10 Reasons Why I Chose To Live in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

There are lots of great beach towns in Costa Rica. Many people ask me ‘Why Tamarindo’?, so here are a few reasons i chose to spend the last 9 years in Tamarindo

  1. Friendly, happy locals. The locals are very pleasant and helpful. Most speak some English, but any attempt by you to chat in Spanish will be met with a big toothy grin and a genuine desire to help you improve. I always remember when I got a flat tyre at 2am a couple of cars driven by Ticos stopped immediately to help me change it. That wouldn’t happen back in England!
  2. Friendly, happy gringos. No-one lives in Tamarindo because they have to, it’s because they love it. There is such a good energy in this town and a real sense of community.
  3. Perfect weather. 80 degree sunshine year round. Tamarindo gets only a quarter of the rainfall in other areas of Costa Rica, and has the lowest humidity. There are only 2 months with heavy rainfall.
  4. Infrastructure. Over the last 10 years the infrastructure has improved dramatically. There are medical clinics close by, international standard hospitals within 30 minutes, supermarkets, pharmacies, vets, schools etc etc. Everything you need can be found close by.
  5. Something for every age. Tamarindo has something to offer whether you are a grandparent, middle age, your professional, student, or still at school.
  6. The Blue Zone. The National Geographic identified many villages in the Tamarindo area that lived much longer than expected. The Blue Zone.
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  8. Beaches. Oh the beaches. The Tamarindo area is blessed with some of the most amazing unspoiled beaches in the world. Every time you think you have found your slice of heaven, you discover another one, even more amazing. Tamarindo, Langosta, Avellanas, Prieta, Flamingo, Conchal, Junquillal to name but a few.
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  10. Low density construction. Tamarindo will never become built up, or have high rises, due to the strict building codes. No traffic jams, no pollution.
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  12. Fast airport transfer. Under an hour from Liberia International airport (LIR), which has direct flights to most North American hubs.
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  14. Sunsets. Tamarindo has some of the best sunsets anywhere in the country. Even after 9 years living here I still end the day with a happy hour cocktail and find myself taking pictures of the sunset. Pura Vida!

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