide into the remarkable culture that is Costa Rica. If you decide to buy property in Costa Rica outside of Michael’s service area, be sure to ask him who you should work with.

Pura Vida!

Another Glowing Customer Testimonial For
Costa Rica Realtor At The Beach Michael Simons

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